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That’s Entertainment…Gentlemen’s Entertainment, that is!!

January 28, 2014

Ok, I’ll admit it…even in my late teens and early twenties, I was a big fan of Tipper Gore’s platform to protect children’s eyes and ears from “mature content”. I’ve never matured to the point of appreciating such content, personally, so maybe that’s why the music industry’s continual spiral into hell gets my goat so much! Or maybe it’s because of the verses about adultery found in Matthew.

In Matthew 5:27-28, Jesus says, “You have heard that it is said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at another woman with lust, has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

When I was younger, I was personally convicted to dress in a modest fashion, that would less likely cause men to fall into that particular sin. And I’ll be the first to remind all that I too sin, and fall short of the glory of God, but, I would also like to add that I try hard not to. Chalk it up to a healthy fear of Him as well as eternal gratitude for His never giving up on me. I hunger and thirst for righteousness. This world would starve me, but I’ve got the Bible to satisfy me, THANK YOU JESUS!!

Sunday night, I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, when the boys turned on the Grammys. My kids, particularly my teen boys, think I am insane in my opines concerning present day musicians and their allegiance to Satan. But my boys do not have the background and past examples to glean from, that I have. I was born in the 70’s when women still wore clothing, ankle-length ball gowns, even, when performing on stage and at award shows.

Okay, sure, Tina Turner occasionally shimmied in less clothing than most, as she belted out power ballad after power ballad, but it wasn’t until Madonna really started pushing the bar, that Cher had only tampered with, that things for the ladies in the music industry started slowly going down hill. Now, we find ourselves in the midst of an avalanche of lewd and lascivious behaviors, with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gag-me…oops, I mean Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and the heart-breakingly disappointing Katy Perry, among many others.

These women have all but destroyed music for me. But they didn’t do it alone. Rap is a sound in my house that makes my skin crawl, my very being tremble with righteous anger, and at the same time, it makes my teens extremely pleased to have such a simple weapon in which to taunt me with. My displeasure and disgust with this particular genre, has only seemed to spurn my two elder sons to like that crap all the more. A damn shame! (Excuse the French…there is more to come!)

{the following is to be read in rap-form…my half-hearted attempt)

I am not a voice of reason,
to them, it’s more like treason.
Hatin’ on their mother
Callin’ her a racist mother-plucker
While their brain rots to the beat,
Feeding their minds a horrid treat
How can I win a battle I am loosing now?
Who calls their mama a bitch and a racist cow?

This culture of smut has warped their pea-sized brains
All signs of intelligence, long-gone down the drain
What does this mean for their future?
What does it mean?
This quick evaporation of all my hopes and dreams- for them
They have a thirst for girls and money, not for righteousness
Suddenly the Word of God is only fabled ridiculousness

I need an army of angels from the Lord above
To help me win in this losing battle of a mother’s love
My precious jewels resemble mules, how could this be happening
The flashing signs and rears, these images are maddening
When I first had them all I wanted was the best for them
To raise them under God into extraordinary men
With faith and valor, pride and all the things of God above
It all came from the same place, a place of love

But the world grew teeth and while my back was turn they sunk right in
Took a bite out of my sons’ souls, how can I ever win.
I’ve got my sword and shield, but I see them lay their weapons down
As they get pulled in by another ridiculous clown
And those hos, they need some clothes to put on now now now
Since when’s a leotard acceptable in a crowd crowd crowd
Oh hear my pleas, Jesus, isn’t it time you come down, down, down
Save these precious souls before they drown, drown, drown

Maybe if I rap it, they will understand. I even flavored it with a few bad words, found in most rap songs…but I digress. I know I’m not the only Mama out there experiencing these feelings of hopelessness concerning the grasp that the music of the day has on our precious sons and daughters. And I wish someone like Tipper Gore would re-fasten the lid on all the public displays of lewd and lascivious behavior! Like for real! LIKE NOW!!

Back to the Grammys… (I know, I get side-tracked a lot these days…SUE ME!)

As I was making chicken ranch soup, I nearly lost my stomach as I looked up and saw Beyoncé putting on a basic strip show, while singing of bouncing on wood and surfing all over the big body. I mean really, how many blatantly obvious songs about sex need to be written. Do people even think of anything else anymore? This world is full of wonders, but we are being cheated out of celebrating them as all focus is on the love of self, of money and of sex.

If you listen close enough, almost every song that won an award, promotes one sin or another. You’ve got the lil’ cutie-pie, Kacey Musgraves singing about following your own arrow when the road gets too straight and narrow…very clever lyrics, admittedly, but she’s only encouraging countless teeniboppers down the wide road to hell. But they don’t encourage such a belief. Hell’s on earth, right? I mean, even on Discovery’s EXCELLENT mini-series, the Klondike, the preacher’s script included his admission that there is no hell, but the one we are presently in.

Lorde’s admittedly catchy tune, and clever lyrics unfortunately boil down to wanting her lover to call her Queen Bee, while she rules over him. That’s the “we are all gods” mentality in it’s sweetest form. You have to look no further than Kanye and Jay Z to see more blatant displays of such practices, I mean Kanye even claims he’s Jesus, for Satan’s sake!!! (You see what I did there?) It’s hard to watch a movie or tv show these days where they don’t use my PRECIOUS SAVIOR’S name as a cuss word, for Satan’s sake!

This agenda to knock out God is ramping up, and you have to look no further than the Satanic Ritual and Worship ‘service’ performed by Katy Perry, later on in Sunday night’s Grammys. They even had representation of the Beast, complete with Molech’s horns, on stage as she fluidly grinded around her witch’s broom-styled stripper pole. What class!

Call me old fashioned, but there’s an age limit at strip clubs for a reason. But the music industry is not satisfied with such set bars. They would like you to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of having a strip club in your very own living room! And don’t you just love to watch what the music industry and unholywood does to good little Christian girls and boys.

On the surface, you see sudden bold rejections of their childhood ideals. And believe-you-me, that is a show of success in the Beast’s agenda. What you don’t see are the deals, the pacts, the control, and the abuse that brings a fame-hungry soul to the point of blasphemy. Whether you want to believe that Satanism is prevalent in the music industry, is your choice, but it is true. Mind control programming breaks down and splinters personalities through abuse, and maddening methods that would make most anyone blush.

There are levels of fame, and when one desires to break through the glass ceiling, they find a blood contract on the other side, awaiting their wounded, mislead, trapped souls. My heart really does go out to them, even though their actions make me livid. They are fooled just as you can fool a baby into trusting you with one simple piece of candy.

If you still can’t swallow the Satanic influence, and their whole, “I am a god unto myself” status, dig further. Recall Madonna and Bey’s super bowl performances. Or Nikki Ménage (a trois)’s Satanic Ritual performance from last year’s Grammys. I hate to say this, but events like the Super Bowls and the Grammys are not much more than big ol’ Satanic Worship Services, these days.

I’d throw out the boob-tube, but as a major minority here, I would be the next to get the boot. And to be quite perfectly honest with you, some days, that doesn’t seem like a bad option. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to stuff down the urge to run away! Truth. When I read Jesus’ encouragement to leave your family and all your possessions behind, to follow Him, believe me when I say, it’s a temptation stronger than chocolate!

In my own house, I take solace in Jesus’ words. Sometimes my kids do seem to hate me because of Him. Because I am constantly on edge with the constant bombardment of sounds and images that go against the very Spirit that resides within me, I am constantly trying to watch my words and steps around here. It sucks. Being one who loves to love, who loves to make people smile and laugh, who loves all the good qualities in humans, I find myself resembling either a beast or a wounded puppy, depending on the day. This battle is so wearing on my soul. It’s a battle for my children’s souls, and the world is a mighty opponent. Jesus is my strength and guide through these rough times. I don’t know what I would do with out the Solid Rock on which I stand…ok…I am not always able to stand…

I know I beat this horse to death, but I will not stand silent while so much is so wrong. Today, I write solely from a place of pain, frustration and displeasure. If I keep quiet though, one might think I’m okay with the ways of the day. I am not. And I will cling to the Truth, that is, The Holy, Unshakable Word of God to guide me, all the days of my life.

And when the day finally comes that we, as Christians, face the same fate as the Jews in WWII, or worse, I will be ready, for I’ve stored the word in my heart. And I refuse to be swayed. Nothing on this earth has ever given me a fracture of pleasure that the Lord has given me. THIS IS TRUTH!

I hope you have found the Solid Rock on this shaky ground of shifting sands, for it will be our only comfort, as the harrowing times continue marching forward, with building strength.

As the next generation is born, they will be so out of touch with the way things should be, that they will never understand my issues with these things. That just breaks my heart. Is it breaking yours? I welcome your comments and would love to see a conversation take place here.


Until next time, Vaya con Dios


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  1. Martha Sparks permalink

    good stuff – hang in there!!!!!!!

    • Thank you. And I will. Even though tempted, I’m not going to run away…this week, anyways! 😉

  2. Jessica F. permalink

    While I agree with some of what you’re saying here, you might want to listen to the whole song ‘Royals’ instead of just taking that one line out of context, because that’s not what that song is about at all.

    • I like the song. I imagine her being from Christchurch, or some other earth-quake-shaken town in New Zealand. I really like all the lyrics, and the throwback doo-wop, sort of feel to it. But I also like her real name, Ella. I don’t know why she would call her self Lorde and include the desire to rule over, even only a lover, in the break-through choice of song, unless, of course, she is either trying to be controversial in her own special way, or playing into the agenda within the present industry, of self-worship, or what.

      Again, I truly do love this song and dig the major-majority of the song, it’s the connotations in the repetitiveness of the “baby, I’ll rule” that spurned me to include it among the other suspects.

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