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February 5, 2015


But now that I’ve got you here, I want you to use the portion of your brain that is not occupied and pacified by the billion apps that seem to call your name while you’re in the shower.  You know I’m not lyin’!!

I will be playing the roll of the Fun Police today…and you know what, I plan to enjoy it.  Every day, over 640 apps are added to the apple app store.  The Prince of Air has YOU in his sights!  He loves wrapping his chains around us, and if you think you are immune, then you are either fooling yourself, or are reading a printout of this from your remote Antarctic shack!  If I could kick myself every time I had an itch to visit facebook and blurt out some random thought, well…my leg would be tired and my butt would be caved in by now.

But I am beginning to see that we have an epidemic of unbelievable proportions, and there’s not a remedy available, except to cut off the lights!  Seriously, the only thing that could pull us out of our tech-induced stupor would be for the grid to fail! The app addiction is worse than any drug addiction known to man. You can pick your choice of apps and can diddle with them at church, in the supermarket, on the job, in bed, on the toilet, at a party, in the park…no one is hiding their addiction…do they even realize how unhealthy this stuff is?! I, for one, am sick of going to the park only to see the tops of mothers’ and fathers’ heads while their children romp around completely unattended…do you realize how many children go missing a day in our country? Approximately 2,200…TWO THOUSAND AND TWO HUNDRED CHILDREN!!! A DAY!!!! Pull your heads out of your apps and watch your kids!!

And now the developers of this constantly flowing drug have began attaching truthful names to the games that only further highlight how far astray we have gone. You’ve got Trivia Crack. Crack is crack is crack. I don’t care how you console your conscience with the fact that you think you are actually learning stuff here. The developers knew what they were doing. I have a friend who would refer to Mind Craft as Mind Crack, a few years back when she confessed to feeling all alone in a house full of Mind Crackheads. Her husband was playing in one room, her children in another, and she was stuck with a TV to talk to her. So sad!!

During Christmas and another recent visit with family, all heads were bowed…but not in prayer…they were sitting in the same room with one another, playing with each other ON THEIR PHONES…no talking…trying to have a conversation is futile…apps are ruining family intimacy!

Then there’s Covet Fashion. Yes, download this app to feed your covetous nature! GREAT IDEA!! I’m pretty sure you’d have to be completely blind to the Word of God, in order to willingly fork over your real money for fake clothes on a FAKE avatar. I emphasized the word fake, because I question just how delusional we, as a people, have become. You do know your cute little online avatar is not real, right? But that your neighbor is real, and could use a real friend to counterbalance their relationship with their cats? Ok, so your neighbor is not a cat lady? Maybe she’s a frustrated young mother in need of a break…instead of babysitting yourself with Crack and Covetous behaviors, you could consider helping your fellow man and offering to babysit so that she can have a moment to feel human again…oh, she’s human enough, you follow her on facebook? WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!

For every question you answer correctly on Trivia Crack, another head has been cut off..stop escaping reality before God’s big dose of it slaps you in the face. We’ve got massive amounts of blood dripping from our hands, and yet you would rather not think on it. Well, just know that soon, God’s going to give each and every one of us, a lot of time to think on it. He’s got to be fed up with the ignorance and entitlement that’s occurring these days. He knows I AM!

I feel bad enough for wasting so much time on facebook, although my pain is my excuse for doing so. I mentioned in my last blog, that since I’m obviously hooked on facecrack, and know it, that I try to at least be a source of positivity and offer news stories I feel many really need to be aware of. When I first had the ability to download apps, I tried Words With Friends for a while, and the 4 picture word puzzle…a few things like that that made me feel smarter than the average bear. I have an instagram too, though I rarely go there. What I found was that I could almost always be doing something more constructive with my time than playing these games. My guilt was loud…I’d snap at my son for coming towards me with an innocent question…how wrong of me. I deleted all apps except facecrack and Instagramofcrack.

But I think that any guilt that most users may feel in the beginning has been stuffed way down inside. So I will toot my horn and post this blog-post in the sole attempt of reviving your guilt. Once you accept your guilt, then repent. And then turn away…delete, delete, delete!!

God needs helpers that are going to be completely undivided by vices, and whether you like to hear it or not, your apps are just another vice. We MUST be on full alert. I cannot emphasize enough how large the Prince of Air’s power has become…just like a spider’s web spans outward, the reaches of the evil one started IN THE BEGINNING and have now webbed the entire world in darkness and feigned pleasures. Sure, it feels great to find out you know more than your friends…but it’s a false joy built by your ego. Do you really need to impress? Are you trying to impress someone else, or yourself…and is this need rooted in your guilt? Deep questions require deep thought. UNPLUG.

Time for a systematic shutdown and evaluation of the time suckers in your lives. Do yourselves a favor and delete, delete, delete! If you want an amazing application, then begin by opening up your Holy Bible and then apply it daily, to your lives. Then you’ll experience freedom and the majesty of the King of Kings.

That’s all for today…Fun Police signing OUT!

An Aside:

images (2) imagesRKBTUDPE

While choosing pics to add to this post, I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between this app and the Masonic Symbol…It’s everywhere and these folks don’t hide as they are working with the enemy to keep you pacified and happy in your little soul cage…only Christ can free you from the bindings you’ve allowed yourselves to be wrapped up tight and comfy in.



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