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A Cuppa Truth

March 31, 2014

I realize that my online persona is perhaps my cheeriest at times, but you may not!  I do try to keep possession of the Joy of the Lord, but my life is not always conducive to retaining and maintaining said joy.  Some days are plain crummy, for the dogs, for the birds, but not for me.  I’ll try to hold on to God and experience at least short and sweet moments of delight on those days, but that joy is soon disintegrated by various aspects of mi vida loca .


I have four boys, two teens, and two tweens with one tween about to lose the w in a matter of months.  He’s already a member of the teen anarchists who tromp around growling, yelling, tearing things and each other up, more hours than not.  I have a husband who works very hard, but is away every other 7 days and is tired most of the time he is home.  I live next door to a man, my father, who is the most driven human I’ve ever known, and a woman, my mother, who is the neatest (cleanest), most godly human I know, and then there’s me, a human who mostly resembles a frazzled mess!!  Sometimes I feel like I can’t win for losing.  One camp will be happy and the other be mad, or vice versa.  Or someone might break something (old and) valuable.  Or someone might not do something right or they may just not do it at all.  And I, Mama/Daughter/Wife catch all the heat.

Our worlds changed completely when we moved here, and some habits/routines (or lack there of) are hard to change.  As much as I saw moving here as a grand opportunity for the boys to grow and learn and be safe in this crazy world, I also have been known to be a dreamer.  I mean, the excitement died down pretty quick once the boys realized that this was a working farm, which requires work. (DUH) And well, my overly-driven father had big dreams that I shared (because I’m a dreamer!!), but there are few that have hopped on board the dream boat and I feel like I’m beneath it, under water, sometimes, trying to keep it afloat.

There have been strains in relationships that didn’t need strain and challenges that had no good answer.  So a friend of mine suggested a book for me to read that she thought might offer me a new perspective, especially concerning relationships.  Last night, I said a little prayer, kind of like this.  “Okay God, this can only help.  Open my heart and my eyes to receive and open my soul and body to act on anything prosperous to our situation that I can glean from this study.”  And then I began reading.  At one point, the main character, who knows strain very well, cried out to the Lord, something like this, ‘If You really love me as much as you say you do, show me.”  I decided to give the prayer a shot for myself.

Well, this morning, on a whim, I went to craigslist’s free stuff section.  I really wasn’t looking for anything, I just thought I might find something to help with one of the areas on the farm.  But what I saw got me giddy.  Prematurely giddy, but giddy, none the less.  In a town 45 minutes away, a man had to abandon an upright piano in a storage building.  He said it was free to anyone who would come and get it.  In a crazy act of faith, I messaged him saying that I could come get it in the evening.  THEN, I messaged Dad and asked if I could borrow his truck. (Backwards, I know!)   And then I went to clear the garden of the now-blooming turnip greens.

Things went from super lovely to super bad out of nowhere and I all but forgot about the piano.  I will spare you the details, but the situation left me in tears and feeling even less love than anyone cares to.  I consoled myself with a cup of coffee and got online and there was the craigslist ad.  So I checked my email.  Nothing.  I went back to clearing turnips.

After about 30 minutes, I went back in, and I had two emails.  One from the man with the piano saying that 4 others had contacted him, but none of the others could make it there until later in the week, and one from my Dad, who, surprisingly not only said yes, I could borrow his truck, but that I needed to go pick the piano up immediately!  He was right.  I messaged the man and kindly asked him to remove the ad, that I would be on the road to pick it up, in no time flat!

What a bi-polar day it was turning out to be!!  Back on cloud nine, I made myself proud, as I backed up to hitch the trailer right the very first time (I was a trailer-hitching virgin until today).  This gave me a boost of confidence and really helped further change my expectations for the rest of the day.  I prayed aloud with my husband driving, and my two youngest sons behind me, thanking God for the piano…but it still hadn’t hit me, the full weight of this blessing.  I was just praising Him because of the piano opportunity at that point and asking for safe travels.

When we got to the town, the bing directions got us a bit turned around.  We got to see the lovely historic college though, and as my husband was driving so carefully and slow, pulling the trailer behind, I just said, hey, we’re here, let’s just enjoy it as it is.  I mean, we wouldn’t have gotten to see the beautiful school had we made the right turn!

When we finally found the storage building, the piano was waiting for us right where it should be, much to our relief.  The first thing I noticed about it was the sticker on back.  It said, “God Listens”.  That’s when it hit me.  This was His expedient display of UNMATCHABLE LOVE, as requested, as per last night’s prayer.  I tell you, I melted in the heat of His Glory!  He never ceases to blow my mind with His mysterious and perfect ways!  You see, only a Father who deeply and personally loved His daughter would know how much and how long I’ve longed for a piano.


When I was in high school, my parents were given a very old upright from a church sale.  The piano didn’t sale, but had to be removed, so we went and got it and put it under the stairs in our living room.  It was so very out of tune, but I played it as often as I had a whim to do so.  I wrote my high school class’ senior song on that piano.  Then I moved away to go to college and when I returned home, the piano was gone.  There was a slight tear in my soul that day.  I have wanted my own piano ever since (20 years).

Our Heavenly Father, and His Only Begotten Son have so much love in store for you too.  Just ask and you shall receive.

My husband drove even more carefully on the way home and our piano made it in one piece and barely, I mean barely out of tune.  All I need is to get the tuner tool and I should be able to tweak the strings when the day comes.  If I had driven it home, the piano would’ve been in pieces with strings popped everywhere.  I was so glad he was home this week and willing to help.  He has skills I must admit that I have yet mastered and patience is just one of them!

The most beautiful thing to happen so far, was that upon returning home from switching vehicles with my Dad, my boys and their awesome Dad had already set the piano up in our home and my eldest son was jamming on it.  I mean real, powerful music was coming from those ivory keys, resonating so perfectly from it’s wooden shell.  Made a broken-heart heal a bit, I do believe.

I wanted to share my truth for the day with you.  God does love you.  I hope you have had many opportunities to experience the richness and purity of His Love.  If not, I encourage you to find a bible and open it up to the new testament and find Romans.  If you will allow your heart to open up and receive the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of chapter 8, you can then ask Jesus to live in your heart and show YOU His perfect, unmatched Love.  I promise you that it will be the beginning of the most beautiful relationship you can ever have with another!

May God Bless You And Keep You


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