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Mission: Get the Word Out

November 24, 2012

I’ve been given notice of a great need in the community of Accra, in Ghana.  I have traveled many avenues, to fulfill this specific need, and have failed.  The strange part, in my mind, is that this is a small, easily fulfilled need, and I thought people would jump at the chance to help meet this need.  Instead, it has been met with dead ends and brick walls.  I cannot help but recognize the sadness within my very soul; the request has been met with silence on many occasions now.

What’s all this fuss about?  Bibles…

Am I wrong to assume that it is our main priority as disciples of Christ, to get the word of God into as many hands, homes and hearts as possible??  And yet, I will not mention those that I approached,  …instead, I will just assume that legalism is a strong enemy of the Lord and say that I was abruptly pulled out of my fantasy world…

My fantasy was simple enough.  I saw the need brought before congregations and then members of the congregation fulfilling the need to their individual abilities.  I saw then, boxes of bibles being shipped to Ghana, only after the congregations gathered around the filled boxes to pray.  To pray that the Word would come alive and spread like wild fire through out all of Africa and the world.  That the need for God’s word would continue to grow, “until the whole world hears.”

How can you make my fantasy become reality??  This is the Christmas season, and I just know that you are in the spirit of giving!  I just know that you realize with today’s technology, within a few clicks, you can help fulfill this need!

If you are being called to send the gift of God’s word to those who hunger for the gift of the Holy Spirit, then please email me at the following address, and  I will send you the address that the bibles are to be delivered to. The wonders of Amazon allow you to ship straight to Ghana! Or you could send a bible yourself, either way, it’s a truly simple way to spread hope and love in honor and obedience to the King of Kings for the greatest gift of all!

Can you help me in the moving of this mountain?

Email Me @

May the peace of God be yours today and always-

Vaya con Dios


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  1. electsister777 permalink

    Dear Sister, I know the ache in your heart well when it comes to getting Bibles to those in need. It’s very interesting how many Bibles I see in Thrift Stores. Ultimately those that don’t sell end up in the garbage heap, an incredible shame!!! Lately I’ve taken to rescuing those Bible, as many as I can afford, and I just give them out for free. With a little creative thinking, we can get the Manna out in a world of spiritual famine. Thank you so much for heeding the call to bring the Gospel to all those in need. God bless you!

  2. It is my most sincere prayer that people will respond by emailing the address provided, so that we can get the mountain moving!!

    That is a great point to add, thrift shops indeed always have bibles. If they are in like-new condition, they would be perfect to send. I know many give shoe boxes for the children around the world, at Christmas time. These Bibles would be perfect for parents of such children ❤

  3. May I reblog this I do not know if it will help, I only have 99 people that follow my blog and some may also reblog. God is with us Jesus never gets us into a fight He can not win, Amen James

    • AMEN! Yes, you may reblog this. I encourage any reblogs or reposts!! I would love to flood Accra, Ghana with bibles!

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