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All-Consuming Love

October 20, 2012

If you walk intimately with the Lord, you know no bounds!  There is such freedom, such majesty, such joy in knowing Jesus as your Savior, your Messiah!

 In July, I went through an ordeal that threatened to kill my spirit of giving and loving freely.  I will keep the details to myself, but will only say that my generosities had been taken for granted.  When I found out the truth of the person I had shown such kindness to, and helped another to retrieve what belonged to him, I was suddenly attacked verbally through texts in the most vicious sense.

Lucky for me, the reign of terror came down upon me the night before I was to leave home for a working vacation.  I am an artist, and I was about to go to a very fun, kitschy cabin resort near Lake Travis to join my best friend painting murals.  I knew it would be just what the doctor ordered, even before all the madness took place.


I often feel closest to God when I’m away from the hub-bub, surrounded by His beautiful creations.  This resort is tucked away from the madness of the sprawling shopping strips, suburbs and people of Austin (God bless their kooky souls!).  The cabins are tucked neatly between the trees and overlook a wooded valley, known as a habitat for falcons.



The first morning, as I began priming the first cabin, I heard the occasional squawk of a peregrine falcon.  In my spirit, I began talking to the falcon, beckoning him to let me see him.  I took a break on the porch of our cabin (one of the ones we were painting) and there he flew, right over the valley, as if to say ‘hello’.  I was so excited that I ran and told my dear friend that I’d spotted him.  She wanted to see him too, so in my spirit, I asked him to show himself to her.  He then flew overhead so that she could see him too, and squawked to get our attention!


Later that evening, my sweet friend had a business meeting in Austin and I was left alone to my own devices.  I craved a swim in the pool and some alone time with God who had already begun healing my recent wounded spirit with the falcon.  I laid in the pool, like a star fish, floating and looking up at the sky and let Him know I was waiting for Him.  That is when I spotted a butterfly, camouflaged as a leaf up high on a branch that hung over the pool.  God knows this daughter well.  I LOVE BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES!!!!


I decided to try and communicate with the butterfly, so first, in my spirit, I said hello to the little brown molted creature and then, while still floating on my back, I did a few motions of the butterfly, flapping my wings (arms and legs) a few times and then waited.  He flapped his wings and then did a whimsical fly over, before returning to the branch, resembling the oak’s leaves. 



I was so amused and touched by the Spirit of the Lord…so I did it again…and again, he responded in kind.  I kept this dance with the butterfly up for probably 30 minutes and then, he seemingly flew away. 

I praised our Father in Heaven for His healing medicine and continued to laze around in the pool, when suddenly, here he came again, only this time with his mate.  They danced and danced in the air over the pool until the sun began to set, and that’s when they departed, into the sunset.  I knew the Lord was with them and with me and showing me His delicious love for me!  My heart soared like the falcon and the little butterflies.


The next day, as we began work on the murals, my ears perked up at the sound of the falcon, who was announcing that he was with us again.  So happy was I.  I actually forgot about all the drama that took place before I had retreated to the cabins!!  With my feet on God’s earth and beautiful trees and flowers and colorful Mexican decor all around, I was far away from everyday life and was instead, in paradise with God and my best friend.


On a break, again on the porch overlooking the valley, I could not believe my eyes!  There he was, our falcon friend, only this time, he was not alone.  He was with his mate.  Again, I knew the Spirit of the Lord was administering His special healing medicine over me and I hollered to my friend, he’s back and he’s with his lady!  (At this point, I was beginning to realize that she probably thought I was nuts!) 

As I went back to work, in my spirit, I asked that he show himself and his partner to my friend and immediately, he flew over us and danced in the air with his partner.  I told her that I had called on him to show her, (I had told her the same thing the day before) but I don’t know whether she believed me or if I confirmed her suspicions!  I was so high on the Lord’s love for me.  It was like a blanket covering and comforting me and seemingly delighting in me.   There truly is not earthly equal to the all-consuming Love of the Lord!!


That evening, I went back to the pool and guess who awaited me there?  YES, the butterfly.  He didn’t stay as long this time, just long enough to let me know that the Holy Spirit loved me and held no ill will towards me for the situation I had left back home.  It was more like a confirmation, I swear, I heard in my spirit these words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  And I don’t think the statement was just for how I handled that situation concerning a scam-artist, but it was also because I recognized His Spirit within the falcon and the butterfly. 


I will never forget those precious moments, so intimate and pleasing, delicious and welcomed!  I share this brief moment in my life to expose what being loved by Jesus is like when you are responsive and hurting.  His presence healed me.  It refreshed me, but I also found myself wondering…”How many people miss these tender moments?”  I am sure God communicates with each of us differently, but I would be willing to bet that most people are too wrapped up in their daily lives and their responsibilities to receive such blessings, such retreats of the soul. 


I want to encourage you to call out to the Lord and then wait upon Him.  See how He truly moves through your life, physically/spiritually embodying the people and creations around you.  Engage with Him ruthlessly, with the reckless abandon of a teenager who just got his/her first car!  That is what it’s like to commune with the Spirit, to be wrapped up in His delicious love.


I went away, fully expecting to encounter Him while there, desperately needing spiritual healing, and I didn’t have to wait long.  He made His love, presence and so much more known swiftly, beautifully, and majestically!  Should we expect anything less from the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lord over all the earth?  Did He not speak through a donkey, after all…did He not walk on water…turn water into wine?  He created the Earth in 6 days, for goodness sakes!


Numbers 22:28 Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”


I pray that your eyes be opened to the blessings and presence of the Lord.  I pray your hearts be softened to the point where you can FEEL His All-Consuming Love for you!  I pray that you can and will receive His healing in the areas of your life where you have been hurt by those you thought to trust.  And I pray that you will pray to discern the truth within my experience so that you will realize these moments of Grace in your own life!


Vaya con Dios, mis hermanos y hermanas!



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