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12-21-12: Doomsday or December Fool’s Day?

December 4, 2012

It amazes me that after all the attempts to debunk the Mayan calendar/doomsday theory, people still believe it to be a possibility.  There are many reasons not to buy into the crazy idea that the Mayans knew the date the world would end.  Some people initially claimed that the planets would line up with the sun on that day, but that was based on flawed astrology programs that do not offer true scale when utilizing their tools and calendars.  Putting weight in such flawed information is just silly and can be dangerous as well.

Why is it dangerous, you ask?  Well, if someone truly believes the world will end on December 21st, 2012, they may spend their money unwisely.  They may get their hopes up that the Messiah will return on that day, or they may commit suicide in fear of that day.  Humans are so weak, and so impressionable, aren’t we?

I do believe that Jesus will come and will be crowned King of Kings and will preside His rule from an Earthly throne, but there are many things that have to take place first…and no, I do not believe that as Christians, we will be raptured out of here before the real troubles begin.  That is why I wrote many of the previous blogs.  Those blogs are to encourage you to strengthen your faith and to take the time NOW to absorb God’s word.


I truly believe that we will experience much grief and pain, as followers of Christ, in the near future, and it is my desire that all recognize the coming of such trials and be prepared for them, spiritually and mentally.  I also believe that Jesus, Himself, will provide for all of our physical needs in that time.  He, Himself, is the bread of life, and He will be our manna, our strength and our shelter.

Once December 22nd rolls around, many people will experience a multitude of emotions, based on the stock they put into the Mayan calendar.  I keep thinking that people are going to let their guards down and really cut loose, afterwards.  I keep thinking about Jesus, telling us that He would come like a thief in the night.  He warned us of false prophets and doctrines that would work to entice His people to follow another path.  I want to encourage you to stand fast in your faith and keep all His ways.  His ways have proven through the ages to be wholesome and good for the body and soul.  Why then, are so many of the fold falling away at such an unbelievable rate?

Well, this world caters to wickedness.  You cannot turn on the radio or TV without hearing or seeing offensive things.  f we are immersing our self every day in such things, it’s easy to accept it as a part of life, even though such things are far from acceptable!!  You cannot escape being washed in wickedness, no matter where you go these days, unless you carry the Holy Spirit within.  The Holy Spirit protects and guides us.  He speaks within us, helping us to see clearly what is right in His eyes and what is wrong.  He allows us to feel his grief over the state of things, whether it concerns people, wares, or situations.  He allows us to see things His way…the right way.  But He has also given us free will, the will to make our own choices, whether harmful or not.  Most people don’t see anything wrong with the lewd visuals or verbiage that we are constantly inundated with.  It’s been a long, slow process, corruption.  And we’ve become the frogs in the boiling pot…

Once December 21st passes and people go about their lives, I believe Jesus will come.  It may not be in 2013 or 2014 or even 2015…but at some point, very soon, our Savior will come arrive, blowing God’s trumpet to announce His LONG AWAITED arrival!  Will you be ready for His arrival?  Don’t be caught up in the ways of the world.  Keep your focus on your One True Love and be ever ready for the wedding banquet and the arrival of the groom.

Until next time,

Vaya con Dios


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