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Whatever Happens, Remain Calm!

October 17, 2012

I have been worried about the country’s reaction to the outcome of this election for a while now.  It is perhaps, the most important election since well, before I could vote anyways!!  I have been reading articles about people threatening to riot; some, if Obama is re-elected, others, if Republicans take the White House back.  Either way, I keep getting this sinking feeling that the riots are exactly what “the powers that be” hope for.  A perfect chance to put into motion a plethora of evils (laws/regulations) that would change the face of our country and the entire world, forever!

It would seem that I am not the only one receiving warning signs concerning the overwhelming costs of a possible riot/revolt.  With so much division in the country today, a true revolution could not succeed.  It would be another Civil War with mass casualties on every side!  Oh the loss!!  Oh the sorrows!!  During the Civil War, men were dying faster than coffins could be built.  I suppose that is why our government has prepared ahead of time with hundreds of thousands of under-ground and under-water coffins and body bags, just waiting to be filled.

If you still trust the government with your life and the lives of your family members, then this warning isn’t for you.  You are exactly the unquestioning citizen that they are happy to have under control and oblivious to what’s really going on in the world today.  You’re perfect fodder, pre-conditioned and ready for the Orderly New World.  Scenes like the one below probably help you sleep better at night…


However, more and more Americans are realizing just how far south our country is and has been going.  Across the lands, people are getting fed up with the lies, the cheating frauds, the false flag terror alerts and have come to the sad realization that the true terrorists are the ones in charge of making the laws and giving out orders to our military and assorted agencies.

There is a fire brewing within the heart of America and it is consuming the minds of the weak and the strong.  We, thee people of the United States of America, desire change so badly that we hunger and thirst for it.  This is a beautiful thing when handled properly, but with heated tempers, comes rash decisions.  When the elections are over and one man comes out a winner, we have to understand that it is as God deemed it to be.  We have to accept that whoever wins the election was intended to preside over our country.  Win or lose, it is not time to rise up and lose your cool!  Hang tight!

Until we are truly united for the good of our country and not divided by party lines and financial differences, there will never be a successful revolution!  How can we come together to overturn and rebuild our governing factors if we cannot agree on simple things like the quality of life and when life actually begins when it should end and how to go about protecting it.  Neither can we move forward united if we do not have God’s favor.  With Christianity at an all time low in our country’s history, and Islam pinned as the fastest growing religion in the USA, I’d say we lack the important element of God’s favor!  But individually, His children still thrive and will be protected.  We must come together and continue to share the Good News in hopes that we can turn our fellow countrymens’ hearts and our country’s fate around.

As noted in the link I will provide that spurned this posting, this is a spiritual battle, where prayer is mightier than a bullet.  If our country does not get right with God, we will experience the greatest loss of all, our sovereignty and our freedoms.  It is time to put on your Armor of God and get ready to battle evil without bloodshed, but with constant prayer and supplication.

Consume the Word while you still can.  It will be your comfort and your strength and your light in the years to come.  Don’t give in to the temptations of the world.  Violence is so old testament.  We are to suffer and to walk in peace as our Savior did…that is the only way we will be recognized and set apart in this world.  Prepare your hearts!  I cannot say this enough…I cannot emphasize it enough…PREPARE YOUR HEARTS!

As much as you may like to camp out, you will not like the camps the government has prepared for you and your family.  Control yourself.  Lay down your weapons and instead arm yourself with the gifts God has laid out for us!  (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Pray on this, ask God to help you discern the truth within this posting.

*the link is what confirmed my own feelings.  I’ve hardly been able to write a single thought since I read about the threats of riots last week.  I needed confirmation that I wasn’t reading too much into my intuitions.  But again, I prefer you pray and seek God’s guidance concerning anything and everything I write.

I also included the following link with information concerning the threats of revolting and rioting.


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