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When Thinking About the Power of My Weapon, I Find Much Peace

February 22, 2013

Yes, seriously friends, I am going to talk a little about my only weapon, my sword.  I’m in the process of swallowing it whole, a trick, I feel will be very important, when such weapons are confiscated. 

What?  You honestly think that they are going to stop with just guns?  They are all about taking, don’t you know?  They started by taking your money.  Then they began taking your freedoms.  They will be coming after your guns shortly, and after that, they will go after your swords.

I was thinking about the different swords that have been used through history.  Some were short and thick, others were long and slender… Some were so sharp, you wouldn’t have time to realize that you’d lost your head before it was rolling on the ground and you caught a glimpse of your feet, before your eyes rolled back into death, while others, so dull, that it took much effort and force to rip into your side, and you’d die of poisoning or infection, before giving up the ghost over the ragged cut, itself.


But my sword is still beyond measure, it’s value, unequal and far above any other.  My sword speaks, lives and breaths.  When my sword speaks, waters have been known to part, and mountains will crumble when it speaks again. 


Yes, my sword is very much alive and is paired with an awesome shield that holds the enemies blows at bay.  For my shield is my faith and my faith is strong in my sword, which is the Living Word of God.  I hold it at my side, in my belt of truth, for I know I can trust in it, at all times.  But I also eat it!  Yes, I eat my sword, for health.  It is digested instead in my heart, rather than my belly, and is stored there.

When I hear the song of my sword from other lips, I recognize the source immediately.  Oh, yes, many share my sword, as their own!  We join together and sharpen our swords and strengthen our shields, quite often.  It is quite an affair, led by the Spirit of the Sword, all the while standing on the Sword word!  It’s not as awkward as it sounds, I promise!


By eating and swallowing my sword, I know that no one can ever take it from me.  Even if they believe they have physically absconded it from me, my sword will remain within me; it’s strength and supernatural abilities will empower me through the Spirit of the Sword! 


My helmet will continue to protect my head, and will deliver me safely to the other side of the river, for it is covered in the Blood of the Lamb.  My shoes will remind me that no other weapon is required and to stay on the path.  My belt will hold me to the only Word that is good and honest and true.  My breastplate will protect my sword from ever being truly taken from me, as well, it will cover me in a blinding light that will protect me from mine enemies, as it gleams with Holy Righteousness.   My shield insures that I am completely prepared for battle, though my heart (right now) shudders at the thought of what’s to come.

Every time I begin to feel fear seep into my heart, I go directly to the source, the Holy Spirit, and I tap into His peace.  Every time I feel so weak I fear I cannot go on, I again go to the Source, and He makes His strength my own.  There’s a true garden of resources, fruit ripe for the picking, and it’s always been there.  I grew more and more aware of this garden and that the gifts within were rightfully ours, through the blood Jesus shared for us. 


This garden surrounds the kingdom and at the center of the kingdom is the throne of the Almighty Father, the Prince of Peace.  Even more amazing?  That kingdom is right within each one of us.  So we can never be apart from the tremendous wealth of gifts Our Heavenly Father bestows upon us, for it is WITHIN our reach!

Do the words, “Physician, heal thyself,” ring a bell?  That is because the doctor’s always in!!  Jesus is the Great Physician.  He is the Miracle Maker, the one who brings life to the dead and healing to the sick and sight to the blind, sound to the deaf and a new stance to the crippled. 


The Healer is within the kingdom which is within those who follow Him, having surrendered their entire life, minds, bodies, hearts and souls. 


By tapping into the source, you will find an overflowing river of healing waters in which to step into and receive perfect healing.  Your faith must be strong, as you ask, you must know that He loves you very much and is in the process of healing you at that very moment.  You must truly believe that you will receive perfect healing…with faith the size of a mustard seed, you surely can gain access to the kingdom.


My friends.  The times have changed.  They aren’t in the process of changing anymore, they have changed.  It would SEEM for the worse (But dear ones, these things must take place!).  However, seeing isn’t always believing.  And believing in the unseen is quite an advantage in these times.  Though the days may be dark and perilous, and you may find yourself on edge more oft than not, remember the source of peace flows within you and unplug from the anxiety and tap into the peace.  It’s an endless supply and there is enough for everyone!!  The anxiety is a method of control up for grabs, gratis-via the Beast.  Flee from it every time it comes on.


Continue to daily sharpen your sword and eat from it, while you can.  Prepare your hearts for the days where we MUST fully rely on our Ultimate Strength and Power, the Alpha and the Omega.  And remember that He IS Just as Powerful As He Claims He IS.  Thank Him now that you find yourself in the right Spirit. 

If you do not understand much of this, I would be so bold as to say that you are not in the right Spirit.  If you desire this Ultimate Power and Source of Strength and Love in your life, then call upon the name of Jesus Christ right now.  Admit to Him that you have sinned, and that you want to die to your life of sin and receive NEW LIFE through God’s One and ONLY Begotten Son, Jesus Christ.  Ask Jesus to come and live within your heart and you will receive the gift of eternal life.


P.S.  It all begins with choosing your weapon.  Get your sword (The Holy Bible) today.  I would start with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts.  Then read Romans.  All this talk about books of the Bible has made me hungry!  See you later, I gotta go grab a few bites of Sword!!

P.P.S.  I have a feeling that there is a great thirst in the hearts of many right now for righteousness.  If you thirst and hunger for righteousness, then drink from the Living Waters that is Jesus Christ.  Eat your daily bread, which is the Living Word of God (our swords AKA the Holy Bible).

Until next time,

Vaya con Dios


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