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Are You On Krak?

January 20, 2015

Facebook found a way into the church. They are very clever, I must say, and while a some of this may be assumptive on my part, most of it came right from a pretty little pony’s mouth. My friend is a big believer in Sandi Krakowski, so she invited me to Krakowski’s free seminar which was held last night in Austin. I prayed for discernment and to glean wisdom from whatever she presented. She’s famous for her #bemore movement and was there in the guise of encouragement, but what I saw was more of a self-promotion and book push.  Although, I can also say for sure, she offers a lot of hope. But is it false hope?

I left questioning her true motives and her true boss. You see, she uses God as her launching pad and His people as her target audience. Suckers! Most of God’s people don’t even know to pray for discernment, which is why they are easy prey. While her message is positive and her experience in building business, inspirational, her motivation key was money, money, money. “I can write $5,000 checks without batting an eye,” she said. Funny, I don’t recall any of the Bible’s authors talking about money that way. She pushes Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life, though I wondered if anyone else in the room even caught on to that.
But Rick and Sandi have missed the entire purpose all together. At least that’s how I feel. To me, she seemed more like a charming snake oil salesman than prophetess, and she even admitted to the audience the many ways she baited them to be there. (I just really don’t think that’s what Jesus meant when He taught us about being fishers of men.) I wanted to walk out, but did not want to disrespect my friend.

Krakowski’s stories of childhood rape and the added gang rape in a phone booth in (a northern state, I think Minnesota…) really screamed MK victim to me. Which then raised more flags. Which led to my conclusion that she’s not the healer and prophetic guru she claims, but instead, a tool of a greater agenda. If my conclusion is proven true, somehow, then this is REALLY scary, folks. Like Cosby is being potrayed, she too, it would seem, is likely a wolf in lamb’s wool.


She even had a prayer session at the end where she laid hands on a few people and declared them healed (all with strange little jokes chopping up and dividing her prayers.) She said God gave her Joan of Ark’s flaming sword to wield and heal….Wait, WHAT? Google, get ready, I’m a comin’!

She works for Facebook…in other words, she has been employed by Facebook to help grow the commerce sector. Um, hello…let’s just remember who signs her checks…Again, further proof she’s a tool. But does she know? I kept looking for signs of my Savior in her demeanor, but I just couldn’t see. Was something clouding my vision? Is this my first real life encounter with a mind control victim?

I am daring to write this in the solitary hope that if someone else’s discernment led them to question the validity of this motivational speaker, that they will at least be comforted in knowing that they are not alone.

Be Discerning at all hours. Allow me to add, she is able to write those 4 figure checks without batting an eye because of all the people who pay for her $300 seminars in hopes of furthering their own career. She’s robbing the poor, folks, but remember, this is only my opinion. Please be discerning in reading my words as well!
Krakowski may have hit the peak wave of internet marketing, but I feel like she’s setting dreamers up for disaster. The water’s choppy and the waves are getting dangerous. She said all the right things (like buttering dry bread with God’s name) but did not, at least to me, offer follow through. She would start a story and end up hopping a train to another subject completely, without ever really winding up the original trail of thought…real scattered, ineffective, and yet droves of people adore her.
I guess I prefer the change created by people like Ghandi and Mother Teresa, who don’t need money and clout to make a difference in this world. In order to prove what an amazing Christian she is, she walked out into the audience and handed a journal and $100 to the woman right in front of me. You can bet, I thanked God that she didn’t choose me. And of course that lady claimed to have spent her last $100 to get to the event, from Houston…which very well could be true…I believed her. I prayed for her to get home safely. You can bet, Sandi will be her hero and savior until the day she dies, now.

I smelled a rat, a set up, but perhaps I’ve just grown cynical overtime. You see, Sandi knows that anyone who would write such a piece on her will be hated by her followers. She knows she’s got them, hook, line and sinker, so instead of taking anything I write for a grain of sand, they will just resort to defending her honor.
Perhaps it’s worth defending…perhaps I’m really just sour and don’t know it. But I’ll let the reader decide that for themselves.

On the way home, I reflected on the unusually uncomfortableness I felt while listen to her cheerful voice continuously flow with banter and tales, and a little motivation sprinkled here and there. I asked God a question, just like she suggested and just as I’ve done in the past. I asked him why she bothered me so much. This is what I got, I kid you not. Motivational speaking is a great line of work if you can get it. But why, I asked. People flock to these speakers like preachers. It’s part of their greater need. Very few people are self-motivated these days, (ME INCLUDED!!) so they reach out to learn what they can from others’ successes. They are hungry, but are eating from the wrong buffet. God speaks my language!

As Mom and I have discussed, time and again, it doesn’t matter if the Christian is fooled into Satan’s snares, because Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, will still get His messages across to the believer. But it is with discernment that we should enter any realm. The enemy is so clever. He has more religious sectors than even we Christians have (ie. Methodists, Baptists, Lutherans, etc.). The majority of Satan’s churches are not labeled as such, and therefore easily fool the naked eye. Heck, they fool the establishments they speak in (churches). Pray for discernment. Pray every day in every situation for discernment. The enemy is giving his 100%, so it’s a necessity for us to be armored up and prepared every day to battle the lies. As he and his army of demons continue to advance, veils will come tumbling down. They are reaching into places they were once condemned from entering.  And we must be able to recognize the enemy in every form he and his servants take.

Are you caught in a web of deception?

Are you caught in a web of deception?


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  1. I want to add that I decided to look her up on facebook and saw that she posted that there were 600 people that attended the free event.

    WHY would she lie about something so small and insignifigant? There were 175 people there, MAX! I even asked my friend how many people she thought attended, and she said 150-175…

    Again…if she lies about this, then what else would she lie about??

    • Alicia Pelkey permalink

      Very True and to the point, I can say without a doubt when watching some people supposedly spreading Gods words or love something just does not click. Either the scripture is used out of context, or they misuse the circumstances. The job of true Christians is to know and trust only God and his son. Every time I have felt something was off I was conflicted, and told by others no, no. But stayed my course and was found to be right. Sorry but Thank you for this testimony .

      • Alicia, thank you for your comment and for taking time out to read this blog. These are hard times we live in, and many churches and their leaders, I MEAN MANY, have left their members ill-equipped and ill-prepared to see, hear and know the truth from the lies.

        You are so wise to pick up on the abuse and misuse of God’s Holy Word as well. So many pastors, ministers, and preachers don’t even realize they’ve been misled and do not even know how far astray they have taken the Word and His people.

        Stay diligent and vigilant and pray always for eyes to see as He sees, ears to hear as He hears, hands to do His work and feet to get you there! God Bless! ❤

  2. Disheartened permalink

    Stacie, thank you very much for this.

    You are not alone! I could fill a page or two with all the discrepancies I have noticed in her timeline and bio, in all of her out-of-context quotes of Scripture, the subtle but ungodly symbology in her graphics…She first messaged me years ago on Twitter, to follow her on Facebook, and I did. I would occasionally see her posts on nutrition, etc., in my newsfeed and share. I didn’t really bother to pay much attention until she made her makeover transformation. I’d see photos of her dressed almost exactly, posed almost exactly as another person on Facebook.

    I thought I was losing my mind, until I watched a video of her admitting how she got her pink bangs, she is an emulator. What she sees and wants she gets, even if is the unique traits of others – She finds qualities of other people whether physical attributes, writings, manners of speech that other people are drawn to and copies them – She is currently copying a relatively unknown individual on social media with a small following, emulating the way she dresses, the hairstyles, topics of discussion, the woman’s testimonies of her faith, her writings, even recreating photos of the woman with her format of Be YOU, Be who God created YOU to be…

    I pray that she is convicted by the Holy Spirit, as well as all of her followers, and uses this format not to mislead for personal gain, but finally come clean, repent and stop leading people astray with her nonsensical prosperity doctrines.

    • Hello Disheartened,

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by my blog. I am glad my experience has helped to confirm other’s experiences with Krakowski. There is so much deception in the world today, so many ways Satan has convinced God’s people that they are doing right by God, but are, perhaps, being blinded to the truth of the master they actually serve. May God forgive us all, at the time of judgment, for how we failes Him, for all have and will fall short…Amen

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