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January 22, 2013

I guess it was right after the elections that many people made petitions at this very site, requesting secession from the United States of America.  The people were upset and making waves.  None of these specific petitions were taken seriously by the White House, and the states of America remain united, so far.

But today, I bring to your attention, a very worthy petition that I would like for you to consider seriously.  The residents of Bayou Corne, Louisiana, have formed a petition that would declare the growing and volatile sinkhole as a federal emergency, in order to get the proper experts and funds in place to help find a solution, before their hole community goes under…literally.

Bayou Corne

They have stated that the infamous Governor Bobby Jindal hasn’t given the sinkhole any true attention, and some members of the community have been evacuated from their homes for months now, with no time frame on which to rely upon for a return.

The sinkhole was discovered in August and has since swallowed many trees and oozed methane-tainted waters over several acres.  You will surely take note of the dying trees, effected by the salt-laden water that is engulfing an ever-growing area in that region.


This rendering gives you an idea of what is happening beneath the surface.  It looks like Mother Earth has a gaping wound, doesn't it?

This rendering gives you an idea of what is happening beneath the surface. It looks like Mother Earth has a gaping wound, doesn’t it?

They have erected stacks to burn off much of the methane, but methane continues to bubble in the soaked yards and tributaries surrounding the community and the sinkhole itself has been experiencing unsettling tremors as well as burping up debris and toxins from time to time as it swallows more acreage.

Below you will find links to a fly-over from mid-August of last year to fly-overs made just this week, as well as a resident’s personal videos displaying the bubbling pockets of  methane.


Here is the first flyover, dated August 12, 2012 (via assumptionla)

Here, you will see the unbelievable growth, and how it has affected the surrounding land, completely changing the landscape for acres in all directions.  This was recorded and posted on the 19th of January.  I will include the one from January 17th as well, as it is a longer video.

Rainbeaudais is another member of youtube who lives in the area and offers many examples of the situation they are dealing with over there.  I will share a few of this citizen’s videos now.

This video is where I learned about this very important petition.  You really can make a difference by standing beside the residents of Bayou Corne and adding your name to the petition.  They are running out of time.

Another interesting factoid…bubbling occuring as far as 50 miles away!

Here is the link to the petition once again, for good measure.

The sign of a true American is the willingness to reach out and support our fellow man.  It is showing support despite any differences that may divide you culturally, ethically or otherwise.  Will you join in the show of support for this community of fellow Americans?

Until Next Time,


Vaya con Dios


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  1. Pam M permalink

    I tried the link to sign the petition regarding Bayou Corne sinkhole but it just went to main page. I also tried to search for it but nothing came up as well. I want to sign it but cannot find it!

  2. I live in Louisiana (New Orleans) and actually never knew about this sinkhole until I just saw something about it on Netflix! This is some scary stuff!

    • Truly. You can learn more by subscribing to YT channel assumptionla, although they have really slowed down the updates. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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