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October 23, 2012

How wonderful to have a Savior who has issued such precious promises!

How satisfying to know our Savior so intimately!

How jealous He is for our love and obedience!

How Holy He is, to be revered as King and God of ALL!

How exciting it will be to see the whole world bow before Him and confess Him as Lord Above All!
I am so often in awe of His majesty, His good timing, how He lays straight the path before me!  I cannot seem to find the words to properly fit His amazing glory.  He promises He’ll never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) , even in our darkest hour, His Spirit is upon us!  How awesome is that?  If you truly believe this promise, You’ll feel safe no matter where he leads you.   He sets our paths straight before us, leading the way, as any good king has ever done.

The good kings of earth are long dead and gone.  Today’s leaders are corrupted by money, power and darkness.  They do not care for their people, they only strive for what benefits them and moves them up the ladder of success.  Earthly success is measured by such things.  Oh how sad they will be when their kingdoms fall!!  When they see the power and might of the Lord Jehovah Yah!

As children of the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, we have been given more power than the rulers of the earth!  What?  You highly doubt that?  Why?  How much more would the Father show you if you had just a pinch of faith!!  He is just waiting for the day that you accept this as fact!  We have authority through Jesus Christ to do many wondrous things!!

Do you truly consider yourself a disciple of Christ?  This is a question to dwell upon.  He wants you to quickly come to a conclusion, because the time has come to WAKE UP!  Rise and join the Army of God!  Swallow your Sword of the Spirit like the Holy Manna it was created to be!  It is to feed and nourish you and fully equip you for the tasks coming SOON!  Jesus says that His disciples have the power to heal and cast out demons in His Holy Name!  This power of authority will become vital!  Are you covered by His blood?

By now, you should have gotten your fill of earthly pleasures, tenfold!  My goodness, there is so many distractions to keep you bound to the earth and away from your true purpose, which is simply to glorify and magnify the Lord!  It ain’t about you, honey, it TRULY IS ALL ABOUT HIM!  He made this world, and He’s about to rip it apart like a piece of paper! He’s gonna shake it up like a bottle of soda!   So many will die without knowing Him!  He tires of watching His children live in stagnation and He’s about to open eyes in a frightful manner!  I HATE to be so blunt, but that’s how late the hour is!  He demands righteousness, reverence and repentance!

Don’t you want to be under His care when all Hell breaks loose?  Are you not aware of the fiery days ahead?  Are you ready to stand on your faith in the face of death?  These are all questions you need to ask yourself and deal with immediately!  I tell you, time is short!   And I’m NOT talking December 21st!  I don’t know the day or the hour, I just know the urgency that He has given me, to light the fire under me so that I get serious with you and not treat you like babies, giving you only milk and cookies!!

Do you think I asked for this?  Do you think I want to be so serious?  If you  knew me, you’d know this about me.  I enjoy making people laugh!  It’s true!  But there’s a time for laughter and there’s a time for sorrow, and we are all about to experience the greatest sorrow since Christ was crucified!  Do you tremble?  Don’t!!  For the Lord of Hosts reminds us that a spirit of fear is not of Him and to Fear not, for He is with you.  YOU MUST RESPOND in faithfulness.  YOU MUST set aside your earthly desires, for they are not of or from Him.

Satan has had his way with God’s people for too long.  Some will ignore the warnings that are being issued all over the world, by God’s prophets (I do not claim to be a prophet, just a simple servant) and by seeing so many signs and wonders, wonders and signs that pile up, day in and day out!  How many floods, how many freak storms, how many dead fish and fowl will it take before you see what the Lord is trying to say to His children?

Some will chalk it off to the cyclical nature of earth…ice ages come and go, there are always solar maximums after solar minimums, fish kills have happened for years, earthquakes are natural (NOT IN SUCH HIGH NUMBERS AND MAGNITUDES!)…etc…it’s the way the world takes care of itself.  Let me ask you, who made this world?? (Genesis 1)

Is God not in control of the sun and the stars and the moon and the oceans and the lands?  Do volcanoes erupt in succession every year?  Decade?  Century??  Get your mind out of your la-la lands and focus on what the Lord is trying very clearly to speak into your soul.  We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

As I said, I’d rather be making you laugh…ok…so maybe some of you are laughing at me right now.  Well go ahead.  I’ve lost many “friends” lately, and I’m sure I’ll lose many more.  Friends come and go, but the Love of the Lord last eternally!  I’d rather lose every friend in this world if it meant I could be with Him forever!  That’s how awesome He is!  His Love heals every hurt!

He wants you to know the depths of His Love.  He wants you to give up your love for this world and turn to Him.  Love Him.  Honor Him.  Obey Him.  TRUST HIM!  He will be your shelter in the storm (Psalm 91:4), I kid you not!  He is capable of the impossible, for nothing is impossible with the Lord. (Luke 1:37)  You are safeguarded in the most Super-natural way.  Imagine a force field, like you see in movies.  His is impenetrable, like, for real!  Nothing can harm you when you seek His protection with faith and blessed assurance!

Those are keys to the kingdom!  Faith and Assurance!  He’s got your back, man!  How Awesome is this knowledge?  He has shown me this in my own life.  There was a time when I should’ve been killed, and I cannot explain what He did, just that I’m here today when I should be six foot under, crushed by an 18 wheeler…twice actually.

I’ve seen Him stop a Dodge pickup truck, inches from my son’s nose!  The truck should’ve plowed over my son, as he crossed the road to get to his bus stop, but the truck did a jump-stop, as if something very big and powerful went against the grill of the truck.  No wheels squealed, and even the driver couldn’t explain how the truck was able to stop so suddenly!  We were both surprised and we both praised God, as I held my 5 year old close to me, realizing things should’ve been so much worse!

I’ve seen many instances where God and His Heavenly Hosts intervened, even though I never saw the Angel or the Father responsible…there was just NO other explanation!  I’d love it if you would share such an experience in the comment box, just for those who have so many seeds of doubt  clouding their judgement.   If you have such a testimony and a few minutes to spare, would you consider sharing any miracles you’ve witnessed to expand on the proof of God’s mighty Love for His children?

He awaits you with arms open wide and more Love than you’ve ever known!

In all areas of your life, He waits for you to turn to Him and trust in Him and not in yourself or your loved ones!  Waiting is sometimes difficult, but I tell you the truth, just like in the old Superman movies with Christopher Reeves, He swooshes in and saves you in the nick of time.  Don’t fret, your Savior is always ready to come in and save the day, He just needs you to have some faith in His abilities and ask in earnest and with a humble spirit.  Such abilities that we are not only incapable of attaining, but to a major degree, incapable of understanding are a piece of cake for Him to accomplish!   This is why trust and blind, unwavering faith is so very important!

It seems like I’ve switched gears here, but the truth of the matter is that trust and faith is going to really come in handy when the gavel comes down.   He will move us to do things we may be uncomfortable with in the time to come.  But His Spirit will be right there, guiding and protecting us, holding our hands and leading the way!

Get right with Him.  Start truly pouring your heart out to Him and fully expect a response.  Be still and Know that He IS your God, your Creator, the Creator of Heaven and Earth!  Sit quietly and await His counsel.  Get your Spiritual house in order.  Or…just laugh at me and be about your business like it’s 1999!

Vaya con Dios!


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