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A New Song on My Lips

November 11, 2012

I was recently invited to sing in a local variety show, which was pretty cool, because aside from my involvement with the Nursing Home Ministries, I thought my performing days were fading behind me.

As I began preparing this past week, God gave me two brand new songs, including this song, Jesus, that was written yesterday, mid-day and performed today along with a few of my other originals.

I love how God uses me in this world. And I love that He challenged me with a new song for this day.

When I listened back, this song really touched my heart, just as I hope it touches yours.


Below are the lyrics:

written November 10, 2012

by Stacie Crocker Brumley

Intoxicated by His Love for me
Through His Blood I found Liberty
No sweeter Love will there ever be
He came to set the captives free

To break the bonds of our guilt and shame
Could there ever be a sweeter name

Then the one who as a baby came
The Highest price He paid to stake the claim

On us,
Jesus, Lord and Savior
Bless us,
Jesus, Friend and Lord


Through out my life He’s been so good to me
He washed my sins into an endless sea
He found me drowning in my iniquity
But His Love came down and set me free

He’s waiting for you to make the call
He forgives all sin, both great and small
Run into the arms of our All in All
Cry out to Jesus

Jesus, Jesus
Hear me calling
Jesus, Jesus
Be my friend

Jesus, Jesus
Hear me calling
Jesus, Jesus
Save me from my sin

Until next time,
Vaya con Dios!


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  1. electsister777 permalink

    Awesome!! What a great voice you have!

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