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These Children are Not Safe Here

June 26, 2014

I’ve been trying not to watch.  It’s like a bad train wreck, only the train isn’t wrecking, it’s trekking down the tracks from south of the border northwards, packing thousands upon thousands of new immigrants, every round.

God bless those sweet children, innocent of this desperate move on their parental authorities’ part.  And God bless those parents, for trying to give them a better life than they would apparently have, otherwise. 

But surely, between the US and Honduras, there were better places to inhabit and start fresh, TOGETHER, rather than dumping their children into a crooked, broken system, like tossing chum to the sharks.  Oh, yes, my analogies are oft gruesome and extreme.  If you had taken the same journey that I’ve been on, perhaps, you’d be more akin to agree. 

Truth be known, even though my imaginings are dark, I am praying that God make a way for these children in this mass exodus, and that missionary groups, community groups, and philanthropists will step up to bat, because this is no less of a disaster than Katrina or Ike or Sandy… Instead of wailing over the problem, the most obvious solution would be to pull together for the sake of the children.

Their parents aren’t here.  Are you kidding?  These children are in between a rock and a hard place, and I pray with all my heart and might, that Jesus supernaturally protects them for all the snakes that turn up in the system that these children will likely find themselves in.  This is an odd and twisted move on part of our government.  There have been orders placed for ushers, to help move these children to and fro, for 6 months.  This was foreseen, in the least.  Was it planned? 

Oh Father God, give us clarity concerning this development.  If there is a way for us to save those children from such despair, Father, guide our steps on their behalf.  Protect them, hearts, minds, souls, bodies.  Do not let any harm come unto them.  For Thine is the Power and the Mercy and the Honor and the Glory, Forever, and I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, and I know I have been heard, and I thank You, Father God, Oh Mighty King, Forever and Ever Amen.

If you feel so moved, please join me in the above prayer.  I believe in the power of prayer over darkness.  I believe America’s last leg is fractured, and she will no longer stand, unless we UNITE and RISE UP together, in the name of the ONE TRUE GOD, and we PRAY for answers on what GOD wants us to be doing…He will guide us, if we come back to Him.  If we do not prostrate ourselves before Him NOW, then…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…and that’s putting it mildly.  God’s hand, completely lifted from over our country…you really don’t want to know His wrath.

May God help you come back to life through His fullness, today.  We are all sinners…we all need a savior.  Is Jesus knocking at your heart’s door right now?


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