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Book of Masks …rambling musings and other pretentious blather

February 3, 2015

The Creator created creatures in His likeness…

He created a world conducive to their creativity. This world inspired them to create lives of their own, beautifully complex lives, as complex as the Creator Himself. Creativity is a force within us all, and in some, it awakens their creative force and that force impacts the lives of others. The domino effect of creation.

Enter Facebook.

A cubical fort in which to display, publicly, the particulates of your lives that you wish to share. Facebook is like a Crafter’s Shop with individual booths set up, with the finest wares offered for perusing. Yes, just as in a crafter’s venue, some cubbies sit gathering dust and you wonder, “I hope they are okay.” You may even say a little prayer for their wellbeing, since it’s obvious they haven’t been sharing their life for a while. Silence speaks volumes, sometimes, doesn’t it?

Other cubicles are filled with the quotes of others. Here’s your sign. They allow the voice of others, whether wise, humorous, loving or hateful, to be their own voice. I guess they follow the mantra, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” If it doesn’t depart from your lips, you cannot be held accountable for it. God knows (no joke) that I have plenty to be held accountable for, in that category…I have toes for teeth…

You have the supermoms and superdads, the selfie superstars and the fitness buffs all sharing their favorite subjects in their lives…the kids, themselves, their buff bods. My cynical mind begs the question, “to what dost you compensate for?” Are these but examples of the endless ache for acceptance and love? Deeper are the wounds that pride keeps hidden.

 Margaret Keane's painting titled "Sad Clown"

Margaret Keane’s painting titled “Sad Clown”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’ve got the “woe is me” folk who seem to brew and marinate in their daily cloud of whatever choice ailment or life drama happens to be prevalent at the time of the post. Like, blow that cloud away and the sun (Son) will shine on you today!! These folks aren’t hiding nothing. In fact, they are the bleeding wounds of the body that we are found within, and we need to keep them covered in prayer and a balm of our time and love. I know that I’ve been found there and also know the power of the prayers of my friends at that time, and how it eased the outcome of all those days of suffering aloud.

All this window shopping/peeping is kind of creepy when you really think on it…and yet, I will continue to share pieces of my own life in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others, educating and edifying, even; because I have attention-seeking tendencies, and want to do the best I can with them. It’s a battle to keep my sarcasm at bay and quite often, I mar the picture I’m trying to create with my unleashed wit. But that too, I find joy in…is that wrong of me?

untitled (4)

There are dangers to social hangouts like Facebook, aside from hiding a lot of real stuff that’s going on in your lives in order to save face. And really, isn’t all of History just a really brushed-up version of what actually happened?! Facebook is like a masquerade ball…we present our best to the world, in a pretty package or a scary package, depending on our tendencies. We actually participate in the very thing we would want the police to handle if it happened in our front yard. “Yes, officer, there’s someone wearing a mask, peeking through my window, I need you to send someone out right away…” Of course, to an extent, you choose your audience on facebook…but what’s with this need for attention? Have we been conditioned with this need? Should we be satisfied with an audience of One? Hmmm….maaaaybe.

Today’s blog is more questions and musings than answers and solutions. Everyday we have the opportunity to learn and grow…we can never know it all…that’s kind of awesome, but disappointing for someone like me who wants to know everything there is to know about everything. I will get tripped up on facebook, which I definitely recognize as a time sucker, trying to figure out what makes folks tick. Why should I care? What concern is it of mine, other than a love of humanity? Why am I so easily distracted by the ongoing parade of posts and pics? The only way for a bug to avoid getting stuck in a web is to recognize it and stay a great distance from it…

So we’ll continue to sell ourselves as a brand. I chose wholesome, but it’s not necessarily everyone’s definition of wholesome…and that right there is another discussion for another day…fluid definitions, how we’ve screwed up the English language one mood at a time!


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