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Something Mama Said

September 5, 2014


I have some personality flaws…imagine that!  There are things about my reactions, reasoning, and judgment, that have been called into question in the past by others, which have allowed me to better recognize them in myself.  I am impatient with progress.  I think everyone should be where I am, to some degree…that everyone should be able to comprehend how I see the world, because they should be able to see it the very same way.  But I have just been fooling myself and selling others short in the process.

Mama said that no one will EVER be where I am. 

Those few words really opened my eyes to the err of my ways…at least to some extent.  It took me back to perception and a grand discussion I had with a long-time friend, a little over a year ago.  I don’t know about you, but when I consider perception, I always start with the line, that becomes a period, that morphs into a cube, with just the movement of your vision.   So I am not sure if I see the period or the cube or just some angle of it, and really what that means is we can all be right and all be wrong at the exact same time.  We are wrong to each other and right to ourselves, so we begin to find others who see like us, the specific angle, or point of view.  We may even mock those who only see a period when we see a tetrahedron, or vice versa.  I know I’ve stared at a few periods in my life, and scratched my head.  Take Twitter, for example.  I can’t even express myself fully in one sentence.  And “following” Twittering Twits…well, I have been raised up and through time and practice, I’ve resolved to only follow One.  But not everyone has experienced Jesus in the multiple ways I have.

This is another point of view that is at times more of a road block, than a clear path.  When you even mention Jesus, there is always that one guy or gal that has an allergic-like reaction and throws a wrench in the system with their auto-response.  I have wondered if they ever second guess the quickness of their ammo, and why they use it with such vigor.  And then there’s GI Joe-Christian, that comes in, insults and swords swinging, and I wonder, “Do they really think they are helping?  Have they considered how Jesus would respond?”  No…we all have these hot button issues that trigger immediate responses that are neither well thought out, or something to be proud of.

So basically, what I’m saying, is we all have issues.  My main issue right now is trying to keep the balance between what I know in my heart as truth, and making room in my life for others to have a completely different truth…because I’m convinced that everything is either black or white and the gray is that fine line you shouldn’t cross.  I’m convinced that Jesus died on the cross for all of us, and that His forgiveness is for everyone.

I have asked forgiveness for my “depth perception” issues.  I am asking Him to correct this flaw within me so that I can be more effective in His Kingdom work.  But I know He can work through anyone and speak through a jackass if needed…so I say, Here I am Lord, your little jackass, and I know I am so far from perfect that it is sometimes scary, but if you see it fit to use me, Lord, I’m willing. 

Because I drive myself crazy sometimes with my “foot in the mouth” moments, I know for sure that I’m not easy to live with.  Especially when I’m so unrealistic in my expectations and standards, in this day and age.  I’m looking for some sort of common ground with my boys and it’s like they are from a different planet, not just a different era.  I mean, I was watching E! coverage today, as we’ve lost an iconic, hilarious, and brutally honest comedienne and entertainer, and the anchors were talking about being born in the 80’s.  I suddenly felt ancient.   That generation was born into a world that was slowly being introduced to me and those older than me.

I was born before cable and audio tapes and VCRs, CDs, DVDs, home computer systems, cell phones and all the other modern conTRAPtions that the 80’s, 90’s, and Oh-O babies (haha) were born into.  It really was a different planet back then, I don’t care what perception you are coming from!  I have never cared for change either, and when I was old enough and able enough, I began to bring things back around full circle in many ways, of what I enjoyed of my own childhood, so that my boys could enjoy a better quality of life…at least to my perception of things.

my childhood home

my childhood home


 I was born and raised in the country, so I brought my four boys to the country to hopefully enrich their lives.  It may be years down the line before the results are trustworthy, on this little life experiment of mine, but I’m trusting wholly in God, because I’ve long-since realized that I can’t trust in myself.  I’m a little unstable at times, haha!  Perhaps that’s how I’ve come to know God as such a trustworthy anchor!!

My boys took a while to warm up to farm life.  From their perspective, I’m all about torturing them and making their lives miserable, when of course nothing is further from the truth.  The truth is that I have their best interests at heart and only time will tell if I’ve done right by them.  I try to do right by everyone.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and I try to give many chances.  But I’m going to try even harder.  I’m going to love people where they are and not worry so much about where I personally think they should be, because I’ve been wrong before and I’m in no place to be able to say where someone else should be.  I’m not even sure half the time that I’m in the right place…but I am.  I’m right where I am supposed to be at this point in my life.  And that’s the point really…no one else can ever be where I am right now.

Spiritually,  mentally, physically, we are all coming from different places on this plane.  So even when we join together in a building, we may be together physically, in the same place, but spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, we are all in very different places, not one single person will be in the exact same frame of mind as you!  Wild, eh?!

into the blue

I am going to try to keep that in mind from now on.  Less assuming and more grace.  A sweet pastor recently reminded me that we all need a whole lot of grace.  Perhaps that’s a quality of my Savior that I have still to perfect.  Oh there are so many!  The potter takes many steps in perfecting his vessels.   I am grateful His patience is not short like mine!

Mama would be a great Twitterer.  So much wisdom found in so few words.  I’m glad I grew up and started listening to her! 😉


Until next time, Vaya con Dios!



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  1. Nancy Card permalink

    Awesome, awesome, awesome words. So many are in their own ‘places’, right now, where no one else will ever be. The journies are pretty much the same, as are the paths…it’s just the scenery that’s different. Love this, and I’m glad I read it. HUGS

    • Thank you for your kind review. It is true, we are all woven together by a few common threads…and they are frayed at best, in most cases. 😉

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