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Rumors…Truth or Fiction, Something to Keep in Mind

December 9, 2012

Side-stepping my usual agenda, today, I am blogging based on a rumor that I have no way of validating.  I’ve read this particular rumor on two different websites this week and it has given me pause.  Whether or not it is true, the old Brownie and Explorer in me tells me that a little preparation, just in case, is better than not being prepared at all.


Again, I do not know if this is true, but here it is, for you to chew on.  The rumor is that Marine Corp officers’ wives are being instructed to “stock up” in preparation for something.   Supposedly, they are being encouraged to stock up on supplies such as batteries, candles, non-perishable food items and the like.  What does this mean?  I’m truly not sure, but I can speculate.

There were reports coming in, immediately after Hurricane Sandy, that Russian ships were near the east coast.  Could it be that we are facing a surprise attack on our homeland?  Could it be something even more nefarious?   There’s always the possibility.  Right now, everyone is focusing on Christmas; purchasing and wrapping presents, preparing menus, attending Christmas pageants, strolls, and other such holiday amusements.  It truly is the “most wonderful time of the year!”   Is there a better time to catch Americans off-guard?!

I never enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but how many times have people been caught off-guard by tragedy, due to being caught unaware?  If something were to happen, I would not be able to forgive myself for not letting you in on the little bit that I know.  I do not enjoy spreading fear, and I hope that’s not what you think I am doing here.  Instead, I want you to be aware of this rumor and prepare, just in case.

It would be better for each of us to be self-sufficient during such an attack on our soil, than to be unprepared and find ourselves in a long line, asking for help.  We have all seen how stressed and barely effective that programs like FEMA and the Red Cross are, to meet everyone’s needs.  And I’m not blaming those organizations, either.  Our country has had so many natural disasters in the last decade, that funding such programs cannot possibly keep up with the on-going and continually mounting needs that natural disasters suddenly present.

My father raised me to be a self-reliant woman.  I admit, I have had to ask for help a few times along the way, but nine times out of ten, my husband and I have been able to take care of ourselves and our children on our own, and we fully belief that is the way it should be.  We are in a climate where many people have become reliant and almost expectant upon the help of others, including the government.   There is no pride to be found in that method!  When you no longer try to take care of yourself and those your are given charge to care for, you are no longer free.  In the case of disaster, it is and will be “every man for themselves.”

woman changing her own tire

 I have had some ominous dreams that woke me up shaking, in a cold-sweat; remembering those dreams always give me pause when I come across such rumors as the Navy wife rumor.   Most of my dreams have taken place since 9-11.  It wasn’t until recently that I began reading others’ dreams.   In just this past week, I read of two others who had the very same dream as my first dream, which has admittedly shaken me a little bit.  I mean, I never really put much weight in most of my dreams, but this specific dream, which came only days after 9-11, was so vivid and felt so real, and it has stayed fresh in my mind all of these years.  Now that it would seem there are others who have had the very same dream, I cannot help but put a little more weight into it.

In this dream, an army of planes blacken the sky, and suddenly, from all of these planes, come paratroopers.  They land in neighborhoods and break into homes of unexpecting, sleeping Americans.  They are men, all in black military gear.  They break through windows and begin to torture the families within the homes.  I don’t want to go into further details, as far as the torture goes, but it’s not pretty and there’s no escape.  The weirdest thing in my dream was that they stuck around.  They would turn on the TV and get some food and watch, as their victims were unable to do anything but watch the horror take place in their home, through muffled cries.

like my dream

Since that first dream, I’ve had dreams that involve natural disasters as well as other terrorist-based dreams.   So far, that is all they have been—dreams…or nightmares, rather.  I hope they stay that way, but I can’t help but notice the dreams of others that are right in line with what I’ve seen.  And that is why I am sharing a rumor.

Would it hurt to have a couple extra candles and batteries around the house?  NO!  So, if you feel so compelled, do what you can to ensure that you will be able to take care of your loved ones.

On a side note:  I do not, for a second, relate this to December 21st.  As you may have read in my previous blog, I put no weight at  all into that Mayan calendar or any of the theories that have been attached to it’s end date.  Our calendar ends every year, but the only thing that ever happens when our calendar ends, is a ball dropping in New York City, a bunch of folks kissing and the noisome blowing of obnoxious party horns!  I think when the clock rolls over to December 22nd, I might just treat it like a New Year’s celebration!  Besides, we travel to celebrate Christmas with my parents on the 22nd, so there’s ample reason to celebrate!

There is only one thing I know for sure, and that is the Love of Jesus.  There is nothing more real to me than His Word, and that’s what I’ll stand on, until I fall to my knees upon His return.  Until then, I plan on making the most of the exciting times we are living in.

Until next time,

Vaya con Dios



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