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An Eye on the Orient

September 20, 2012

News is spreading quickly that the Chinese are not happy with Japan.  When I think about those two countries, I see David and Goliath.  China is huge and it’s population is intimidating, to say the least.  And then we have the island of Japan, that could fit inside China’s borders numerous times!!  Japan’s population is at 127,817,277, as per the 2011 count, and then we have the mammoth Chinese population at an approximate 1,344,130,000, over 10 times the amount of people as Japan!!    But in reality, some will say that Japan is the mosquito that will not leave China alone!  I don’t know if it’s the “little man syndrome” in full effect, or what, but Japan has stormed the shores of China in the past.

The latest upheavals between the two Oriental countries started, as best as I can tell, over Chinese protests.  A group of Chinese protesters stormed the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, in a heated dispute over a chain of islands that were privately owned and recently purchased by Japan.  The Chinese believe themselves to be the rightful heirs of the island, while the Japanese openly announced their purchase of the islands in question.,,16243293,00.html

Things took a turn for the worse when the Japanese Ambassador,  Shinichi Nishimiya, died a day after the Chinese attacked the Embassy, in which tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons were used by Chinese police to break up the rioting anti-Japanese protesters.  The Japanese response was to shut down all Chinese factories within their island border, and the Chinese responded by launching a 1,000 boat armada to the chain of islands in question.

Today, September 19th, I went to my usual choice websites for my daily fill of news only to find the problems continuing to escalate, and touching on home turf!  The Chinese protesters have now been accused/caught damaging the US Ambassador’s car.  Only a week since one of our beloved Ambassadors was killed, we find our peace keepers in danger again!!  And in a seemingly timely response, F-22’s have taken flight towards the Pacific from Alaska to the US base in Guam, in a continued “commitment of stability and security”. .  

So, while most eyes are fixed on the heat and tension building between Israel and Iran, including the response of several countries military forces, actively present in the Strait of Hormuz, there is quite a bit of tension building in the Orient that we also need to keep a prayerful watch over.  I sure hope these two countries can make peace quickly and quietly without anymore loss of life.  But Japan’s not going to bend, I’m afraid, and China is itching to make war, not peace!

by S. Brumley 9-19-12


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