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Troubles A Plenty

December 13, 2012

Through out my life there have been times when I should’ve gone to jail, should’ve been killed, and should’ve lost the rights to parent my children.  Proof positive that I’m far from perfect, and as you can see, I don’t really have a problem sharing that information.  I have surely let down my Savior, time and time again.  I will not go into detail about all of the above situations, because the past is best left behind, but I will tell you that there is a great chance that you are better than I when it comes to living righteously.  I’m a real mess, I confess!

That being said, I have a secret!  This secret seems to get me out of the stickiest situations and seems to help me learn my lessons easier than those who are punished to the nth degree of the law.  My secret is tri-fold.  Through the Father, I receive mercy and grace, through the Son, I receive forgiveness for my mistakes, and the Holy Spirit wraps the cloak of righteousness around me so that I seem to be much more righteous than I truly am.


It’s true.  I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this out to you if I hadn’t experienced supernatural help in my times of trouble.  This year, I found out (thanks to one of my unruly teens) that I could get in trouble through their getting in trouble.  Good grief! You mean that not only to I have to mind my P’s and Q’s, but I also have to keep a stellar watch over my boys at all times to make sure they are minding theirs??  Oh the joys of parenthood! 


It gives me pause to think how I’ve grieved my Heavenly Father, but day after day, His love is renewed and His promises remain true. 


When I was a teenager, I had a dear friend of mine, from Louisiana, come and stay the week with me and my family.  During that time, I wanted to show her the sights and sounds of the Austin area, and at 16 years of age, my parents trusted me enough to allow me to take her into the nearby towns to show her around.  As we were headed back to Georgetown, I had to get back onto IH-35 in order to head north, on one of the many overpasses. 


As I pulled into the turning lane, an 18-wheeler did the same and he was heading straight for me.  The lanes to my right were full and the only thing I could do to avoid being hit head on, was to veer into on-coming traffic.  At that moment, as inexperienced as I was, I thought I was surely going to be responsible for ending the lives of my friend and myself, right there.


To this day, I do not know what happened next.  All I know is that we were able to avoid a terrible ending and that Jesus took the wheel!  This is one of many examples of troubles avoided through divine intervention.  I am blessed to report that she and I found each other again, thanks to the modern wonders of social media!  On a side note, even though sixteen years had passed, our friendship never waned.  (Friends are friends forever, if the Lord is Lord of them!)

I have dozens of stories that I could share that would totally defame my character in the eyes of many, so I’m struggling to figure out what to share and what to keep to myself.  The thing is, if I share these stories, it may give some understanding of just how mighty the Almighty God is.  However, some may just chalk the outcomes of those situations off to luck.  I am not lucky.  I have only won two raffles in my life-a $100 at project graduation (my dad confiscated it, and a basket of bath goodies).  I’ve never won on a scratch-off ticket (and stopped buying them long ago, because it was like throwing dollars into the trash can).  I haven’t been willed a single dime, I have sat just above the poverty mark for my entire life.  Where is the luck?  Not here.  I know the difference…there truly is a big difference between luck and being blessed.  I know for sure, that I am extremely blessed.


A few weeks ago, I rented a movie for the kids and retreated to my room to watch a movie of my own.  It was very late, just after midnight, and I took for granted that my kids would be happily enjoying their movie in the living room, so I wasn’t on guard, like I normally am.  At around 1:30, my oldest son told me I needed to get dressed, because the police were outside and my two middle sons, aged 11 and 13, were with him.   My first thought was, and excuse the verbiage, but it was, “What the hell are they doing outside?”

It turned out that the 11 year old decided to take a walk around the block and the 13 year old went after him on scooter.  Needless to say, they are grounded until 2013!!  The police officer asked me if I knew they were outside.  I was honest, I told him no.  I explained that they were supposed to be watching a movie in the living room and that I was watching a movie in my room.  He then told me that if he filed the report, I would have a world of trouble, as I would be punished for their crimes (breaking our city curfew).  I was so freaked out, not just because the kids could’ve gotten me in trouble, but because I had failed to notice them sneak out.  I was shaking like a leaf and praying in Spirit.  Some would say, again, that it was just luck that got us off with just a warning, but I know that it was the cloak of righteousness that covered me.


This was not the first run in with the police I’ve had this year due to my juvenile delinquents.  I mean, try as I may, kids will be kids!  I am trying my best to raise them right, in every way, but they still have their own wills and I cannot be with all four of them at all times, unless I turn this house into a prison (which it is close to at the moment due to the groundings!).


The same two middle sons got it in their minds one evening to go ding-dong-ditching.  Older generations used a less politically correct term for this juvenile game, but I digress.  We live across the street from some apartments.  There is one particular lady there that has nothing better to do than keep a hawk’s eye on my house and my mischievous boys.  She has come to my door on a couple occasions threatening to call CPS on me because my kids like to hang out on our roof…I’m so country, that I didn’t see what her problem was and told her to mind her own business and to stay out of mine.  Of course, that did not go over well and she’s been looking for reasons to call them ever since.


Back to the ding-dong-ditching story…


So, my egg-heads went across the street to play their little game.  Well, they rung the wrong bell!  The little old lady caught them too, as she waited outside her apartment, the boys had hidden behind, and when they came out of hiding, she yelled, “I knew it was you, I’m calling the police!”  They ran to tell me to expect the police to show up, so I prayed and then went outside to wait on them.

The officer first went to the lady’s apartment.  The other hawk-eyed lady came down to fill his ears with just how horrible my children were and that I don’t watch them when they play outside…um…my parents didn’t watch me either.  My children are 9-15 years old, I don’t feel the need to hover like I did when they were younger.  Not a crime, lady, not a crime!!


When the officer came over to talk with me, I was shocked that he found the whole situation humorous.  He told my boys that he remembered being their age, but that there are just some things it’s best not to do.  He told them and me that I would be the one to pay for any trouble they got into and that it is not something he would want to put anyone through.  Once again, God’s mercy was shown to me and my boys.  He talked about how he used to hang out on the roof when he was young as well, but that those women were just sure that one of them would eventually fall off and break something, so it’s best to just stay on the ground. 


I’ll admit, I’ve never been to fond of being in the presence of police.  I’ve never been to jail and only have received a couple speeding tickets, but I’ve had to deal with more police since I’ve been a mom, than I would’ve ever dreamed!  BOYS!!!  Don’t get me wrong, my kids aren’t bad, they are just growing up in a small town, and are oftentimes a little too bored for their own good.  We had bikes, but they were stolen.  So were the replacements.  They have a Wii, but it doesn’t occupy them as it does some boys their age.  They prefer to be outside, playing ball or walking the neighborhood, looking for friends to play with. 


There have been other things too, that have proven God’s always with us.  For instance, when my oldest was in kindergarten, he had to cross the street to catch the bus for school.  One morning, he left my hand that was placed on his shoulder, running across the street, before I could stop him.  A large dodge pick-up truck was barreling right towards him, and in a panic, all I could do was scream.  That truck stopped so quickly, the grill barely an inch from his face.  The driver admitted that he didn’t see him and was sure he was going to hit him, but that his truck stopped with a jolt, just in time.  We both knew that my son’s angels MUST HAVE intervened.  God is so good, all the time, AMEN!


I have my hands full, but I don’t have to do this on my own, being a parent to these four boys.  No, I have the ultimate helper and protector in my corner, and I just know He allows these things to happen the way they do in order that I share His Glory with you.  In every situation I’ve found myself in, He has given me an easy way out.  I know I don’t deserve it.  I’m a wretch, so flawed, so imperfect, and yet there is one thing that I know I’m right about.  He’s real, He’s mine AND He can be yours!  He turns mistakes into blessings.  He turns sorrows into joy.  He makes it absolutely impossible to take credit for His mighty works.  “Only a God like You,” lyrics of a song we sing in church…only a God like Jehovah Yah would possibly be willing to love a freak like me!  Only a God like Jehovah Yah would be willing to save me from my sins in such a real, tangible fashion.  Only a God like Jehovah Yah would give me the courage to expose myself for the loser I am!  He wants me to tell you about my mistakes and how He rescued me, time and time again!


I am sure there will be some who know me personally, who will never be able to look at me the same again.  Well good, I should never be placed on a pedestal anyways!!  If you checked, that thing had wobbly legs to start with!  I’m a grade-A screw-up, but one who knows the Love of the Lord first hand and wants you to know that He Loves you too.  He’s just waiting for you to open your heart to receive that Love.  That Amazing Love that no words can justly describe!  The Love that is so strong that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for you and for me, because we are hopelessly flawed by the sins of our fathers and our own that amass on top of those!  He became flesh, He dwelt among us and witnessed first hand just how pathetic we humans truly are.

I share these things because I’m the perfect example of how God’s love is not prejudice.  It does not require or expect perfection.  He just wants to give you a better life, a new life within Him.  He wants to be who you call upon when you experience trouble or suffering.  He wants to pour His blessings out in your life and give you something REAL to believe in!  The time is coming soon, my friends, when you will surely wish you knew Him.  Only He can offer you eternal life.  Life beyond the grave.  And it will be much purer than the life we suffer on earth.  There will be no heart-ache, pain or strife where I’m headed.  Why not catch the bus, while there is still time?  Again I ask, what is keeping you from the Love of Jesus?


There is absolutely nothing that the Lord cannot forgive.  There is absolutely nothing that the Lord cannot fix!  Hallelujah!


Until next time,

Vaya con Dios


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  1. Amy Gorrell permalink

    Love reading your blogs!

  2. Thank you, Amy! I’m glad you like them.

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