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The Veil is Being Lifted

January 21, 2013

Nobody wants to be the bearer of harsh news, whether good or bad.  For it will be perceived as both, with the weights heavy on one side.  When I get discouraged in the midst of the battle, I remember Noah. Everyone thought he was crazy!  No one believed him, and they all perished, due to their ignorance.


Recently, he has been brought to my attention again.  It’s sad that as history repeats itself, we never learn from the previous lessons.  Whether you believe the story of Noah and the great flood or not, I would like to share how this story has influenced me.  There is so much more to God’s word than just the surface stories that we are spoon-fed as children.  More than just the animals boarding the “arky arky, two-by-twosie”…good grief! 


When I was a little girl, many Sunday school teachers and children’s books opened my mind up to the ways the Lord deals with His creations when He is displeased with them.  I don’t keep songs or poems, photos or paintings that I create that disappoint me, either, so I see His point even more clearly now, as an adult.  Also, as I grew older, I found many other validations of the flood, such as the sharks teeth found right here in Central Texas, and many giant rocks with fish fossils found within, native to this area, and let’s not forget the other cultural stories of the flood.  Few did survive the horrific event, and Noah’s family and story was a very real testament to God’s wrath and displeasure with his lustful, murderous creations.


(Flood fact:  Killer, blood-thirsty giants roamed the land in that day, impregnating human women, creating horrid ungodly beasts.  God had to put an end to that race.

God also dealt directly with His people back then, speaking with them and through them.  I believe more and more we are coming upon similar times.  Good and evil are both being exposed and the veil that separates the kingdoms of light and darkness, is coming down.


Today,  the president of the United States was sworn in, publicly, after a private ceremony yesterday, for his second term.  Among his speech, I found these words: “My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it – so long as we seize it together.” (bbc news) 

I think it’s safe to say that there are many Americans that do not want to be lumped “together” with him or his office, for numerous reasons.  The question is, what will happen to those who oppose his plans (which he did not specify in any way today [some will argue that today is not a day for specifications, but presidential celebrations {which, by the way, cost gobs of money and will add to the national debt, for sure, as will his $200,000 dollar a year raise…}])?


Anyway, what about those plans, and those who do not desire to hop on board the crazy train bound for camp doom?  Well, that’s all just crazy talk anyways, isn’t it?!  Well…isn’t it?


Here’s another quote from today, also derived from bbc.  “We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics, or treat name-calling as reasoned debate,” he said. 

Well, absolute power corrupts absolutely, so what’s with all the executive orders, and what’s with the talk of a third term…should one man wield so much power in a free republic?  I will absolutely swear that my belief in God absolutely rules my actions and desires for my family and country, and is the principle on which I stand. Right now, my principle does not line up with the newest laws of the land as well as the ones they are aiming at passing next…nope, stop the bus…rewind…

I know, it’s not going to happen, it’s impossible to move back the hands of time, it’s just as impossible to un-witness a crime.


But I know what is going to happen.  Our butts have been sold.  Our national parks…SOLD.  Many fancy business complexes, buildings AND companies that were once American?  SOLD…the highest bidder does not live here.  If our president cannot get us to comply to laws the U.N. desire for us, which patriots are proof that he won’t, the big guns will move in.  These foreign troops will be glad to repay us for all of our successful slaughters overseas.  You can bet your boots that they will not show mercy to us pompous, loud-n-proud Americans!

Oops, have I said too much?  Stick your head back in the sand if you can’t handle it.  That’s right.  Turn on the tv.  Watch you some (contrived) “reality” “programming”.  Sit back and enjoy the ride…you may experience a little turbulence, but that’s to be expected.  Have some cheese puffs.  Cheese and corn are good for you.

Sorry, sometimes my sarcasm goes into over-drive…maybe I should still be on break!  


Now, back to that last comment I shared of our president’s.  I have no need to call the president names, though some have him pinned as the anti-Christ, I can only say that he aids the anti-Christ spirit.  The far(out) left see him as a savior of sorts for his role in legalizing things that the far right demonize.  I truly stay out of that debate, for several reasons. Besides, it is the frivolities (such as the inaugural balls) and massive death counts from these endless wars that always get my goat. 


So many Americans are suffering right now, hanging on to that false hope that Mr. President promised in his first term.   He does not speak much of hope now, does he?  But he sure does have the audacity part down.

Fooled me once, he did.  But never again!  Just what are his principles?  He spoke of not letting principles be mistaken as absolutism…just what’s he trying to change, anyways?  Only the entire fabric of our country.  He’s only aiding the going trends, but in many believers opinions, he is aiding the wrong side.  Where we once stood for morals, as a country, we stand against them.  Where we once stood for life, as a country, we now stand against it.  We support health aides and not cures, we support poverty instead of trying to end it…we support depravity instead of offering an enriching alternative. 

But the truth is becoming plain to see.  It will look like science fiction when compared to what we’ve been sold.  Yes, the veil is being slowly lifted.  We are fortunate to live in these times, to see such glories unfold.  But I declare this cautiously, as you must be right with God, living in accordance to His laws and washed by the blood of the Lamb in order to stand in these times. 

When you question my sanity, remember, they questioned Noah’s as well.  When you think me an idiot, remember, God has spoken through an ass in the past.  When you think me simple minded, well…God doesn’t mind using simple…

Pray for discernment in reading anything and everything I write though, for I am only human and am prone to err.  If what I write lines up with what the Holy Spirit lays on your heart, then so be it.  If not, so be it, as well.


Until Next Time,

Vaya con Dios


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