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Fresh Beginnings

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year’s Day to you all!  Isn’t it lovely that such hopes and dreams take form each new year?  We are given the opportunity to start fresh and resolve to improve certain areas in our life and end other behaviors not befitting to us.  I was happy to say goodbye to 2012 and I thoroughly enjoyed doing so.  However, I also reflected on the  highlights of the past year.  Attending my sons’ concerts, soccer and baseball games..painting murals with my best friend at a cool little resort in Lakeway…  Going wild in San Antonio and getting lost and loving it, in the hill country with my awesome boys…  Time spent out at the lake, performance opportunities, last night…yes, 2012 did have it’s bright sides for me and our family, personally.

Painting at the Lost Parrot Cabins

My wild and crazy guys on the corner of Old Spicewood Springs Road (thanks GPS!)

I’m hoping to make some pretty big changes in 2013.  This day has offered me optimism and hope, combined with a bit of clarity.  In just a few days, my youngest will hit the double digits.  Where does the time go?  I can still remember, with such vivid detail, so much of my youth.  I’ve clung to the fond memories and discarded anything that caused me pain.  Sometimes, the years in between then and now are a blur, which leads me to accept that time indeed flies…and at a high rate of speed, no doubt! 


I remember bringing my little newborn home, everyone was so happy, his big brothers would swarm, with both affection and curiosity.  They were all just baby cherubs back then…now my oldest is several inches taller than me and lifts me up into crushing bear hugs.  Life truly is an amazing and incredible mystery!

When the clocks struck midnight, the world celebrated the birth of a new year.  It made me think of Baby New Year…where did that baby go?  I don’t recall the last time I saw him!  2013 has been born!  Each of us play a part in how this year develops.   In our own personal lives, we can resolve to be happiness.  We can resolve to not say anything unless it is kind.  We can resolve to not resist a single urge to help another.  (Such urges are often prompts from the Holy Spirit).  We can resolve to spend more meaningful quality time with family and less time online.  Such changes in our own little worlds would surely affect the larger picture. 


We just crossed the finish line and a new year is ready to be run.  Are your shoes of peace ready?  Do you have your belt of truth girding your waist?  How about your helmet and your breastplate?  Did I just lose you?  Then you can pick up you a sword at a Christian book store near you!  Just ask them where they keep their swords and I know someone will be glad to help you.


Yes, we will need to continually tune and freshen our armor this year, for if we are walking in truth, peace, righteousness, and most importantly, with Christ’s love, in our hearts, we will do well in this brand new year, no matter what may come.  For He provides our every need.  Thank you Jesus!


So this is my prayer for this fresh beginning, for each of my readers out there, all over Our Father’s world. 

May you wake each morning giving thanks to God for everything He’s given you. 

May you walk in love and peace, and may the Lord bless and protect your every step.

May you find yourself in His Word more and more, as you fall more and more in love with Him.

May you continually grow in Love and Light through All His wisdoms great and small.

May you humbly serve your fellow man with every opportunity given, going above and beyond, in love and with joy in your heart.

May you thank the Lord each night for your life and breath and joy and peace.

May you never forget, even for a moment, the fact that Jesus died for you, and may you live thankfully within that truth.

May your health be strong and your heart be light, may your baggage be lifted from you. 

I wish you many more happy new years, and I pray this all for each of you, in Jesus’ Holy Name.  AMEN

Deuteronomy 11:12

The eyes of the Lord your God are always on the land, from the beginning of the year to the very end of the year.

Until Next Time,

Vaya con Dios


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