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Narcissism Runs in the Family

January 12, 2015

They are representatives of everything that’s wrong with the world. They are a danger to young impressionable girls, world-over, and have a faint scent of old fashion witchery. Are you under their spell?


There’s really no escaping exposure, or should I say the over-exposure, of the Kardashian-Jenners, at least if you ever get online or watch TV. Admittedly, I’ll occasionally suffer through one of their thirty minute collections of shame, when I need to just completely zone out. Besides, for some reason, watching their soulless drivel makes me feel loads better about myself. Very few have managed to avoid the onslaught of “news” stories generated, or perhaps, Jennerated is more appropriate, by this self-absorbed clan, because
T H E Y A R E E V E R Y W H E R E ! !

As much as I hate adding to their ever expanding bank of online material, I thought at the very least I would spare you from any images, thusly enraging their vanities, I’m sure. I just see so much wrong with their mental states that I just couldn’t keep it to myself; so I thought I’d pick them apart like a cat picks apart the left over carcass of your Thanksgiving turkey. Meow!

Let’s start off with the one that got away. At first, you’re liable to think, “Lucky chap,” but this guy didn’t get away unscathed. I can’t figure out if ol’ Brucy is going for the Steven Tyler look or more of a Barbara Streisand kind of thing. All I know is, the demons that fuel the girls’ vanities, were not lost on him and a few seemingly hitched a ride outta hell with him when he left.

And as a side note, I’d like to thank Brucy, Brad Pitt and Tori Spelling’s ol’ man (whose name is not worth mentioning) for playing with a trend that only strengthens and furthers the agenda to feminize the male populous. Why can’t we leave the nail paint to the ladies? Fruit loops! Maybe Brad hopes by painting his fingernails he can get his little confused daughter back on the right track…nah, she’s just as she’s programmed to be. (Poor Shiloh).



There is a boy who will never escape, as his blood runs the same as the witches’ brood. No matter Rob’s age, he will always remain an internally injured, stifled child. There is really no telling the depths of abuse and mind control that have possibly launched this family into it’s ludicrous life of fame, but the boy shows definite signs, from his twisted relationship with Khloe, to his mommy issues which keep him from experiencing any level of gratification in love. Is it Kris or Ryan Seacrest who wields the wand? (Don’t judge, we’re all crazy!)

Since I mentioned Khloe, I might as well get right to it. This animal exhibits numerous signs of mind control abuse and possibly even sexual abuse/incest/ritualistic abuse, as she continually exploits herself and touches her siblings onscreen, inappropriately. From her lips doth ooze the same inappropriate musings, and yet I’ve not found much online about her unusual and highly inappropriate behavior. She carries her weight around in a manner which causes me to question whether she’s the controller…(I said I was crazy!)

When I wrote this original blog, which froze my computer and vanished into thin air (no auto-drafts were apparently saved), I had written much more than this and not once mentioned mind control, but it is something that I’ve wondered about, due specifically to Khloe’s mannerisms. I could see how this family could be a collective of tools used to further the sick and twisted ideals that seem to be gaining steam these days. Ideals that to some degree we are all unwilling victims to.

Now, on to the ladies…that’s right, in my book, Khloe just doesn’t quite reach that elementary status. Including Kris in this next section, well, most of them, for that matter, is a stretch. This matriarch has a warped sense of priorities, even if she seems like one of the most successful moms in the world. Oh yes, she must be so proud, who wouldn’t be? To have three young daughters own a chain of clothing stores, a fashion line or two, to have a fashion model daughter as well, who co-authored a book with the youngest daughter who has a line of hair extensions or something like that (who cares, really)…yes, that’s a sign of success, I suppose, in this upside-down world we’re spinning in. But at what sacrifice did Kris’ daughters launch into the easy (cheesy) life? Purity is not highly valued in their family, sadly. Such beautiful girls should be protected, not promoted!!



Kim was the hungriest for fame, I imagine, at least behind Kris. She did everything she could to be noticed, and she has yet to stop. These people have no shame. I am willing to bet that if we were to equate the amount of pictures this family took of themselves, this past year alone, to old film stock, you would be able to wrap the film around the planet at least two times, possibly five if you count the ones they took and deleted for one reason or another. Their vanity literally knows no ends.

I’m pretty sure Kim’s trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records for most consecutive selfies taken without eating. How come she looks like a soulless robot? Where is her daughter while she’s in selfie mode? Does she spend as much time with the little one as she does in front of a camera or mirror? I think putting a toddler in leather pants is child abuse, I mean, can you imagine the rash?! And what was up with the vampire facial treatment? Which baby was sacrificed to give her that youthful glow? And why does she keep Jonathan around? His he like a pet poodle?

Their eyes are the key! When you look at any picture of any one of these Dashjenns, you’ll recognize a lack of light. Their souls are dark. They confess with their mouths to be Christians, but they are too busy beautifying themselves to realize they’ve deceived themselves through serving themselves. Their constant actions keep them far removed from their supposed faith. Makes you sad for them, and it makes me wonder who the puppet master is…

What mother do you know, besides Kris, of course, would dare to compete with their daughters? What mother do you know, besides Kris, of course, would not only support dancing around on film in lingerie, but dance beside her barely legal daughter? Kris seems to thrive on one-upping her daughters to the point where soon, their Christmas card will come with an R rating.

Between Kendall and Kylie’s selfie competitions and Kris and Kim’s selfie competitions, and the very fact that THIS IS NOT NEWS!! but gets printed as such, is mind-blowing. People are being beheaded in record numbers, but the Dashjenn’s latest spats are apparently so earthshaking that they take precedence over actual SERIOUS issues.

What I’m really getting at is that these people don’t need another reality show, what they need is their own wing in a psyche ward. A place where they can tap back into reality, because they are out in lala land.

And that brings me to Kourtney, the space cadet of the crew. It would seem she is the most reserved and does practice silence better than the others, which is a good thing. Because when she opens her mouth, often times you hear the air that fuels her brain, as a result. Harsh, I know. I actually pity her the most. She seems unequally yoked to her insanely narcissistic boyfriend and is attempting to raise three children in the midst of this circus act.



It’s as if her very soul screams so loud, I can hear her desperation for an ounce of normalcy. She’s the Martha Stewart of the group, with the most potential, but it’s bound to be stifled as much as any potential Rob could have had in another life with a different family. No, in reality, it’s the train-wreck effect that keeps my attentions turning towards the mad hatters that managed to leap from obscurity into obscenity.

Their ongoing promotion of themselves has grown from tiresome to overkill…but the train just keeps on screeching sideways down the tracks. What will stop the madness? When will they realize we don’t care? Only when we prove it by tuning the looney toons out completely. I commit to watch less Kartrashians in 2015. This is a simple way to band together for the greater good. These people are the perfect example of what’s wrong with this world. Somebody had to say it!


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