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Dear Writers (An Open Letter)

February 6, 2015

I love to write. I’m guessing you do too, if you are reading this. I’ve been writing in one way or another since I won my first writing award, back in 6th grade. I have written songs, poetry, and short stories, commentaries, reviews, and many a letter, for fun! I’ve never been able to make a living at it though. And though I’ve been blogging for a few years now, I’m a little too opinionated, it would seem, for any audience. Based on my statistics site, my thoughts are not interesting.

Do you ever wonder if you are writing for a future audience? I use this line of thought to console myself when I write what I think is a pretty bang-up message, and only get one or two views. Forget the likes and comments, they are rarer than a cheeseburger in a vegan’s fridge. I’m very grateful for the readership of a few, but have to admit, I experience discouragement. Why do I feel the need to continue doing this thing I love to do, write, when no one’s interested? Do you experience these frustrations too, dear writer/reader?

I don’t want to be liked, I only want to be heard. I believe God lays stuff on my heart for this hurting and lost world, but if the hurting and lost do not find these pages, then what? Why bother? It goes back to my original question.

Perhaps, like most famous artists, my work shall only be discovered and appreciated after my time here expires. God knows I’ve put my heart out there to be stomped on and shredded, all in the attempt to share my experiences of God with a godless society. But godless people do not want or need my prescriptions, my knowledge, the wisdom I’ve learned from my mistakes and God’s unfailing love through out this mad existence.

I’ll admit, I’m not sure how to submit my writings or where I’d submit them, if indeed I decided to try and earn a living with my thoughts. I know that time in my life has not come yet, because as it is in a house full of teen boys, I cannot always create the environment in which to write evenly, nor continuously. When they graduate into their own lives, I will further pursue writing as a career, possibly, but until then, I would like to grow my audience. I would like more than five hits per page or per day. I welcome advice to that end. I LOVE COMMENTS! I enjoy interaction and responding to others who read and understand me.

YES, I’m writing to vent, but I am also writing this just as much to encourage others who find themselves coherent, but unread. Don’t stop doing what you love. You validate your talents through your continual exercise of them.

I have enjoyed the love of a cyber-dad for almost 14 years and I will leave you with the words he’s always signed off with:


Stacie Ann Brumley
(bleeding heart)


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