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I’m Back and I’m Swinging My Sword

January 7, 2014

I am back, and have a second blog now, which you will find at

Our family moved away from the city, and into the country, right next door to my parents.  It has been an interesting and exciting time for our family, as we have been immersed in a whole new world.

For a bird’s eye view into that world, hit the link above…it’s much more light-hearted than this blog.

With the move and all it’s many changes in our ways of living, came a time of solace, something my soul was starved for while in the hustle and bustle of city living.  It wasn’t even that big of a city, but there were way more people than trees and I actually prefer it the other way around.

While I have cut back on reading some of the websites that propelled some of my past posts on this particular blog, I can not keep completely in the dark.   I am just one of those inquiring minds, what can I say?  I know things aren’t right and I like to help others see that things aren’t right.  Of course, we knew this time would come, when right would be wrong and wrong would be right, and I think that nail’s been hammered into the ground.  Nobody wins such arguments, and I just don’t find arguing to be a becoming attribute.

Character is important, especially in a day and age where it seems they would prefer copies of specific prototypes, and that is what has compelled me to come back and pick up this blog today, where I left off, almost a year ago.

I have four growing boys who have been drawn in by today’s culture, and I feel just like those Mamas must’ve felt when Elvis hit the scene, only, it seems my horrification is elevated, due to content!  In trying to figure out what is wrong with musicians and actors today, my heart became very burdened for them all.  Especially the young ladies, although, we must remember, the older ladies were once young beauties too, and experienced much of the same trauma that these young ladies are experiencing today, only once again, I believe it has been amplified.

The darkness that has overcome the world has been primped and primed by politics, the music industry and Hollywood.  But the depth and width of darkness within these three branches is so disgustingly deep and wide spread that you would need an inhaler by the end of that rabbit hole, if I dumped it all on you at once.  So, we will take this in small portions, as not to overwhelm you.  However, at anytime you feel this is getting too dark for your sweet, beautiful soul to bare, please, by all means, go back to happier places on the world wide web, because some of those dark places I’ll be shedding some light on, is down-right disturbing, and not for the light-hearted.

Have you noticed a pattern during the past few decades concerning young actresses and musicians?  Well, I have noticed that rare is the one who is able to maintain her dignity and virtue on the hairy road to fame.  On the surface, it would seem like pushing the envelope is all the rage today.  How do I top that last shocker or stunner?  It may even seem to some, a natural path, from childhood to womanhood, the sweet innocent young girl that rebels and acts out as many in life do.  But some never put their clothes back on.  And that is NOT a natural life pattern.

Whatever happened to striving to be classy and charming?  Is a virtuous woman so unappealing these days.  Many men seem to have become so lazy, they’ve given up the chase for some easy, sleazy piece of tail, and then they wonder why they can not find a woman to settle down with.  And the girls leave no mystery to be solved, as their clothing reveals their intentions and their actions follow suit all too quickly…do I sound judgmental?  How about experienced…  I was that desperate young girl.  But thank God, I only traipsed around in short skirts and low cut shirts for a very brief period of time, because I knew I was not living properly and I didn’t even feel comfortable, and I most certainly wasn’t being myself.

How will our little girls know what is appropriate and classy if every woman in their life is showin’ off their “girls” and nearly revealing their “pearls”?  When their very idols are in translucent clothing and rubbing up against other men and women…how will they know that such behavior is not of God?  It is getting harder and harder to protect our children from the horrific, explicit visuals and audial clips, the bad definitely outweighs the good, so much so in fact, that it is near impossible to find wholly wholesome entertainment, without having to weed through so much junk.

So then I put myself in the shoes, imaginarily, of course, of the actresses themselves.  I had an agent with an agenda, and that agenda was to become filthy rich at any cost.  I had a manager with a similar agenda and a producer and a plethora of other leeches encouraging my rebellious ignorance.  For some reason, I wasn’t hearing from or seeing my family and true friends nearly enough, but my manager, agent, and producer kept me so busy on the circuit that I hardly noticed, unless it was in the middle of the night and too late to call…

My manager pointed out that Madonna did similar things, and look where she is now, so if I ever want to get anywhere, I better get with the program and like it or else…I couldn’t believe I actually had to be in the same room with Richardson, much less have to be left alone with him and his camera, he made my skin crawl, but I was told to like worship him and do whatever he said to do, because he’s the most famous photographer (pedophile) in the land, and it was a real honor to have him do the photo shoot for the latest cover of LaDeeDa Magazine.  I mean it’s Richardson and LA-freakin’-DEE-DAH, for goodness sakes, this opportunity doesn’t come to everyone, you know!?

One hit wonders makes a little more sense when you really start thinking about it.  The monsters feed off of the weak.  And that’s just the beginning.  Through out the years, there have been many reports, much speculation, and many great examples of mind control in Hollyweird, politics, as well as in the music industry.  In mind control, the controller abuses their victim in the most horrific ways…ways that I’d rather not discuss, but in order to paint the full picture, in order to show that these ladies may not necessarily be so easily swayed nor in their right minds, I have to at least skirt the issue with a little petticoat junction along the way.

MK Ultra is a CIA-based mind control program that initiated in the early 60’s.  Mind control is also prevalent in cults and Satanism, as well as through the infamous Illuminati, (if true).  True or not, mind control definitely exists today and seems to be very prevalent in the above mentioned trio.  Wilder still, in these allegations concerning Hollywood, is the Disney and now the Nickelodeon connections to mind control programming.  Think Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, MILEY CYRUS!!

And recently I’ve learned about  Ariana Grande, who seems to be well on her own path…I wouldn’t even know who she was, except for the annoying windy voice that I can’t stand on one of the mindless Nickelodeon shows my boys watch, until they told me she was a singer and I made the fatal error of googling her.  She has many of the same markers that are highlighted in all of the possibly mind-controlled musicians, actresses, and models.

If there wasn’t a bigger agenda here somewhere, dark and sinister, then the one-eyed pics, and the triangle hand-signs, t-shirt and stage designs, the animal prints, and black and white patterns would’ve surely died down as a played out fad by now.  There is a dangerous Satanic hold over the idols of this world and so many people are blindly following and copying such trends without knowing the sinister nature of said trends.  Everything is out in the open, but so many eyes are “wide shut”.  That movie right there…ick…but it does expose some of the darker rituals of the upper-crust.  When you sell your soul for fame, who do you think you are really selling it to?  Suddenly anything goes is the nature of the game, and many find themselves helplessly trapped and turn to alcohol, drugs, and self-abuse.

In the CIA, mind control subjects are used as patsies and spies.  By fragmenting and compartmentalizing the subject’s mind, alternate personalities are formed.  Their front personality, or sleeper personality serves as their oblivious front personality, or their true self.  When triggered, through a certain phrase, object or sound (song, etc.), one of their alters is called to the front for duty, without the subject’s knowledge, to carry out whatever orders the controller gives them.

This is factual and can be researched, because the information has been out there for many, many years.  What is speculative, is that there is a degree of this and other dark sex-magic rituals taking place in order to gain and maintain fame today.  I mean, if I didn’t know I was wearing cellophane and dancing around like a stripper, then I wouldn’t feel guilt, and if I didn’t feel guilt, I wouldn’t get depressed, and if I didn’t get depressed, I would be at the top of my game, primed for the next even bolder, possibly sicker stunt…and why is it again, that I cannot see my family and friends??

These young stars, both male and female, are handled by such a tight, small group; and these people do not have these young actors/actresses interests at heart, only their own.  This programming is not even new, as speculated, Marilyn Monroe was one of the first presidential models.  Why do so many stars end up dead of overdoses…and are they really the ones who administered the overdoses, perhaps to finally escape all of the abuse and programming, or worse, were they murdered because they were threatening to come forward with the truth, because somehow, they broke programming?  Again…just speculation, but to me it really makes sense.   The handler is the controller in this scenario; are you beginning to see the connection between Hollywood and mind control yet?

How many good Christian girls have shot off into stardom, and shed their Christian virtues?  Again I think of those one hit wonders, they are the lucky ones.  They were able to escape.  But some weren’t so lucky.

Consider the two Coreys.  I grew up absolutely gaga over Corey Haim.  I just loved his baby face.  It turns out that a lot of slimey pedophiles did too.  Pedophilia is rampant in Hollywood, but everyone is too afraid to admit who the sick culprits are, so the cycle continues, spreading wider and wider with each generation.

Corey Feldman admitted to being molested many times through out his youth and stated firmly that he knew that was the reason his best friend and partner in many films from the 80’s, killed himself only a few years back.  He just couldn’t live in torment any longer.  We know the drugs didn’t help, even though we also can understand the need to escape such horrors.  May his soul rest in peace!

Sexual abuse is one of the methods the darker cults use to fracture minds and split personalities.  All kinds of sick and twisted abuses are used to completely break the poor soul down, and at the same time, the controller/handler creates an unbreakable bond and trust with the subject so that the subject feels like that person is the only one that really cares about them when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth!  All of this deception grows in layers until it finally hits our screens in the form of news, movies, music, et cetera, and this is exactly how the enemy is operating in the world today.

It’s covert and goes unnoticed, it’s completely unbelievable, and it’s corrupting the minds and hearts of good people all over the world.  Only a mastermind could come up with such a sinister plan!  It really looks like the bad guy is winning right now, and it’s only going to get worse.  The dark one and all of his minions, both those who’ve sworn their allegiance to him and those who follow along the same paths, will mindlessly continue to demand rights for all lasciviousness and lewd cravings, and will continue to shove lewd and lascivious images and audials at us until the world is burned anew.
And just as the darkness threatens to choke out the remaining light, Justice will be served!!!

Until then, do everything you can to protect your light, the light in your hearts and homes, in your eyes, in your smiles, in your righteous ways.  Do not do as the world does, do not fall for the trickery of the devil, and do everything in your power to make sure that virtue, dignity and most importantly, faith is the one legacy over wealth or clout or anything else that you leave your children.  Lest the day come that not one man be found on earth with faith!

It’s a shaky balance beam not to go extremist with my family, and throw out the TV’s, game stations, computers and cell phones these days.  Miley Cyrus alone just about did me in, but then God reminded me that she needed a lot of prayer, as do many others headed down similar paths as her.  And why not say a few prayers for their families as well, as we know it must be painful to endure such transformations.  I am not looking forward to my boys’ 20’s…and they are boys!!!  But I’m doing my darnedest to instill values, valor, honor, dignity, and the importance of faith in these harrowing times.  AND IT AIN’T EASY!!!

This is an ugly battle and our best and only true defense is love.


Until next time, Vaya con Dios!!


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