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Taking Time to Stop and Smell the Roses…or Bluebonnets and Dogwoods

March 27, 2014

This first week of Spring has called forth a lovely assortment of flowering fields and trees.  I thought I’d share a few pictures from our land and down the county roads.  Enjoy!

In the right conditions, these flox that grow in thick patches of the prairies and valleys of Central Texas, can produce an optical effect like no other flower I know.  They pop almost fluorescent on cloudy days.  Seen here with invasive, but beautiful sweet peas, these flowers usher in a season of constant bloom.


I have an expectancy date for bluebonnets, based on my firstborn’s birthday.  He was born March 3rd, and Texas was born March 2nd, with the battle of the Alamo ending March 6th, so I fully expect to start seeing bluebonnets, our beautiful state flower, anywhere from the 2nd to the 6th.  Due to the lengthy, bitter and un-Texas-like winter we experienced, the bluebonnets waited a bit longer than usual to pop forth with their stately burst of royal blue.  This is one of our 3 (so far) bluebonnets.  We would have more if the chickens weren’t free-range bluebonnet-peckers!  They scratch up the seed and existing plants, because apparently, they are nom-nom!  (Kind of like our broccoli!)


You can’t have a bluebonnet without spotting an Indian Paintbrush nearby.  Before I became an avid nature-photog, I never really admired the Paintbrush from this “aerial” view.  But as I hovered over this solitary beauty, contemplating angles, I was taken aback by the even more beautiful top-side view of this timeless Texas treasure and shocking orange mate to the bluebonnet.  Doesn’t it look like a happy rose.  It makes me think of one word…FIESTA!!!

I am SO excited that we have this small dogwood tree right outside our front door.  It is not alone.  There are at least four more in front of the house with one more along the drive.  They are all very young and Mama said they have never bloomed before, so I feel super-blessed with these beautiful gifts to nourish my eyes every morning as I begin my rounds.  This land used to be chalk-full of dogwoods, but re-occurring droughts coupled with age took out the old! Thankfully, and rather covertly, it seems, new life has sprung forth!  Hallelujah!

Is there anything sweeter than the smell of wild jasmine?  No, I didn’t think so!


With a rather creepy name, Spiderworts are low-lying delicate pops of deep purple that grow in fields and are actually an invasive weed.  A lovely, invasive weed.  Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…sometimes pretty doesn’t equal good!


I thought I’d throw in a couple of my Mama’s treasures: a variation of Baby’s Breath and Peach something or other.  I can’t remember the name, because the Peach part always throws me off!  You can take a cutting of this bush and stick it right in the ground and it will start to root.  Isn’t nature awesome?!


And of course I can’t leave out our garden delights.  With the few warm days we’ve had, the turnip greens and the rocket arugula have burst forth in bloom, and since they are so pretty, I had to include them in this little Early Spring Bouquet!

This stately dogwood caused me to stop the car.  Too bad the lighting wasn’t conducive to my stop.  It’s blooming faster than our babies.

Here the grand beauty is again at a slightly different angle.  Gray days are best for flower pics.  As you can see, on this day, there was nary a cloud in the sky.

Springtime in Texas is literally breath-taking and the perfect prescription for the wintertime blues.  I hope you enjoyed a little walk through the Brazos Valley.  Come back again anytime!




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