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Holiday Musings and More (of course)

November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are beginning, in my home, to really feel that holiday spirit.  It’s like magic in the air, this holiday spirit, and I wish I could capture the feeling year round.  Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for some time now.  Of course, as a child, I looked most forward to Christmas, for the obvious childish reasons, but after having children of my own, and facing the January bills after the Christmas spending extravaganza, I suddenly began wishing that Christmas was TRULY all about Jesus, the Ultimate Gift to the world, and less about stuffing stockings and cramming presents under the pagan tree.

There is plenty of preparation that goes into making the expected Thanksgiving meal, but I am always so happy to make those preparations, realizing just how blessed we are to be able to make such a feast for our family.  There is something truly special about gathering around the over-sized meal, seeing the fruits of our labor, as well as the bountiful providence of our Heavenly Father, who makes such labor possible.  This year, in spite of the rising prices of groceries, I was still able to fill our grocery cart with the expected goodies and ingredients for my family’s favorite dishes.  I don’t take this blessing for granted either, because there have been many times when we were not as fortunate, and I am not so naive to believe that we will never find ourselves in that position again.


Around our country, people are losing their jobs and stable means of providing for their families at a neck-breaking pace.  Just today, 18,000 employees were laid off from one company alone, and there were many more lay-offs in the past week and a half, since the election.  Don’t worry, I won’t get political here.  Politics rarely help the little man these days, anyway!   It is my solemn prayer that those with a secured meal ticket for Thanksgiving, will consider donating food, money or clothing to any of the area food banks, local charities, and homeless shelters in your community…or invite someone you know, who is dealing with a bit of hard luck, to dine with your family.  For it is in giving, that we receive, AMEN!

(Acts 20:35)


On the other side of the pond, people are experiencing sorrows our country has yet to get a taste of.  The European economy has collapsed; ours has just been bandaged up real well in order to hide similar gaping wounds.  Businesses are closing, strikes are forming and there have been many reported riots in the streets from Poland to Oxford to Rome to Greece, involving thousands of hurting, disillusioned people.


And of course, then there’s the Israeli conflict and the impending seriousness of the violence that is spreading there, with too many innocent lives lost already.

People are dying!!  Innocent people, who do not want these wars and just want to live their lives, are dying!  People are losing their homes, their jobs, their pride, in record numbers, per day.  ALL AROUND THE WORLD!


And all of these things are weighing heavy on my heart, as we prepare to celebrate a holiday based on giving Thanks for all things.  As much as I feel that holiday spirit revving me up for the big ride through to the new year, I cannot help but to pray for this world and for it’s people.  Prayer is a big deal!  I’m sure you’ve either heard of the phrase, or recognized it’s truth in your life before: Prayer works!


Will you joining me in lifting up those suffering, every day, to our Father?  Pray that He will divinely and majestically intercede on behalf of the innocent, and that He would bring His fist down hard upon the head of the enemy, the Prince of Air.    Furthermore, let us together, pray for those who are the enemy.  Let’s pray every day, that Jesus would reveal Himself to the enemies around the world and change their hearts.  Let us be ever thankful, expressing our gratitude for His Love and Provisions in our lives, as well.


1 Thessalonians 5:18  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.


Maybe you’ve been reading these blogs I’ve been pressed to share, and you have yet to ask Jesus into your heart.  I pray He seeks you out and gives your heartstrings a tug as you read these words today.  He is your only protection from Satan and his methods.  Right now, the Earth has become the devil’s playground.  How can one tell?  Well, there is no peace to be found.  There is pain, there is hunger, there is violence, there is devastating loss…not just here and there, but EVERYWHERE!  And it’s spreading, like a dark cloth over this land.  But the blood of Jesus and His Marvelous Light not only protects His children, but it also allows us to see and be seen in the dark.  For His children are His Light Bearers in this darkening world.


When I say that Jesus protects His children, I am not mincing words, dear reader.  I am often reminded of a group of Tutsi women who visited the Oprah show, several years back.  They knew the Love of Jesus and came to know all about His supernatural abilities.  Sure, I could mention the stories of Daniel, or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, but those are stories from long ago, and I’d rather share with you this modern day miracle.


You see, there was a group of ladies, who, due to their beliefs, faced imminent danger.  They were on the run from a menacing regime who were hungry to take their lives, as they had, so many others.  These ladies sought shelter from a local farmer, and despite the fact that his house was very small, and despite the fact that harboring these ladies would bring death upon him as well, he decided to take them in.  All eight of the women stayed in his tiny bathroom for many days.  He would offer them beans to dine on, nothing more, nothing less.


Then the fateful day came and savage members of the regime gained entrance to the man’s house, searching it from top to bottom, getting so close to the bathroom, where the ladies hid, silenced by fright.  However, amazingly, the enemies could not see the bathroom door, because the man had slid a wardrobe in front of it, and left the man’s home to continue their search for other Tutsis to kill.


The ladies gave all honor and glory and all amounts of praise to Jesus for protecting them, and providing for them during that time.  Their most powerful testimony, however, came in the form of forgiveness…forgiving the raping, murdering enemies.  Such a powerful story, and beautiful example of the amazing Love Christ shares with us.  He calls on us to love our enemies and to pray for them.


Only Jesus could reshape our hearts to love and pray for our enemies!!

I fully trust that He is able and willing to do the same things for you and me as He did for those 8 Tutsi women…if you would only put your trust in Him as well.  Just call out His name.  He is waiting to hear from you.  He knows you well and loves you even more.  How could one deny such an abundance of love?  How could one walk away from such an amazing supernatural force?  He offers the gift of the Holy Spirit which would live inside you, as well as eternal life.


Isaiah 30:21   Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”


John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


John 14:6  Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.


I pray that you would weigh these words in your heart, and ponder on the Love and Light of the Lord Jesus Christ, today.


Until Next Time

Vaya con Dios



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