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And Now, Children, Gather Around…It’s Storytime

March 12, 2013

Once upon a time…God’s most beloved angel desired to be God, himself, and there was a war in Heaven and God granted this angel’s request, to a degree, and with stipulations of course.

And this angel and a third of heavens’ angels were cast down from Heaven and the angels were bound in chains until this time, when they would be set free to rule the earth…for now…  His name is Lucifer and he is the prince of darkness and the ruler of the air.  This is his story…

One day Lucifer came up with a brilliant idea.  He remembered Jesus talking about fishers of men.  He thought to himself, well, I love to fish!  So he loaded his tackle box with so many hooks and lures that it took many of his slaves to carry them into the world.

First he shook out some money into the pond, like chum, getting the waters ready.  He sweetened the deal with the fog of deception and then set out to bait his hook.

Then he opened his tackle box and he grabbed the big screen.  Behind the big screen, he knew many would hunger for it all, looks, money, power, fame.  So he stuck his hook through the big screen and cast it into the earth for all to see.  And they have.

He pulled out a risqué magazine, full of inappropriate images, because he knew how weak man’s flesh has always been, for thus far only One has denied Lucifer’s offers of power and privilege…

He caught so many fish he needed to upgrade the size of his vessel.

He then went back to his tackle box and saw the cell phone, but he thought, nah, I will save that masterpiece until the end…they will “rule the air” with me then and surely God will be defeated and His people will be so broken that they will easily give up the fight and join my kingdom.

So he pulled out more of the war guns that he and his craftsmen had been perfecting through the centuries and tossed them into all countries just to see what would happen.  Even he did not predict how successful this bait would be.  Men and women killing each other and their children too, all in the name of their gods, even the One True God, and this even caused the truest of hearts to turn to him, in disgust.

After a while those he caught had infected others and lives became awfully twist and vain and pain-riddled.  He felt like now was as good a time as any, so he grabbed the computer and the mobile phone and the video game system and porn videos and drugs and set up a trot line near the shady bank of the river and just sat back and watched.  But just then, the hairs on Lucifer’s neck bristled.  He suspected that the Owner of the lake where he had been fishing for so many centuries, was coming close, so Satan called his slaves to help him gather as many fish as possible before the Owner returned and kicked him out.

By this time, the master of all lies has so many in his trap that work for him, darkness had it’s hooks in even the highest courts.  People operated under his control without their even knowing it.

And this is where we find ourselves today.  The beast knows his time is short, Hallelujah!  Do you suspect that you may be under  the control of the evil one, whether consciously or not?  Do you desire for a new life of fulfillment and peace in Christ?  The King is coming quick, and the harvest is ripe!  Will you be among the weeds that burn or will you be the fruit picked from the vine?

Break free from the hooks and nets today, call upon the Savior, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God to deliver your heart from evil and to remove the scales from your eyes.  Then ask Him to forgive you of your sins and starting today, walk away from them, knowing you do not walk alone.
Ask to receive the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit you will receive gifts unimaginable and intangible without Jesus as your Savior.  I tell you, the hour is late and the time is now to make your decision.  Once you receive forgiveness, you will receive healing.  The Holy Spirit will strengthen you with the ability to break free from the ties that bind you.  You know of the One True God, for He created you for His pleasure.  He loves you deeply and wants to be your source of peace, joy, comfort and strength.  He longs to pour out His grace upon you and shower you with mercy, after mercy.  But you must bend and break your will to accept His will for you.  You must toss your understanding for the understanding the Holy Spirit will reward you with.  He is deeply grieving for all of the hearts that are so far from Him.  Turn back to Him or turn to Him for the first time today!

If you are reading this and feel the Holy Spirit stirring your heart, and are ready to be set free from Satan’s powers over you, then say this prayer right now, where ever you are.  Jesus is waiting to give you the gift of eternal life, and is listening for your call!

And if you think you are too scarred or flawed to be accepted into the kingdom, well, let me introduce myself to you.  I WAS a lying, cheating, drunken mess before God straightened me out and I still fall into sin, daily…it is because I am nothing without Christ and many of my own brethren have judged me in err, with planks in their own eyes…but that has not stopped Christ from using me.

This is not because I am something special…I’m far from it…I’m a disgusting human, on my own, but the grace of God covers my shortcomings, Jesus’ blood covers my sins and God uses my weaknesses to the kingdom’s advantage.  I’m His and He uses me, and He can use you too!  I promise there is nothing that you can do that is exempt from God’s forgiveness, so don’t let your own opinion of yourself get in the way of allowing God to recognize the fullness of truth within you!)

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I know I am a sinner in need of a Savior.  Please forgive me from my sins and set me free today from the chains that bind me.  Thank you for sending Your Son to die on the cross in my place, and for paying the price for my sins.  I need you to guide me and teach me your ways, and I thank you for hearing my prayer.  Lead me to the path of righteousness for your sake, help me as I turn away from my sins and my old life without You.  And let your will be my own.  I pray the blood of Jesus washes away all of my sins and covers me.  Teach me your ways oh Lord, My God.  I ask all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the One True God, Jehovah Jireh, My Provider, Amen”

I would recommend (and not lightly, if I might add), that you begin reading the bible, to get to know God.  When you read, the Living Word of God, with the gift of the holy spirit, you will truly begin to KNOW Him.  Praying sincerely, and waiting to receive from God, is also important for building the foundation of your relationship.  Your decision today will cause a great rage within the beast, and he will try to attack you from many sides, so I suggest you get real familiar with Ephesians 6 and put into practice, wearing the armor God provides, daily.  Also, this is where trust comes into play, big time.  You must truly trust that God is WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES and is PROTECTING YOU.  You can ask God for peace, and you will receive it…when you are so weak that you can hardly move, call upon Him to be your strength.  When your heart is broken and you feel you can’t go on, call upon Him to comfort you.  I tell you, He will do this and so much  more.

Jesus says, with FAITH the size of a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain, move, and it will move…our faith these days is smaller than a grain of sand.  It’s time to let your faith grow, all you who say you love the Lord!!

Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to get to know Jesus personally.  Read Romans to learn more about the walk you are beginning today, Romans 8 is a good crash course.  Know that the world will hate you.  People may turn from you because of your decision to turn to the One True Living God, but I promise…God’s love is sufficient.  His grace is enough.  He is more than you will ever need and you will find rest in the comfort of His Love.  He is your Father, and as any good father would, He will protect you.

I pray that your new journey with Christ will be the greatest adventure of your life.  I pray that He would reveal Himself to you daily in beauty and majesty, and lead you to His garden for rest and replenishment.  I pray that you thirst and hunger for more of Him and that you satisfy your needs through reading His word and communing with Him, while in the quite place you choose for yourself.  I pray that blessing after blessing be heaped upon you as you begin your faithful walk with Our Father.  Welcome to the kingdom, my brother, my sister, my friend.  May your salvation be granted, in the name of Jesus, today!

The Ancient of Days has grown weary of this world.  The stench of deviancy has reached His nostrils, the cries of His people has reached His ears.  He is coming, the Bride needs be ready.  Which side of the Sword will you be found on?

Until Next Time,

Vaya con Dios!!


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