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Good Riddence 2012…A Look Forward

December 27, 2012

Boy, what a year we have all made it through!!  My heart goes out to the many families, friends and individuals that suffered through personal loss, disaster, and tragedy in the past tumultuous, unnerving year.  Two thousand and twelve was a year that will definitely leave it’s dark mark on history.  Between the endless warring, rumors of war, senseless violent acts, acts of cannibalism, religious persecutions, massive animal kills, droughts, floods, famines, twisters, hurricanes, typhoons, freak weather events, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, this year will not be remembered fondly, by many.  So it is with great pleasure that I look forward to 2013 and turn a cold shoulder to 2012, shutting the door on it completely in just a matter of days.

SO LONG 2012, don’t let the door hit you on your way out!!

Don’t confuse me for a fool.  I recognize that things aren’t looking too swell for 2013; what with the fiscal cliff we’re dangling over (stock up on carabiners and rope), the continued tensions in the middle east, and the crazy weather patterns that aren’t going to just correct themselves on the first of January; things aren’t looking too bright in the near future, either.  But I have found the ultimate way to tarry on, through whatever may come.  With Jesus Christ in my corner, I know I will be okay, no matter what comes our way in 2013.

You see, what seems unnatural to bear, whether it be pain, grief, sorrow, or loss, becomes much more manageable with Christ’s Light guiding you through your hours of darkness.  His peace offers you a supernatural source to the calm within the storm. (HE IS THAT CALM!) His promises to protect you and provide for you, go a long way, when you are just trying to stretch your resources until the next payday, as well as when the news reports that a major storm is tearing it’s way through your town.

When Hurricane Ike began hammering down on my sister’s region of Texas, she was living in a single-wide trailer from the 1970s.  When the windows started buzzing, and threatening to bust, and two twisters began ripping through her back yard, taking trees with it, my sister began to pray.  She trusted that Jesus could hear her prayers and she experienced an inner-peace that trumped the crazy situation just outside her whistling, buzzing, rattling windows.  She felt the hand of God come over her home and she recognized her Father’s supernatural protection.

Once the storm was over, she stepped outside to see many fallen trees, but her home, though slightly shifted on it’s axle (I think that’s what it’s called), and suddenly unplumbed in the bathroom, was still water-proof, wind-proof, and safe and sound inside.  She praised God for allowing her and her son to survive, and for having His hand over their home that extremely frightening day.  Many others were not nearly as blessed.  The fact is, none of my family was scathed by Ike.  I believe God heard the prayers of us all, and not only did He hear them, but He answered them, just as He says He will.

A house built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness (will remain standing when all else fails).

I wanted to share my sister’s story, because none of us are immune to disaster.  As we’ve seen in the past decade, tornadoes can pop up just about anywhere, and apparently, now, at any time of the year…and it would seem that there are more of them with the higher rated strengths of F4-F5 than there used to be.  Hurricanes have grown hungry for our coasts and chew them up and spit them out in a horrific fashion.

If you are found in the eye of the storm, whether it be natural, financial, spiritual, personal or otherwise, remember where to turn to, for strength, peace, providence and protection.  And even when it seems like nothing can save, you, keep your faith, because sometimes God’s answers to your prayers are not immediate, but take a little time to fall into place.  By remaining in trust, that He will come through for you, you are giving the enemy no footing, and thus no room to feed doubt and fear, his favorite weapons of mass destruction!

In my most hopeful imaginings, 2013 has to be better than 2012.  But as many of my friends would tell you, I am hopelessly optimistic at times, and yet, even I cannot fool myself into believing that 2013 will be completely delightful and uneventful, without it’s fair offerings of heartache and loss.  I will not bring up the reasons why I feel no ease of mind, as there will be a time for blogs of such nature in the coming months.  And with that being said, here are some things I’m sure will take place in 2013:

The Class of 2030 will be entering the world! WOW!

New babies will be born.

New songs will be sung.

More games will be played.

More sunshiny days will come and go.

New couples will tie the knot.

New recipes will be created to delight the palate.

More illnesses will be cured.

New miracles will take place.

More love will grow.

I wish you a New Year filled with knowing and sharing the             One True Love!

There is the extent of my 2013 predictions…so easy, that anyone could’ve done it!

Understand, it is my complete intention to try and be positive on this specific post.  However, I will be remiss, if I do not tell you that my future blogs of 2013 may not all be warm and fuzzy.  I do not enjoy living in ignorant bliss and would be disappointed in myself if I did not offer my readers true food for thought, and a window into the future and what we may face.  But again, I’ll save such musings for another day.

Until Next Time,

Vaya con Dios


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  1. Maureen permalink

    I love your Predictions for the new year..and yes I know we should not bury our heads in the sand without taking a stand against injustice and sin. Keep Blogging girl!

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