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Mickey and Minnie Will Call You By Name…as I see it

January 25, 2014

Sometimes I do stop and wonder what is wrong with me.  I mean, so many things that appeal to the average American either disgusts or bores me senseless.  Am I broken?  How come I don’t get excited about the Super Bowl, and how come I have no desire to go on a cruise…or how about this one…Why could I care less to ever visit one of Disney’s grand amusement parks?  I must be broken.  How un-American of me!!

Honestly, sports and the sports arenas have never appealed to me as they seem to appeal to the mass populous.  I have always seen the majority of sports as barbaric and a time-sucker.  Maybe it’s because I’m married to my complete opposite and sometimes feel as if I have been robbed of countless hours due to a plethora of televised sports games and news.  Perhaps it’s because the artistic part of my brain consumed the part that is usually delegated for the brutish, organized exertions of sweat and brawn.  I don’t know, I’m just speculating. But this post isn’t about sports, so I’ll move on.

Sure, when I was a little girl, before the world lost it’s glossy innocent façade, I hoped to visit Disneyland or Disney World.  I don’t know a single child with a will strong enough to overcome the constant bombardment of Disney regalia, images, films, products, and the like, to not have at least a slight hope in visiting Mickey and Minnie in their Magical Kingdom. 

Not a week passed, when the Wonderful World of Disney didn’t invite itself into our living room, to enchant us with it’s Magical Kingdom images, as it whisked us away on an adventure with Davy Crockett or off a cliff with the lemmings.  (It turns out, lemmings do not cliff dive, en masse, as a habit…but we were all fooled together by the majesty of gleaming filmographies of people, places, and things not as easily accessible in the pre-technological days of old.)  We were fodder to believe everything Disney and his company wished us to, as Disney, himself, put on such a trusting, grandfatherly façade.  Fairytales can come true, they can happen to you…you know the rest!
Step forward in time to this fast-paced, ever evolving techno-jammed-era that we have found ourselves in.  Entertainment is the way of the day, and I’ve got a very good idea why this is.  Entertainment has always been available as a distraction from the lackluster daily grind we all eventually find ourselves toiling within.  As a business, it banks greatly on our need to escape, just as the multi-sports-mega-complex-conglomerates have.  The more distracted and arrested we are, the less likely we will complain when the fire gets too hot…ya know? (It’s more likely to burn us all alive!!)

Somehow, during my childhood, a healthy emphasis on entertaining thyself, was implemented in my heart and mind, in heavy doses.  Somehow, the need to find entertainment has not been a draw, as I’d rather read or create, than be fool or fodder to whatever entertainment continuously beckons for my attentions.  So when I read about Disney’s RFID bracelet, I had to squawk!!  This bracelet allows all the Disney Characters to know the first name of any child, parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent who bears it, upon entering The Magical Kingdoms.  Oh this raises many a hair and quite a few alarms in me.

In my reading through out the years, in the darker corners of the web, and through putting puzzle pieces together, that had collected, over time, in my mind, some things could not be denied.  For one, truth IS stranger than fiction, and often times, truth is intentionally distorted or completely buried.  I mentioned in a recent blog, that I was going to focus on uncovering the sickness within what I have deemed the unholy trio of politics, the music industry, and Hollywood.  This Disney/RFID story works well within the confines of the unholy trinity.

Many, many stories have eluded to horrors including kidnapping, child rape, child sex trafficking and mind control and just as many have been linked to both Disney theme parks, as well as their ever-expanding film industry.  Though certainly not a popular theory, there is much merit to the intense darkness that shrouds the Disney Mega-Corp.  Is it really a stretch of the imagination when for decades now, Disney has been pumping out damaged sweethearts at a steady rate?

Think Britney, Christina, Lindsey, Miley, just for a few of the latest examples of their distasteful production line.  All of these gals’ wild-child behaviors upon breeching adulthood are chalked of easily enough as teenaged rebellion and coming into their own.  But what I believe, is much more sinister; and whether or not popularly accepted, it is none-the-less just as likely to be true. 

Within the Wonderful World of Disney, you’ll find mind control programming, if you dig deep and consistently enough, that will nearly blow your mind.  I mentioned previously within this blog, that I have been given a great burden to pray for the lives of Miley and the rest of these child-actors.  But I digress, for this is about the RFID bracelets and the park.
Totally OWNED

Don't make me twitter this, Daddy!

Don’t make me twitter this, Daddy!



To be acknowledged by name, by any of the Disney iconic characters is sure to be thrilling to the children.  But children are too innocent to realize the dangers associated with strange men and women in smelly costumes calling them by name, aren’t they?  Parents on the other hand, should be too wise to fall for this dreadful set-up.  Are you beginning to see the picture?  Well, let me be more clear.

We’ve been warned not to label our children’s back packs with their names, to keep strangers from fooling children into dangerous traps.  Though often swept under the rug, many child abductions take place in Disney’s theme parks, yearly.  There have even been reports of sick perversions acted out by costumed Disney employees, which involve lewd and lascivious conduct with children.  All it takes is a few hours of dedicated research for you to come to the same realization.

By allowing your child to don such a bracelet is only encouraging such dangers.  If Goofy were to call your child by name, your child would automatically feel as if Goofy knew them.  As suddenly as you blink your eye, superficial trust is born in the child, to which Goofy, if he’s a sick guy, can later use to his advantage, while your attention is turned to one of the thousands of constant distractions such a park can offer.

This is just bad.  Where are the adults with brains?  No matter how careful we are with our children, bad things can and do happen.  Why set them up?

Pedophilia is rampantly wide-spread in our country today, although the news isn’t informing us to just how serious this matter truly is.  This is, in major part, because of the people involved in pedo-rings and child-sex-trafficking. Sadly, many of the most powerful people in this country(the overwhelming majority of them are also involved in one or more facets of the unholy trinity) are the very ones involved in this disgusting abuse and misuse of America’s children. How many Hollywood stars and producers, and how many politicians over the years have been accused of lewd and lascivious acts of one kind or another? Seriously…think about it.

Remove the blinders and accept the sick truth and protect yourself and your loved ones in every way you can! Education is half the battle!

MATTHEW 18:6  NLT:  But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.

I can’t imagine Jesus waiting much longer to serve Justice to ALL!  There are too many horrors that have been allowed to go on, unchecked, for too long now.  From the Christian Holocaust that is silently taking place in the East and Middle East, to the desecration of innocence, and rampant depravity that is truly ramping up in these last days.  God will not be silenced and He WILL deal justly with all who have damaged and destroyed the hearts and souls of the most innocent…the children.

When the lines of right and wrong are so far skewed that the darkness seems to completely engulf us, CLING TO THE LIGHT, MY FRIENDS!!  Call upon the Lord to be your shelter and stead.

Until Next Time, Vaya con Dios!


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