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A Real American Idol – Erecting Moloch

January 8, 2014
So the Satanists want to erect a monument…I say, let them eat cake.
I mean, let’s really expose who’s been directing the moves of our governing bodies for some time now.  Let them have their idol, They will hear from the One True God, in all his displeasure, guaranteed.
What really sickens me about this particular sketch of the vied-for monument to moloch, is the fact that it includes children.  What a slap in the face, adding insult to injury, this ignorant design is to all of the millions of victims of Satanic ritual and sexual abuse…
“Oh yes, let the children come to me, says the devil, so I can steal their souls, destroy their lives and bodies and kill their spirits and chances of freedom.  Let me warp their minds to believe everything God says is just ridiculous stuff of fairytales…and when no one is looking, I will do the most unbelievably offensive things to these innocent treasures, and no one’s going to know, because I will have broken down their souls so much that they will fracture and be so easy to control and keep quiet and ashamed.” – THE DEVIL
THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE!!!  I am not exaggerating or being a smart aleck, I am telling you what is going on behind countless closed doors all over America, but especially in the realm of politics, Hollywood, and the music industry.  Satanic ritual and sexual abuse and control.  It is here, it is now, and it is encompassing the entire country (and the entire world) for every mass ritual we ignore!!
For every preacher afraid to look crazy up on the pulpit, for not exposing the demonic world for what it really is!  For every judge who fails to see “progress” in the right light!  For every musician who sells their soul for the spotlight!  For all of these grand failures and more, our country is going to crumble like a sinkhole to hell!
So of course all of these brainwashed souls want a statue of their own to memorialize the one who has given them so much in the way of worldly success!!  Oh, eat that cake, you sick SOB’s!!  Your day will come!!!
Let’s just play right into ol’ beezelbub’s hands, America, and in the same stroke, let’s further damage the psyche of those countless victims he’s already used up.
One more thing before I shut up about this…
Let’s take a look at the location as well…OKC…ring a bell?  Already a monument of sacrifice to moloch, in the eyes of some conspirators, this is a perfect place to erect such a blatant slap in the face to the many dumbed down Americans as well as the survivors of the bombings and of course, Our Sovereign and True God.
It took a day of near silence for me to collect my thoughts on this and offer it to you for picking apart and chewing on.  I don’t care one way or another if that statue goes up, because the cards are dealt already.  I mean, we know how this story ends, folks!  These things have to happen!
What I do care about is making sure my friends, family and children know the truth behind what has brought us to this point in history and where we are headed and that we need Jesus in our hearts to lead us to that place in paradise!  This ol’ crummy world is just gonna get crummier and crummier in the time being, but there is a power that can keep you from experiencing the loss of love, light and comfort during these times, and that is the power through being a child of God.  Keep your armor on all day, all night, because the battle is waging all around you!Demons are wearing sheep’s clothing.  They look like you, talk like you and walk like you.  They have been sent to steal, kill, and destroy as many weak lambs as they can.  STAND STRONG, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!  OUR HELP IS FOUND IN THE LORD!  SELAH!!
Are the wolves nipping at your heals?  Are you the one Jesus waits to hear from today?  Let Him be Your Fortress!
If you get a chance, open your bibles to Isaiah 59.  His Strong Arm will correct all wrong!  HALLELUJAH!

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