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Turn the Page on “New Age”

September 8, 2014

OK…Kavetch time.  Sorry in advance to any new agers I upset with this.  If you find yourself upset, search your soul for the actual reason that you are upset.  It is my hope that this post will lead people away from deception and back to the Truth.

A common New Age prescription is to “rise above it”.  Some New Agers or Spiritualists claim that we who have not “arrived” or have not been “enlightened” are actually stuck in some prison-like matrix, or lower plane than those who practice meditation and intentionally ignore all of the dark stuff that is actually TRULY taking place. 

They believe that we “cretins” not prescribed to their “higher level of being”, focus too much on the negative and not on the positive.  They teach that it begins within, and that focus should be on one’s self, and not the outer “distractions” because it’s not reality.  (As if a car crash can be avoided by focusing inward, upon impact!!)  They teach about intentions and about love and get all warm and fuzzy while at the same time, standing upon this imaginary 10 ft. high platform, from which they ooze their New Age wisdoms and look down in pity on all of us who have not evolved, as they so obviously have.  Satan’s a master of deception! 

I love New Agers…they really desire many of the things I do…peace, love, unity.  But they ignore the one way to get there.  And they act like all of these horrors that are happening around us are just an illusion to keep us weak minded unevolved individuals trapped on the lower plane.

As if the child in the apartment down the way can escape the reality of being beaten every night through meditation…or the fleeing Christian family can escape the sword of ISIS/IS/ISIL by clearing their chakras.  No, these are not just figments of the imagination nor are they illusions.


The New Age movement is just a way to validate one’s desire to ignore the darkness that suffocates this world.  And those who drank the hippie koolaid manage this ignorance so well, because they are actually pawns of the enemy…and their found and treasured bliss, in reality is the curse of curses.  And their wisdoms are actually fool’s gold.  Chant with me: “Blinded by the enemy! Ohhhhmmmmm”.

Staying in your room, assuming the position, opening your chakras, chanting your chants, and shutting out reality is sure to make you feel great…like any drug!  However, you still have the chance to wake up and shake yourself back to reality before the Earth actually rattles you awake.  And the enemy plays his final tarot card.

Repent and call out to Jesus…He’s the only one who will be able to save you…not your imaginary or deceptive spirit guide, which is likely a demon in disguise.  Not perfectly cleared chakras.  No, not even this universal god you think is the same as Jehovah Jirah.  The god of this world is Satan.  He is the one who excitedly receives your chants and fulfills the promise of the “Secret”…He is the god of the elitists you despise, or did you not know, you worship the same being?

JESUS is the only way out of this matrix you’ve meditated into yourself.  He will show you the Way and  the Truth and the Life.  His path is the one true path to righteousness.  You can still meditate, under His wing.  You will find yourself meditating on His goodness…not your own.

You will clear your chakras in a new way.  You will say, I am empty, oh Lord, I am broken.  Come fill my cup to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit.

When you accept the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, your life will forever change.  Through the Holy Spirit living within you, Jesus will be able to use you for building His Kingdom, which is eternal and unshakable!  What an honor to serve the One True God and Almighty King of Kings!!

His peace is a true peace that will sustain you even when physical walls come crashing down around you.  Because once you decide follow Jesus and to completely surrender your life to Him, you are no longer of this world.  You are His.  He will be your protector, provider and stead.  You will rely on Him to make the impossible possible…not yourself.  He has a better life planned for you than you could imagine for yourself…all it takes is complete surrender and reliance on Him and Him ALONE!

He will give you a heart for others.  He will show you the true horrors taking place and the evil origin behind them.  And you will never be the same again, because…you will be saved!




****Something I feel impressed to add…  I have noticed with a few NA’s that I am close to, that they have been on a continual search since they began their practice.  When you find Jesus…the search is over.

Let the peace begin, today.  Jesus is Here.  Let Him in.

Vaya con Dios


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