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Five Reasons I Should Not Be Here Today, Five Interventions of Grace

May 29, 2014

I can think of at least 5 times that I should’ve died.

The first time, I have no memory of, as I was just a baby, an only child, before my siblings came to share my awesome parents with me. The way Mama and Daddy tell it, we were in a little car, me in a basket, freely sliding around, as there were no car seats or seat belt laws back then, when we suddenly got sucked under an 18-wheeler. I can only imagine how Mama must’ve felt, as Daddy tried to figure out how he was going to get us out of that frightening predicament…but he did, and I’m here to tell the tale.

The second time, I also barely recall, and also involved an 18-wheeler. 18-wheelers were apparently my arch nemesis. This time, as I stepped off the bus, as a young child, between the ages of five and eight, with at least 50 yards to travel from the drive off of Hwy 69, to my parent’s humble little plumbing company’s office. Mama explains that the truck driver, who never slowed down, should’ve hit me. She says that there was no way she could get to me in time, and she felt helpless as she saw the truck careening for me. Another miraculous escape. The only thing I can remember is my panicked Mama’s face, as she quickly ran towards me, and her wet cheeks, as she held me tight, cold and damp from her fearful tears that streamed down her face.  I could feel her fear, relief and her deep love that radiated from beneath her heaving bosom.  I was a loved child.  Thank you, Jesus, THANK YOU!

The third time I stared death in the face, I was being babysat by a boy who was barely older than me. A devilishly handsome boy, that I wanted so badly to please…I was pathetic like that…still am. At some point, he’d had enough of my gabby ways and went and got his daddy’s gun. He pulled it down from it’s case that sat in their ceiling to floor bookshelf, and aimed the shiny handgun at me, from a mere foot away, max. He told me that if I said one more word, he would kill me. I WAS SO SCARED, and I tried to stifle my tears and quieten my sobs as I sat there with the gun aimed right at me. I never told my mama, because Clint said he’d shoot my parents if I squealed.  It was just this past year, 30 years later, that I finally told her.  She was horrified. 

The fourth time, I was driving in Round Rock, Texas, and took to the turning lane, and at the same time, yet another 18-wheeler tried to take the lane from the oncoming side, as if he never even saw my little blue Geo. It was truly by grace that I was able to veer into the oncoming traffic, just in time to miss being plowed down, with my friend, Rachael, who was visiting from Louisiana at the time. I have never been able to explain how we survived that near miss.  Maybe Carrie Underwood hit on it.  Jesus took the wheel.  When I hear that song, I think of this heart-stopping moment in my life.  And I thank Jesus, for His wondrous grace!

The fifth time I could have died, I was not where I said I would be. I told my mama that I was going to spend the night with a friend. That friend, in turn, told her mama that she was staying with me. We then went camping at Ink’s Lake, where we planned to free-climb. No ropes, no harnesses, just our shoes and our guts. Young and dumb, I think that’s a good description of the motivation behind our sneaky little trip…oh and it had some ingredient added by way of women’s lib.


Well, Sandra climbed the face of a rock near devil’s hole. I spotted her from below, never thinking that I would actually have to catch her, if she fell. But fall, she did. And I was there. And I did catch her. Mostly with my face and neck. It’s truly a wonder my neck didn’t snap, and I have severe neck problems to this day, that I attribute to that catch.  Had I not been there to catch her, she would’ve surely died. I was straddling a water way, and she would’ve come down and probably fallen in such a way that her head would’ve cracked between the rocks on which I stood. I was glad we both walked out of that alive, I only had a broken nose to show for it, and I told my Mama that I got kicked by one of Sandra’s horses.  Such a little liar, I was.  God forgave me.  Thank God for His forgiveness.  Everyday is new, thanks to His Great Goodness.

There was one more incident, where I had a gun held to my head, this time, the jerk actually cocked the pistol, he was having so much drunken fun.  I was hanging out with my friend and her spouse, at the time, in their room. Out of the blue, for no reason except that he is a very warped individual, who is now behind bars, this idiot pulls out his Smith and Wesson, pulls back the hammer (okay, forgive me, I am no good with gun terminology), and held it to my head and said, “I could kill you, right now.  I have that power.”  I believe I was gushing about my Heavenly Father at the time.  But I digress.  My friend yelled at him to stop messing with me.  She still says he would’ve never shot me, but I can’t say that I agree.  My life felt very threatened at that moment.  VERY THREATENED.  The creep is behind bars, most likely for life, and my friend finally met the man for her, and they are happily married.  But I saw the devil in her ex’s eyes on several occasions.  I believe in all of these instances, powerful forces were at work, on both sides.  

I believe that in all of these moments, there was divine intervention. I shouldn’t be here. I should be 6 feet under. When I came upon that realization, I realized how fragile life is, and that it’s a gift that we should never take for granted. I’ve never had much money, but I’ve still enjoyed quite an adventurous life, even if mostly limited by the Texas borders. I thank God for allowing me to escape death, for allowing me to experience being a wife and a mother and an aunt. Praise God that He ALWAYS wins!  We have Victory, victory, VICTORY in Jesus, Hallelujah! 

Trust God with your life. His angels will intervene on your behalf. I could fill up another post with the ways I’ve SEEN God’s angels intervene in the lives of my boys. He is so good. What keeps you from Him? Why do you wait? Life is fragile, here today, gone tomorrow…but there’s a greater life in Heaven who awaits those who call upon His name. Call on Jesus today, and begin your great adventure!


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