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The Sickest Conspiracy to Date

December 28, 2012

Whether you buy into the original story…scratch that…Whether you believe the official story, or not, you are sure to have heard one or more of the discrepancies and recognized the growing list of conspiratorial theories surrounding the Aurora and Newtown massacres.  For me, I am swimming in theories and wishing that they were all unmerited, but something seemed off from the moment I first read and watched the news reports about both situations.  The deluge of information that followed, did not help quiet the unease I felt.

Theories range from the unthinkable and unbelievable to early reporting errors and/or outright fabrications, bent at getting the viewing public emotionally charged and ready to give up more freedoms, in the name of safety.  Gaging from the reactions of some of my friends, there are those out there who would gladly give up their guns today, if it meant there would be no more massacres like the ones that have taken place in the past decade.

The funny thing is, those specific guns (of my friends) have never harmed a soul, so in my hunter/gatherer mind, I don’t understand how the brain would suddenly form such thoughts!  My focus today, however is not about gun control; no, today, I want to awaken your consciousness to the possibilities of something even more sinister and, I believe, quite prevalent…mind control.


I took a fun blow off course back in high school: Radio, TV, Film.  It was an easy way to earn an easy A, and I honestly got a lot more out of it then I expected.  I learned about how before the FCC set certain regulations into place, companies would inject subliminal messages into radio ads, commercials and even muzac—you know, that hypnotic elevator music played in department stores around our country.  They supposedly are not allowed to subliminally convince us to “buy more” these days, at least not through music.  However, I’m not quite convinced that all have adhered to the rules.  I still think some songs trigger specific responses, such as chunk more into that basket…you deserve it!

I also learned about the power of suggestion through Orson Welles’ radio stunt, where he read H. G. Well’s “War of the Worlds” on air (1938 San Antonio, Texas), without first tipping the listeners to the fact that what he was reading was complete science fiction.  Many people were absolutely mortified at the thought that their world was being invaded by killer extraterrestrials!  If you don’t know all of the facts, your eyes and mind will believe what you are being told that you are seeing/hearing.

Almost 75 years has passed since Welles’ stunt, and that fact alone leads me to believe we’ve been duped at least once since then, using very similar tactics, only without ever having the truth revealed to us.  Therefore, such occurrences go down in the history books as fact, without as much as a question to the contrary…for the most part.  But then, that’s where the conspiracy theorists come in.  These men and women are not crazy, in fact, they are some of the brightest minds out there.  They refuse to accept anything at face value.  They practice critical thinking and dig deeper when surface stories don’t seem to add up.  God bless ’em!

war of the worlds

We’ve been trained to believe whatever reliable sources tell us.  Due to that inane trust factor, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that we are now being lied to on a weekly, if not daily basis, through talking heads we’ve been raised to trust completely and never question.

What I’m about to share, some may have briefly noted, but others will become enraged at my gall, as well as staunchly opposed to even giving these alternate scenarios any thought.  Either way, I’m compelled to share what I have discovered, during my research into both the Aurora, Colorado shootings as well as the heartbreaking massacre in Connecticut.  It’s basically like I’m going to take a couple juicy ribeyes and lay them before you to chew on.  If you are like me, you’ll be there awhile, slowly digesting, discarding, and/or possibly even accepting that we may have been duped…several times.

I could never accept the official story from the Aurora shootings.  For one, there were many discrepancies in the reports from the beginning, including the fact that there was mention of a second person involved.  It also really bothered me that they found James Holmes in the PASSENGER seat of the car (seen in many pictures), completely dazed and confused, incoherent.  How could someone so completely out of it, carry out such a complex, and wicked plan?

The pictures released of James from college and after the shooting did not match up.  I could not find any reason to believe even for a moment, that the clean-cut, sparkly-eyed boy in the school picture could even possibly have been the same guy they were showing with the crazy dyed orange hair and bug eyes.  Drugs may change your personality and cause you to look wired or run down, but it does not cause complete facial reconstruction.  But then, I could be wrong…here’s his pictures, for you to compare.

James Holmes student

Clean cut and with a bright future, the honor student, James Holmes

Picture of James Holmes’ booking

I also had a hard time buying into this same dazed and confused “joker” setting up an elaborate booby trap in his apartment, even if he was a genius.  I have read many stories about mind control victims and the covert operations that are used to methodically control these mind control victims, and this story reeked of such a stench!  Nothing really sat well with me, and then of course, I found that I was not alone in my queries.

Hop forward in time to December 14, 2012.  I woke up at 8 AM with Aerosmith’s lyrics ringing in my head.  “Something’s wrong in the world today, I don’t know what it is.”  That was weird.  Then I log on to facebook (a pathetic morning ritual, I know), and I posted the “Living on the Edge” video.   Within   a minute of my posting, my friend Sara posted that there was a school shooting in Connecticut.  I shared her post, turned on CNN and crumbled like a dry cookie.  I punched the bed, I screamed at the walls, “WHY?!”  And then I became absorbed with the reactions on facebook, the news and the sudden, unexpected turn to politics.

Gun control was discussed almost as much as the loss that community suddenly experienced.  OH THE AGENDA!  Of course!  When I first tuned in,  the police were chasing the possible suspects through the wooded area near the school.  They even caught someone, and cuffed a kid that was screaming, “It wasn’t me.”  And then the stories began to change.  The number of fatalities started very low, but grew and grew until we were informed that there were 20 children and 7 adults (including Adam Lanza, the purported shooter), that were killed.

Scenes of frantic parents, frightened students, and swarming officers ruled the screen.   I could not believe that parents were allowing their freshly scarred children to be interviewed…what is wrong with this world??  I was vomiting at this point (I tend to experience emotions and such feelings as those experiencing the tragedy unfold, firsthand).  As a mother of four boys, I could only imagine the depth of pain and loss that this little community was experiencing.

There were so many discrepancies right from the beginning, from the guns found in the school and the trunk of Lanza’s car.  To the fact that Adam’s brother was being accused, as Adam apparently carried his brother’s ID on him.  How about the first article in the local paper  (the Newtown Bee) that interviewed the principal, who was said to have been one of the first ones shot…I mean, how is that even possible?  Of course, the original article has been pulled…swept under the rug…but here’s a screen capture of the article.

Does this scrawny kid look capable of toting a gun almost his size into the school and taking out 26 people, ALONE, in 3 minutes??

Does this scrawny kid look capable of toting a gun almost his size into the school and taking out 26 people, ALONE, in 3 minutes??

And Adam’s Mom…she was first reported as a teacher, and it was first reported that Adam went straight to her classroom and began firing.  Then it was reported that there were no records of her being a teacher there, so the substitute story bloomed.  And still, it turned out that he supposedly shot his mother in the face four times in their home, before he stole her guns, a car and headed up to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Her story grew to include the (supposed) fact that she was a doomsday prepper and avid gun-totin’ mama, thus laying some of the blame on her poor dead soul, as she supposedly took her son out to the range to practice from time to time…yes, I said supposedly!

There are rumors, none have been verified, that Adam Lanza’s father AND James Holmes’ (Aurora shooter) father were both set to testify in the Libor scandal…but no amount of research I’ve done to this point has panned out.  However, I wouldn’t doubt much of anything at this point.

There is also an internet user who has claimed that all of these massacres, all the way back to 9-11 have been elaborate hoaxes, to instill an unhealthy amount of fear and compliance into our countrymen/women.  He has some questionable photos of players in such situations as the Gabby Gifford shooting, the Occupy Wall Street protests and Tea Party rallies, as well as the Aurora shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, and yes, the Sandy Hook massacre.

I’ll admit…even though the story is the most far-fetched to date, I did see a few pictures of the attendees of these different events/massacres, that caused me to pause and give a little credence to the possibility.  One specific comparison that literally turned my stomach, is the disgusting possibility that one of the parent’s of a murdered student from Sandy Hook, also played James Holmes’ lawyer…SICK, IMPOSSIBLE…I hope and wish and hope again!  But the resemblance is uncanny and as it turns out, she equally resembles Jennifer Sexton, a member of a very elite family.
I don’t want to give too much credence to the above theory, but I must admit, now that this possibility is in my head, it’s been really hard to ignore.

Another strange “coincidence” is found in The Dark Knight Rises video.  When I was coerced, by my sons, to watch it, I really wasn’t excited.  I kept thinking about the people who lost their life watching it, in Aurora, Colorado…I also had other reservations.  I am really careful in what I choose to watch these days, because I do believe that there is a heavy amount of mind control operating through television, music and movies.  I try to avoid most everything these days, as to keep my mind free of any invisible chains.  But, my boys begged and begged, so I sat down and attempted to watch it.  This was about a week before the Sandy Hook massacre.

When I saw the big red neon “Aurora” sign in Gotham City, again, I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach, but I truly tried to chalk it off as a very eerie coincidence.  However, about 2 or 3 days after Sandy Hook, articles and videos started popping up.  Someone noted another “coincidence” and I can only say, I smelled a rat!!  Since Photo-shopping is the name of the game these days, I did not put too much weight into this high strangeness at first.  I needed to see this for myself.

As it turns out, one of my boys bought The Dark Knight Rises with his Christmas money.  I told him to pause the video when he saw a map with four walkie talkies on it, and call me into the room.   I told him that I was pretty sure it was a scene with Commissioner Gordon in it, so he did.  AND THERE IT WAS!!  On the map, to the left of the walkie talkies, was the words SANDY HOOK.  AND THEN, Commissioner Gordon even touched those words before the scene changed…and did he smirk??  I don’t know for sure, but that’s what I saw last night.

I was dumb-founded and even more sure that some dark forces (or truly evil people) plan these tragic situations out, well ahead of time.  I mean, I wasn’t alone in scratching my head over the fact that Hurricane SANDY has just taken a left HOOK into the east coast…and it was strange to me, that the very governor who had received ample airtime during the hurricane and aftermath, was now, once again, on the news, this time, talking of the tragedy and loss of so many bright futures.

From Black Knight Rises

From Black Knight Rises

Now, you know I buy into some conspiracies, and Hurricane Sandy had plenty, and I felt like it was steered by man-made devices, such as HAARP… (so, you think I’m crazy…good for you!)

And finally, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve left something out, I want to offer one more inconsistency that should give you reason enough to pause.  Unfortunately, all evidence of this mistake too, has been swept under the rug.  The beautiful, young, heroic teacher who lost her life, saving her class…Victoria Soto…well, she had a memorial page made in her honor on December 10, 2012.  The shootings occurred on December 14, 2012.  On December 10th, she was alive, well, and most likely (if she’s a real person) was teaching her students on December 10th.

As I’ve said, this page has been deleted and replaced with a new one, created on the 14th.  Here is one such page, created on the 16th, by a young girl.  It is sad that this young girl is catching the brunt of this entire mess…

The only fact I can provide for sure is that we may never know the truth.  Unfortunately, the media mishandled this tragedy and thusly, opened the door for speculation and doubt.

Is it possible that all of these shootings, protests and mass murders happened just as the media claims?  Of course.  But there is a possibility that we are being lied to, manipulated, and our emotions toyed with as well.  This is a dark world we’re living in.  This is why we need to cling to the Light.  In Jesus, we find all we need, and the world is only a temporary stop in our flight itenerary.

If I have offended you, dear reader, I am truly sorry.  If you would prefer to keep your head in the sand, by all means, I’ll dig a fresh hole for ya!  I did not write this to upset anyone, but instead, to open your eyes to parts of these situations that you may not have been aware of.

It is also my way of helping you prepare yourself for the true evils in this world, the dark corners must be illuminated.  These maniacal groups desire to keep us under control.  They want us to be willing to hand over our weapons, to sign away our rights, and to depend completely on them.  Meanwhile, they offer us poisonous foods that encourage cancer to grow within, they bail out banks and leave Americans to flounder on their own,  they spend our money creating machines intended to take lives, they jack up the price of healthcare so that many will not seek it, they offer us an endless array of pharmaceuticals to keep us numb, dumb, and completely under control…basically, they want us either docile, or dead.

There is a call for Americans to rise together and take our country back.  This is my way of joining the fight.

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” -Ephesians 6:12

Until Next Time,

Vaya con Dios


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