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All For One and One For All

October 8, 2012

I don’t normally share my dreams with many people because enough people already think I’m a little off my rocker.  However, I believe I had a significant message delivered to me last night, and I feel compelled, by the Holy Spirit, to share.  Mostly, I feel the need to share, because I know the most important thing I will ever do while here among the living, involves sharing the Word of the Lord and the Good News He came to Earth to bring to all.  That is why I feel led to share at least a segment of my otherwise, strange dream with you today.
This dream began with my sister and her boyfriend bringing me to a very different sort of Renaissance faire, very unlike the one in Plantersville, Texas, that I’m accustomed to.  It was just strange all around, including the fact that I was barefoot* and the fact that they [my sister and her beau] pretty much disappeared once I was inside the gates of the faire.  They showed up later in my dream, and I understood that they were actually working there.  But all of that is besides the point, because what I have to share did not have to do with them or the faire itself.

As you  may know, when enjoying time at a Renaissance faire, many people will approach you, trying to sell their wares.   I was approached by a most beautiful man who did not come to sell me something, but instead, took my hand and placed within it a blue medallion.  It was almost the same texture as a campaign button, except that it was not plastic or wooden, but like a smooth blue stone, and in lighter blue, the following words were carved:  All For One and One For All.

the exchange

When I looked up after reading the message, the man was gone.  I woke from the dream in awe and a feeling of wonder overtook my senses.  I knew it was a messenger of the Lord.  He wanted me to tell you that there is One way to Heaven and there is One God for all, Abba, Our Heavenly Father Jehovah, YAH.


I have received many dreams.  Once upon a time, I actually had the nerve to ask God, straight up, what I was here on Earth for.  (I was in much despair at the time).  I still do not have the desire to share with you the answer He actually spoke to me in response to my question, as it is private and personal and I’m just now learning to truly accept it as my calling and live within it every single day (His will for my life).


Instead,  I would ask you to pray for discernment of this message, as we should weigh out all messages we receive in order to  verify the source as Good and Righteous or whether it comes from lying spirits.


Our pastor once told us something that really has helped me in my personal walk and relationship with Christ.  He said that we will never arrive.  We will never have all the answers and that our work here on Earth in never complete until we take our last breath.


This summer, I began homeschooling my four awesome boys.  It has been a challenge, but one decision I have made, has brought me even closer to the Lord than ever before…we start every morning with Bible study.  I am understanding more and more about our Heavenly Father, including the fact that He does not mince words.  His word is Solid, and not to be tampered with, added to or taken away from.

As part of the Holy Trinity which makes up the Godhead of three in One, we have Jesus.  So, when Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through me,” HE MEANS IT!  (John 14:6)


I know I have covered this verse in a past blog, but through my dream, I feel like I must share the verse again, as to respect the weight and the seriousness of it.  *see


We must all be for Jesus, because He is the One God for us ALL!
Imagine a world where everyone walks in the Holy Spirit…what a beautiful place that would be.


*side note:  Being barefoot in my dream symbolizing the fact that I was prepared to encounter Holiness.  (ie.  the messenger of the Lord who handed me the blue medallion)


side note about picture included within this post:  I did a quick search only using the word Renaissance.  I could not believe my eyes!  I felt this picture was perfect for an example of the messenger who gave me the message to share with you! 😀


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