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Get Your Hand Outta That There Cookie Jar, Ya Hear?

January 28, 2015

Did you know that you can never get enough God? If you’ve made mistakes like me, you may have also realized the err of your ways. Even though I’ve ALWAYS had God, there were some periods of my life when I was pretty far away from Him. I realize now, that I was like a kid sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar, hoping his/her mother would not walk in the room.

There are cookies of all shapes, sizes, flavors and brands out there today for us to crave…but the satisfaction of sneaking a snack is only temporary and leaves us feeling pretty crummy sometimes, no? (You do realize we’re talking more than cookies here, I hope!) Could it be because instead of doing something sneaky and naughty to bring us a little satisfaction, we should instead be going to God for more fuel, sustenance? Yes, in my life, I’ve concluded that this is fact. We ache and hunger for manna and righteousness…we were born with this hunger!

A friend’s post I shared yesterday on facebook, was poignant. One of the comments below in her original post was a quote that I honestly thought I came up with (NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN!)…sometimes I can be so full of myself…a pity, really. This quote was born of the 1600’s by Frenchman Blaise Pascal.

“There is a God-shaped hole in our hearts that only God can fill.” -Blaise Pascal

A brilliant man of merit and faith, I snagged the following from Wikipedia:

“Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer and Christian philosopher. He was a child prodigy who was educated by his father, a tax collector in Rouen.”

He was into geometrics, and I think it’s cool as a popsicle during the dog days of summer, that this man who was so mathematically in tune, recognized the “God-shaped hole”. I think it’s cool that even though I am NOT mathematically inclined, I recognized the same shape inside my own heart about 12 years ago now.

Too many cookies are never a good thing, but daily doses of God are profitable to every heart. Reading His Word helps you keep your balance, your health (By His stripes, we ARE healed!), it helps you recognize the enemy’s advances so you can sharpen your swords and enlist your angels and YOUR GOD. It helps you be prepared to face all of life’s problems, the prescription for every trouble or ill is found within the Bible, Thank You Jesus!

As a Mama of 4 ever-changing, ever-needy teen-aged boys, I can’t help them all at the same time…much to their displeasure! I have to meet each need, one at a time, make each plate, one at a time, etc. I grow tired and frustrated at times from the constant bombardment of needs and WANTS (see Rolling Stones quote)…

That is how we Mamas and Daddies differ so much from our Heavenly Father Jehovah! He never grows tired of hearing from His people, at the same time, He can answer a google prayers plus…His time for you is unlimited, He’s always available, in fact, it is my experience that He just can’t wait to spend more time with you. He intercedes on our behalves and reminds us He is with us, all the time…perhaps we’re just too busy eating cookies to recognize His grand presence…and presents.

Not one vice, not one cookie, not a whole jar full, will ever bring us the level of peace, joy, and pure contentment that a little prayer and Word will bring us.

Are you tired of looking for love? Let God bring it to you! Accept His Love First, and He will bring you all the love you ever need in so many forms you never realize existed!

Are you tired of doing damage to your body with vices? Make no room for them! Ask God to fill you up! (I am steadily working towards this goal in my own life!!)

Usually, when I’m in the position of ministry, I try and always ask God to empty everything out that is Stacie Crocker Brumley, and fill me up to OVERFLOW with the Holy Spirit’s Living Waters. (in my life, it’s spontaneous situations…I will share one such situation possibly, in a later post.)

We are created as vessels, by the Potter’s Hands…and we are empty vessels always looking for ways to be filled. Why not let the Potter fill YOU up with His Living Waters so that He can utilize you to water the seeds planted in others lives? You may find that you never want anything else, but MORE OF HIM! ❤

Cookies on a computer store information that takes up needless space. What is needlessly filling the God-shaped hole in your life? Some cookies have viruses attached…viruses do major harm to the computer system. Lies, theories, some science, have virally cheated some of the most intellectual minds on earth of the Truth. It's time to rediscover the difference between fact and fiction. From the beginning of time, God's laws and love have been profitable to His Faithful followers. Do your cookies have lots of dollar signs attached? Why not work towards eternal wealth. Everything else is temporal and most of it is made of beautiful lies to keep the Created from their Creator.

Tap into the Pure Source Today! ❤

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need!" -Rolling Stones

Got Jesus?


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