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Reaching Out Across the Seas

November 13, 2012

Americans are often quite self-absorbed.  We have all of these microcosms, worlds within worlds within worlds and we often forget the real world is out there, it’s huge, and it has problems.  America is real good about keeping Americans focused on internal affairs.  You can go to any ball game and find people still looking within the little world in the palm of their hands, as game continues on without them.  Look, your team scored, and you missed it, because you had to tell all of your facebook friends that you were at the game!

Did you notice the rowdy group of teens just push that older gentleman out of the way?  Wait, what are you saying?  You don’t know what a gentleman is?  I pray they are not going the way of the dinosaur!  We are called to be gentle.  We are called to care.  These are characteristics that are supposed to be evident, setting us apart.  Manners and morals were practiced and preached for generations, but I rarely hear any such lessons occurring today.  Common courtesies are noted as uncommon, valiance is a trait that has been put to better use in older days.  Lost yet?  Well get thee olde Webster out and refresh your memory!

I suppose I am here to point out the obvious.  Maybe to snap us back to reality, if for a brief moment.  I thought I would make today’s blog, a global edition, to bring attention and encourage prayer for our fellow men/women/children, all around the world.   Whether war, flood or famine, if you are reading this, then someone in this world is struggling with much more trouble than you.  We should lift each other up, in Jesus’ name and through His blood, into places of peace, comfort, and righteousness.  So first, I want to lift you up, dear reader.  May the Love and the Light, the Width and the Breath of the Lord Jesus be ever upon you.  May you walk in peace and safety and may you know that you are never alone, For the Shepard walks with you, and prepares before you the way.  May you be a light in the darkness, and may the Holy Spirit use you in mighty ways.  I pray that you will always know the Lord’s favor and that you converse with Him, as He is ever-present in your life, both night and day.  This is my prayer for you, dear reader, in the name of Jesus Christ and through His Blood, I pray, Amen.

Now here are the highlights for what’s going on in the rest of the world:

“And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world. “ 1John 2:2

Pray for the salvation of India.  Pray that they will turn from their idols and call upon the name of Jesus.   Their land is sinking fast.

“In September this year two million people were forced to flee their homes in the northeastern state of Assam after floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains.”

quote taken from:

I pray Jesus will reveal himself to the people of India and that they will call out to Him to stop the flooding.  The flooding continues to weigh India down, and she continues to sink, as a continent, further below sea level.

Venice is also sinking, as is reported in this India Times article:

As you see, the very way of life is changing, all around the world.  We will have to adapt to these rapid changes, and not sit around waiting for things to get back to “normal”…the new normal is that everything will be abnormal.

Around the world, as I’ve mentioned in past blogs, weather patterns have changed, bringing more intense, extreme and unexpected rain, heat, cold, snow, wind, and drought.  Last year, the Mississippi River flooded out of it’s banks in several areas.  This summer, the river was so low in some places that many of the barges that rely on the Mississippi for passage to and from the Gulf, were dragging bottom, getting stuck in the mud, congesting and bringing river traffic to a dead halt.

Riots are happening all over the world, as economies fail.  People are rising up against their governments, we’ve seen as much from Egypt, earlier in the year and now such disposition is on the rise in Poland.  The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have pushed for Sharia Law, and the Christians in Egypt feel very unsafe.

These things make me wonder, why, when the songs are for peace, does peace seem so far away.  Rising tensions continue to raise brows towards Syria, Israel, and Iran.  I don’t suppose I should add any links for that, as it is sufficiently covered by most medias.

In American standards are being lowered on all fronts.  We have lowered our standards and now are being treated in kind…just look at the response to the latest hurricane.  The mayor of New York isn’t allowing food to get to the homeless, there are folks being held in tent cities, with press unable to gain entrance to cover the poor conditions within…meanwhile many organizations have been turned away, once again.  For the eyes that can see, this is in direct response to our disobedience, as a country.  Things are changing fast, on so many fronts, all we can do now is cling to our Savior and hold on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

And while hanging on, do not forget to pray for others.  Our prayers reach the ear of God and He then reaches out to those we care so much about, across the seas.

Let us pray for the poor, hungry, displaced, endangered, cold, sick, aging, and disabled all around the world, today and every day.  Let us not forget, while surrounded by the luxuries we Americans take for granted, that we are truly blessed.  Thank Jesus every day for each of your blessings, let Him know that you KNOW where your blessings come from.  His death on the cross, was your greatest blessing of all!

Until next time,

Vaya con Dios


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