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Friends, What Friends?

August 19, 2014

Some people never see beyond their county line.  Some never leave their home state.  And many more never leave their home country.  I have done all three, counting a few brief trips across the border, into Mexico, when I was younger (DON’T DRINK THE WATER!).  I don’t know who’s luckier, the person who lives their entire lives within the same community, or the ones like me, who have moved around all of their lives. 

Indeed, I am blessed to know many people from many places, and have been privileged to make a handful of truly precious friends, due to those moves; yet, where I consider one to be a sweet friend, that sweet friend might actually consider me to be that weird girl that moved away, who’s now on facebook and thinks she knows me…

Thus is the conundrum of the modern age.  Once upon a time, when you made a friend, you knew for sure, in your heart, that they were a true pal.  But now, we all just kind of assume, don’t we?  At least I know I do.  My facebook friend list is made up of people who have somehow won their way into my heart, be it during elementary school, 32 years ago, to my brief stint in college.  For some reason, even though I moved away from so many little towns and big cities, I maintained the delusion that because I remembered these people, and considered them awesome in some respect, that they would always remember me. 

No one will argue that I am a bit of a dreamer and a softie, and well, I had one brutally honest friend tell me I was needy, way back when.  Fortunately for me, Jesus now fills that hole…I need for nothing…well okay, so maybe I still need a little attention every now and then.  I can’t help it.  I grew up with my sweet Nana calling me a princess, and doting over my talents…I thought I would be somebody of notoriety by now…don’t we all!  And that leads me back to friends of old, silver and gold, and well…fiat friends, haha!   

Those friends that would never be there for you, because they were never really there to begin with, are the fiat friends.  Not even worth their weight in pennies.  These are trying times.  Unstable even.  While the enemy has his hay-day, ripping friends and families apart in a multitude of ways, we need to keep our eyes open.  We need to remember our families come first.  We need to remember that friends are often like a frozen pond.  They begin to crack when the weight hits.  And well, they won’t be there to hold you up for long…most friends, that is.

But there is ONE FRIEND who is ready and waiting to relieve you of the weight you’ve been carrying.  He wants to lift the weight off of your shoulders, and mend your very soul.  In my life, friends come and go.  Some never were friends, a one-sided kinship, I suppose. 

I love everyone, it’s a strength and weakness…but my love is not even pure.  It’s fickle at times, it lashes out as anger sometimes…it hides in the dark sometimes, afraid to exercise it’s freedoms…sad. 


There is a Love I’ve known, so rich, so pure, so delicate and perfectly comforting…so tangible, that it’s truly unearthly in origin.  It comes from a place of perfection.  It comes from someone who has known rejection, verbal abuse, physical abuse, torture, and arduous labor…This man literally gave his life, as payment for all of our wrongdoings.  But see, that one expression of Love was only the beginning!!

After he died, He miraculously rose from the grave, to be our guide on this plane.  Jesus is the source of all your needs.  He will shower you with a healing love that nobody here on earth can give.  He will give you hope and new life, He will make a path for you, and will make your troubles light.  He truly is the best friend you could ever want, and no matter where life leads you, He will never leave you. 

I have enjoyed a very long, continually growing, expanding and deepening relationship with my Heavenly Brother for so many years.  When the world beat me down, or we found ourselves having to move again and make new friends, I trusted in Him to lead me to good friends.  A few times, I have literally prayed for friends He wanted me to have, and He delivered truly amazing friends for those seasons.

It is my prayer this evening, that you would consider asking Jesus to be your friend too. 

Maybe you are a Christian, but never have taken the first steps of developing a true relationship with our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Our Father God watches over us. 

If we ask, Jesus will lead us. 

And the Holy Spirit will speak through us, and give us discernment…and the Holy Spirit will also speak through others to you. 

I want to encourage you while in prayer, just to talk to Jesus like you would a friend on the phone.  People say silly things like, “His prayer hotline is always open.”  But wouldn’t you rather someone get to know you and talk to you in polite conversation, than to just rattle off their needs to you?  Would you enjoy a friend that only called you when in a bind, or would you prefer one that just called to say hi, or to show gratefulness?

“Please this, Please that, please, please, please…”

How about, “Hey God, spectacular sunset, dude!  I just love all the things you made for us, to provide our every need!  Thanks for that!” 

When you really let your hair down and get real with God, you might be surprised to find Him getting real with you.  So, while in prayer, be sure to ask for His Holy Spirit’s help in discerning things that come straight from Him to you.  He’s a Loving Father!  Are you still waiting out in the orphanage???  He’s waiting for you!  He’s calling your name!  Feel your heart stirring, that’s the Holy Flame!  Ask Jesus into your heart, today!  You don’t have to be alone.

Until Next Time…


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