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God’s Rich Sense of Humor

January 30, 2015

Mama and I have always giggled about God’s sense of humor. Since we are made in His image, we know that God indeed is rich in humor, as well as anger, jealousy, and thank goodness (Yes, you can thank Him right now), He is rich and generous with His Love.

Sometimes His gentle correction comes through with a touch of comedy. Wednesday was no exception. While I intended on posting about divine appointments, and a neat and yet super-simple appointment that Mama and I attended this past weekend on the way home from my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I’m prompted to share this God moment instead.

While riding into a nearby town to run errands with my husband, I was boasting of God’s goodness in our lives again, just really pumped up after the passed two weeks worth of personal experiences. I feel like God’s been opening my eyes wider and wider over the past several years, to the point where I witness daily, something move in the spiritual realm, both from the enemy as well as God moving, in our family’s lives.

Well, my husband works in the oil industry. He hangs from the top of an oil rig twelve hours a day, pulling pipes, seven days in a row before he gets to rest. (He gets very little of that now that we have the farm to build/care for). When he first moved into that position, he would talk about getting so tired up there. How he felt like he had no strength left to grab onto and pull another pipe sometimes. So I, having recently discovered God’s plentiful, beautiful garden within my own soul, would encourage my husband to ask God to be his strength, when all of his strength was gone. And then trust Him for an immediate response and thank Him for it. I knew that if he would just take that first step in faith, He would really grow leaps and bounds with God’s blessed answer.

The next time he came home from his hitch, he was like a little boy who had found a ten dollar bill while out for a walk. And like a little child, he excitedly began, “It was our last night, I was so tired I could barely see straight, and so I asked God to be my strength. Instantly, I felt so much strength come within me and I was able to finish the day, when I was sure I couldn’t make it.” Okay, because this was a couple years back now, I know the quote isn’t exact, but it’s VERY close.

Then my heart soared as well, and I too felt like that happy, happy, happy little child! My husband took the challenge! NOTHING on earth brings me more excitement than watching someone put their faith into practice. I love seeing God grow people’s faith through trust, through answered prayers and through absolute, unexplainable miracles. The latter happens in hospitals around the world every day…”um…well…you uh…did have a tumor…” By His Stripes, We Are Healed! AMEN!!

Well, God has laid it on my heart to be constant in reminding Mike that worry doesn’t add a minute to your life, and that fear is of the devil. For if you truly trust in the Lord, like you say you do, then you have no need for an ounce of worry in your life. He’s watching as rigs are folded, some folks are laid off and the company is employing even more methods as a way to rid themselves of employees without the possibility of having to pay their unemployment at a later date. They are crafty as you can see the effects of fear in the executive actions. As the gas prices plummet, the corporations begin getting their ducks in order, to protect not their faithful employees, but instead, to protect themselves.  God gave my husband that job, and it’s God who keeps him there.

God wants me to make it clear to my husband that we are under God’s supernatural protection plan. He has had me constantly hammering the “do not worry” message into his head for about two months now, and it never fails something happens out there on the rig that puts another seed of doubt in my dear husband’s head for me to weed out when he comes home after the hard week away. This week was no different, and as we were riding, he started going into detail about what’s going on out there and I completely flubbed a bible verse while trying to help ease his mind.

I’m pretty sure I combined no more than three bible verses while trying to get the right one to roll off my tongue. An example of my attempt, “God says, do not worry for a minute, but through prayer and supplication, give all thanks to God, and trust in Him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Sure, it’s all sound advice, but it’s not all one single verse…it’s my brain’s attempt at sharing what my heart knows.

Well, we had a fun time in town. I got my vision checked and will be picking up my glasses in a few days, and he got a new iPhone. The only reason we headed home, besides for being broke (HA!), was because we needed to get back to our boys.

When we got home, I stopped by Dad’s house to tell him about my eye exam, (they live only feet from us), and he had a shirt he’d picked up from a Goodwill, for me. When I began reading the bible verse on the shirt (I know, Dad can be so sweet sometimes), I just began laughing and laughing as my heart soared through the roof and into the clouds with supreme, Heavenly joy. I ran over to our house and found my husband and said, “God wanted to tell you He Loves you and He is With you and that He couldn’t let your daffy wife mar His Word, so He led Dad to get this shirt.


The verse on the shirt reads “Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

in some translations, anxious is replaced with the word worry... :)

in some translations, anxious is replaced with the word worry… 🙂

How fabulous a stamp of Love and Presence is that gift? The gift of the shirt became so much greater as it said, “I hear you, I am with you, and if you follow this simple prescription, you will know me even more! I will be your peace!”

GOD IS GOOD! And His Humor is Good! Amen?!

The simple fact that He can use any willing jackass to do His work on Earth is proof of His good humor! If He can bring shape and purpose to a silly ol’ lump of clay, then surely, He can work with you, right?


Fear is a tool of the devil’s created to keep division between you and trust. Do not let fear keep you from your rightful inheritance!

Go With God!


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