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I Saved a Sea Turtle’s Life

May 14, 2014

During my Mama’s and my Great Mother’s Day Getaway Weekend to the coast, we were blessed to be able to bless a turtle. Check out the pictures and stories by clicking on the title of this post found on my second blog, KickinChickenGardenPickin! ❤

Kickin' Chicken Garden Pickin'

This past Monday morning, as I was combing the beach for treasures one last time before heading home, I thought I spotted something worth investigating further, in the deep piles of Sargasso seaweed. It was only a shoe with barnacles on it, unfortunately, there were many such shoes up and down Surfside Beach this weekend, but I’ll get to that later.

As I began wandering back to the sand, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, something white…did it just move?

buried and exhausted buried and exhausted

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is that a turtle? Oh my gosh, it’s alive. I screamed over the winds, for my mother, who was picking up trash and treasure along the dunes. “Mom, hurry up, come here, I’ve found a turtle!!”

She arrived and with her poking stick, I carefully removed the seaweed to expose it’s white shiny belly. I just could not believe…

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