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February 19, 2014

The following is a public service announcement from one parent to another.

Please remember to enforce the buddy system with your children. If you cannot be there to keep an eye on them, as they play in the neighborhood or run the streets, be sure they are NEVER alone.

If you haven’t noticed, kidnappings are on the rise. Most kidnappings are linked to pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, and child-sex-ring crimes. Because our country, on a whole, turned a blind eye in the 80’s and 90’s, claiming victims were relaying “false memories”, further victimizing the victims of such abuse, the practices have ever-widened in the darkness.

Fast Forward two decades and we have a giant web encompassing our country. Combine that with demonic possession, and filthy hands in the highest positions and one thing can be gleaned. OUR KIDS ARE NOT SAFE UNLESS THEY ARE SAFE WITH US!!!

Look into Boy’s Town, if you have a hard time believing that several politicians, and others in official positions, intended to keep us safe, are actually depraved pedophiles. Look into the story of Johnny Gosch, the paperboy from Iowa, who was kidnapped in 1982, as he started out on his early morning paper route. It happened to be the first time his parents allowed him to go at it alone…and he never returned.

There are reports that link Johnny to a man named Jeff Gannon, who carried a White House press pass for a time, after advertising himself as a male chauffer, online. He has been contacted by Gosch’s mother, who desires a DNA sample. He refuses.

Speculatively, Johnny Gosch changed his name to Jeff Gannon, after years of being used by many different people. His mother has pictures of him, bound and gagged, in filthy conditions that he was held in during his years as a hostage…but somewhere along the way, possibly through mind control techniques, Jeff Gannon was born. It’s a shame this man will not sate his mother’s (yes, I believe Jeff to be Johnny) wishes to confirm, one way or another if Jeff is indeed her missing son. She continues to be an advocate for missing children and involved in investigations throughout the country, now for 32 years.

Teach your children not to trust anyone…including police officers. I know this seems extreme, but there have been several cases involving police officers making pick-ups and drop-offs of child victims. Johnny Gosch, himself, was found in conversation with a police officer the night before his kidnapping. It could be mere coincidence, but it raised a red flag. Not all police officers are guilty. Many deserve our trust, as they serve with dignity and honor. However, corruption is everywhere and money talks louder than conscience, more often these days than not.

Our children are the future. They need protection at all times, for the predators have increased in number and desire! Be vigilant in your home. There’s safety in numbers. Sometimes even two will be kidnapped by the brazen, heartless, sick criminals. So teach your children to always be found with 1 or more friend, and remember the following, that we too were taught:

-Never talk to strangers.

-Never take candy or any other gifts, money or animals from strangers.

-Never get in a car or go into a home or building of any kind with a stranger…”I don’t care what they tell you…RUN!!”


-DRESS APPROPRIATELY! Mothers and Fathers…cover your princesses up properly. Do well to shop hard for nice clothing that does not resemble modern “pop princesses”. When they raise their arms, their belly should remain covered. When they bend over, you should not be able to see down the shirt. If she wears tights, combine it with a shirt that covers her derriere. Skirts should be combined with shorts beneath, because 1.) they manufacture skirts too short these days, and 2.) Girls like to do cartwheels! If they aren’t taught what is responsible and what is shameful, then they will go their own way when older, and you will be found constantly scraping your jaw up off the floor!

Do not think that just ONE TALK with your daughter/son will sink in or be enough to help form their conscience on such matters. Hammer it home, and often, that there really are monsters out there, and that they look just like you and me!!!

-If a stranger: A.) Asks for your help, B.) Tells you to get in the car, C.) Offers you candy or a puppy or a necklace or anything else, Run screaming in the opposite direction.

Teach them about appropriate touching…in other words, NO ONE TOUCHES YOU ABOVE THE WAIST OR BELOW THE BELT, unless I am with you, we are at the doctor’s or Mom or Dad are giving you a bath.

The only way we can do anything at this point is through preventative measures and taking extreme cautions. Our children deserve safety, happiness, and good health. As parents, there is no one aside from us that can guarantee such outcomes, except through extreme dedication and vigilance. It’s a SICK world out there!

This message was brought on through my own studies, but mostly the NOTED INCREASE in missing children reports being posted on facebook, daily. If you have any advice to add, for the benefit of young parents, please do so in the comment section below.

We live in a world that no longer cares about protecting innocence and innocents. It is up to us to be ever diligent and vigilant in our protection. They ARE the FUTURE!


Edited to add:

I will also add that we have to teach our children that it is VERY IMPORTANT to call and check with us before they take a ride “home” from anyone, even friends and neighbors…even teachers, preachers and scout leaders. They need to understand that under no circumstances are they just to get in the car with someone because that person has offered, or even worse, told them that, “Your Mom wanted me to pick you up.” Or “Your Dad said it was alright for you to ride home with me/us,” as predators will use their own children, at times, as did Ariel Castro, the man who had three women chained for years in his basement in Cleveland, Ohio.

This stuff is going on down the street from you. It truly is everywhere. The man who lived across the street from my old home, where we recently moved from, was a convicted pedophile and may or may not have been grooming my boys, before I found out about his record.

THANKFULLY, I had taught them the buddy system early on, and they did yard work for him in pairs. Our swift move, was in part, because I could no longer handle my nerves being shot 24/7 from being constantly on edge. I had all but stopped sleeping, due to the dangers that had begun to be very evident in my neighborhood at the time. (We constantly dealt with theft as well).

It took 2 1/2 years from the time pedophile moved in for me to be notified of his past crimes…and that was through cleaning out my spam email folder. I felt as if the system had failed me and my PRECIOUS boys.

You have to be the police of your home, your children, and your heart.

Knowing God is priceless in times like these. He will give you warning and measure. He will protect you like no other. He’s the only one you can truly trust at the end of the day.


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    Thank you for your readership!

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