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Mega Churches: Mega Waste, Mega Deception

January 20, 2015

I can picture Satan and his demons dancing through the spacious, opulent halls of thousands of mega churches through out this world.  He’s so pleased with himself, I imagine he actually thinks he’s winning the battle over us naïve Christian folk.  As clever as he may be, God is only allowing his confidence to grow, temporarily.

It never fails.  Whether I’m attending a conference or a concert, I’m always bowled over by the sheer size of these buildings, but even more so by the things I find inside, which my little heart just cannot either agree with or understand.  For instance, the last mega church I visited, had two televisions in one women’s restroom!  Do these women not wonder if that money could have helped a family in need instead of hanging needlessly outside their stalls?  I’d rather worship with God’s people in a field under the hot sun, than hang out in one of those excessive examples of puke with people who are actually okay with the amount of their donated money that goes back into the church instead of out into the world.

Another mega church I visited had their own book store and an operational Starbucks.  I kid you not!!!  I felt like turning tables upon entering their establishment.  I am so tired of Christians making things more comfortable for their people.  We are not supposed to be comfortable.  God’s Word was meant to correct us, and absolutely comfort us, even.  But somewhere along the line, we chose comfort over correction.  Now people go to their posh religious compounds to feel good!!  If you want to feel good, take a brisk walk alongside a river!  These churches are baiting people with a lifestyle that for most, is unattainable in the real world.  They feed into the bandwagon mentality with their active praise and worship songs, complete with their rock and roll bands, so that when people leave their auditoriums, they feel just as pumped up as they feel after attending a real rock concert.

Surely people realize that you crash hard after such a great high.  I’ve been there, I’ve felt the amazing energy that such conditions can produce.   God revealed through the Holy Spirit to mine, that this was detrimental for His people.  He opened my eyes and ears wide to the sugar-coatings, the misinterpretations and the flat out lies being produced by these churches  faster and more steady than hot cakes at IHOP on a Friday night.  He opened my eyes to how early they start this feel good approach by allowing me to take part in the mass-produced and issued vacation bible school packages.  These packages were not just simple guidelines and ideas, but fully formed PROGRAMS for us to learn and spew out to ENTERTAIN the children.

I am speaking directly of the Lifeway BRAND study packs.  This is the Baptist church’s top choice for children entertainment…oops, I mean children’s education.  But I’m pretty sure each sector of Christianity has their own favorite source of materials, whether they tap into one of the mega-speakers such as Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer’s or Creflow Dollar (come on, really…doesn’t his name just scream humility!).  Whatever happened to Spirit-led teaching of individuals?  Do sermons really need to come mass-produced, pre-packaged, or is this just more programming?

Well, this is what I’ve learned, and perhaps I’ve been mislead, but by the looks of things and through the way I’m always praying to see as Jesus sees  and hear as Jesus hears, I believe I’ve stumbled onto the truth and root of this deception.  First thing I learned from a man whose desire was to become an ordained pastor, was that what happens in the seminary schools stays in the seminary schools.  Instead of dissecting and digesting God’s Holy Word, they were taught how to relate to others.  How to be likeable and approachable and how to look like the world.  At least that was his experience.  He expressed how they discussed video games more than the old and new testaments.  He was so discouraged that he left the seminary and went rogue.  I can relate to going rogue…it feels safest to me right now.

Then I stumbled onto some revealing information that helped me understand the true depths of deception and I understood for the first time, with Heavenly clarity, Jesus’ words on the cross. “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do!”  This is why I try not to blame the likes of those people I mentioned above, because they were misled too.  If you go to math class and they teach you science, unless you have previous knowledge of what’s to be expected in the math class, you will just assume that you are learning math, when in reality, you are learning a completely different subject.

Back in the early 60’s seminaries were being infiltrated by groups touting a hidden agenda.  Jesuits and Communist educators began filling in the seats as seminary teachers and slowly, methodically, and surely, they began to rewrite the methodic formulas for teaching God’s word.  Then you have the Michael Aquino/Church of Satan/Army situation organizing at the same time, and at the same smooth pace.  I consider myself beyond blessed to have been raised up under the pastoral authority of men who barely escaped those days of tares being planted in the wheat fields.  Don’t believe me, though, please.  Research for yourself.  Pray to the One True God, Yahweh, through the blood of His Precious Son, Jesus Christ, to be given discernment, wisdom and understanding of these things I’ve shared.

The men that helped my Mama lead me to the cross were not about making me feel good, light, warm or fuzzy.  They were about making me understand the fearsome, awesome, all-encompassing power of the Almighty God and the mercy, grace and love of His only begotten Son.  They taught me to obey His commandments and why each of them were so profitable for our spiritual, mental and physical welfare.  They didn’t entice us with sugar-coated stories of God’s unconditional love so much as they instilled a healthy fear of God in us.  They warned us of all the devil’s tricks and how to avoid being caught up in his snares and how to ask for forgiveness and help out if you did get caught in one of the many traps the enemy constantly sets.  And yes, they taught us to love one another.  But they offered no hat tricks.  They had no flamboyant features to draw us in, because they thoroughly believed it was the Holy Spirit’s position to draw us in, not having the convenience of a Starbucks, or a couple tellies in the restroom!

The hymns were shorter, the sermons were longer and if you left feeling uncomfortable and convicted, you were certainly not alone.  You didn’t leave those hallowed halls with that feel-good glow unless you were living righteous lives of sacrifice. You didn’t leave pumped up, you left filled up.  And as torturous as those conditions sounded, there were more pews filled then than there are now.  Whose design do you think this was?  God’s people, through sheer fleshly desires for comfort and ease, have squeezed God’s Truth and His Way out of their comfort zones and they don’t even know it!

This is because the “angel of light”, otherwise known as Lucifer, had been voraciously working for century upon century on the ultimate playbook for the final half of the game.  What he failed to realize while tying all his loose ends together, was that the clock was still ticking.  Now we find ourselves in the final quarter and the enemy is scoring touchdown after touchdown as the world cheers, perhaps a few gasp in shock!  The Christians caught up in the grand deception and web of comforting, soothing lies, have no idea what’s coming next nor for which team they unwittingly support.  All the players look the same, except it would seem Lucifer’s team of “light bearers” shine and sparkle more than the worn, fragile, weak and torn people of God.  At the very moment when we need to be holding position, our attentions, cognitive abilities, and our desires are being quickly divided, shredded and discarded.

The #bemore, #bethechange, #liveoutloud era is going to be flipped on it’s “tale” when God’s people wake up.  He’s using the willing, now, to sound the alarms and speak the truth, and though the cheers from the crowds are drowning out the Voice of Truth for many, the Holy Spirit is using this time to de-weed peoples’ lives.  We will be stripped bare, the rich, the poor, the believer and non-believer, alike, until only our soul remains.  This wake-up call is the final play.  God’s grace, even extended to His favorite angel who went so far astray…that mercy will be lifted and we will all receive a blast within the furnace of the Potter.  We will all be tried by the fiery Judgment of Our Just and Righteous Jehovah.  Each one of us will have to give account for our sins.  If you are a parent, you know how you feel about poor excuses…Thank God for the intercession of Christ Jesus.  He is the only way through the fire.

The world tells you to be more, God tells you to be His vessel, His hands and feet on this plane.  The world tells you to be the change, the Bible tells you be prayerful, and trust Him to make change.  The world tells you to live out loud.  The Spirit whispers be still and Know that I am God.  God wants to Live out Loud through you into the hearts and lives of others.  He wants to be the change in your life, a brand new life that He will lead you through.  If you are too busy trying to be more, you may miss out on the blessing of just being, with God.

While reading another beautiful soul’s blog the other day, I was touched by the clarity of her words.  Something along the lines of: one day we’ll all see the whole picture, but for now, none of us do.  Pray that God gives you His vision.  Pray that God helps us true believers come together, not under a veil of comfort, but to put the Living Fear of God back into this nation and this world.  It’s the final quarter.  Arm up and get out there and fight the battle of your lives!  It’s souls, beautiful, completely broken and deceived human souls that’s are at stake here.  Now, wake up, get up, and go, be Jesus’ hands and feet, voice and heart in this world.  Know it’s the toughest battle you will ever endure, but the end reward is going to bless every soul that benefits from your sacrifices.

In the end, all mega churches are, is a bunch of wires, bricks, and mortar.  We are the church, we are the building, and we need to repair ourselves and prepare the world for Christ’s imminent arrival.  The new life God granted us is replenished by His Spirit, daily, and fed by the manna of His Word.  We have got to stop filling our every hour with our own plans and let God use our vessels to fulfill His plans.  Don’t leave yourself open to be used by Lucifer, possessed by his demon army.  Claim your rightful position as God’s possession, alone.

Finally, it is my prayer that everyone who comes across this blog post, will read it in it’s entirety.  That they will pray for wisdom and discernment when dissecting my personal convictions and that they will leave full.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with conviction, filled with remorse and filled with encouragement to be a useful player on God’s team!  I pray that they will be many, and that in boldness, with a healthy fear of God, and with His wind beneath their wings, they would go forth and multiply the kingdom of Heaven.  That they would be the pioneers of action within the churches, correcting with the loving authority of Christ the ways in which we have gone astray.  I pray this blog post would convict members of mega churches, worldwide, to sell their wares, make a homeless shelter of their castle-like structures and worship in purity instead of flamboyancy.  We look so much like the world, how can anyone tell us apart?  Father forgive us for going so far astray.  Equip us for what we face.  It’s in Jesus’ Holy Name I make these requests, and thank you for receiving them.  Amen

Strap on your helmet and really step into the game.  Stop watching the disasters unfold from the side lines and start swinging your Sword of Righteousness, which is God’s word.

Bless and be blessed.


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