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Dysfunction Junction, What’s YOUR Function?

February 25, 2015

I have repetitive thoughts and may have shared this particular thought of mine before…but surely not with the same train of thought attatched…after all, the trains are endless at this station.

You’ve heard the bold claim that “God doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle.” People use it with the same confidence one would if it were actually a real bible verse. But alas, just as “Cleanliness is next to godliness” isn’t found in the bible, verbatim, you will find that once you come to really know the Lord, these manmade proverbs melt away into the realm of ridiculousness.

No, God surely gives us more than we can handle! He does this to wake up the great need within us for a savior. If we do not need saving, what’s the use in a savior? If we can handle it all and manage just fine without God, how would we ever know to need Him? What man does not cry out to God when facing the loss of a child? What man is able to stand tall and still and not fracture, break and crumble, without God holding him up in such hours? No, we are made to love Him, and when He ministers to our pain and sorrow and carries us through such tragic hours, days, months and even years of our lives, it is through His love that we find our footing and strength. And our love for and reliance on Him becomes richer and deeper.

Many a man and woman have come to know and begin to trust in God during such dark hours, while others who already know Him, know to call upon Him for strength, endurance, comfort and peace. The righteous and the wicked alike, mourn their loved ones, but the wicked find no comfort. Their sorrow turns to bitterness, their tears and screams to agony. While those who trust in the Lord even during those darkest times of terrible loss, through the miracle of God’s love and strength, are a living testimony pointing towards His Grace and Mercy. I always look to these beautiful souls with wander, and wonder, could I ever be so strong?

I also always try to remember and to remind others that God’s ways are higher than our ways and that He is no respecter of persons…in other words, He sees the poor homeless lady who talks to the birds the same as He sees the highest supreme court magistrate, and the rock and roll star and hopeless prisoner in the same way he sees the saintly elementary school teacher, even if some of us can’t. None of us can escape the rigors of life which include but are certainly not limited to loss, failure, dissatisfaction, illness and anguishing pain. We can, however choose not to face these trials of life alone. And yet, there are so many proud self-sufficient men and women who were raised in the faith but chose, during the age of accountability, to depart from it. These prideful acts are accelerating as the beast races to and fro across the earth destroying the foundations of family, faith and freedom. Do not be fooled, if you are one of these who have shed your faith for the world, you have succumbed to the enemy. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but there is hope. Read on.

We need to stop and evaluate our personal situations and make sure our houses are in order. In my own home, I have one son rebelling against the faith of his parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc….generations upon generations of strong, solid faith in the One True God, which has served all faithful sides well unto this day. I mentioned in a facebook post yesterday that the Bible has been well-received for 2000 plus years, the old testament, ions longer than that, even…so at this point, it only makes sense to me that there’s no need to question or find something better than this tried and true tradition of believing in the Word of God and in the Holy Triune of the Father, Son (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) and the Holy Spirit. It never fails to blow my mind that a mere mortal could believe his ways are better than the prescribed, well-practiced ways found in the Good Book (the Bible) of Instruction and Meditation. The battle found my doorstep.

And yet it’s not the first time I’ve run into this mocking spirit; I meet them all too often and as a conclusion, I have began to question whether I’m meeting the man (woman) or a particularly nasty demonic spirit that has taken harbor within the rebel. It is for sure, a rebel spirit which causes man to depart from tradition and suddenly break ties with what has bound his/her family together for generations. I mean, our family tree has been bountifully blessed, and is still blooming, all because of our faith in the goodness of God.

This lot is a very intellectual and self-assured sort. Many of them suffered some sort of strong disappointment in life, whether it was through abuse, drastic change or loss, something painful triggered a sudden hate for the Lord God. They seem to share the same script when the subject of faith comes into conversation. They rest in their fine scientific “facts” and tend to mock God and His Word with extreme joy. (I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard the line about the invisible magic dude in the sky). The lacerations my heart has endured while in their company would leave me for dead, if it were not for the Holy Spirit’s salve and the Master Physician’s healing ways.

Their utterly disgusting confidence stinks of arrogance and the sulfuric fumes of hell itself. I know that no amount of discussion or debate (which I loathe) will ever win over these hardened calcified hearts. While we pray for these who willingly turned away from the faith of our forefathers, we also shudder when we realize how God will deal with these. He will deal with them swiftly and in a manner that will break them to the point of kneeling and the only words they will be able to mutter is, “God help me!”

I’ve seen how God lets in a world of hurt…how He stands back and lifts His hands and lets all manner of tragedy and loss break through. Not to say that we all don’t experience these times in our lives, it’s just that some of us already experience the rich benefits of knowing, trusting, and even falling on the Lord completely during these times, allowing Him to carry us through them, just as in the timeless poem, “Footprints in the Sand.”

We pray and hold our breath and beg for mercy and grace on the behalf of our friends and loved ones who’ve strayed so far from the faith, knowing that eventually, if they do not choose to return to the fold on their own accord, that God will deal with them swiftly and oft painfully, to get them back on their rightful paths.

So my question is, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for God to hook you and reel you back in? What responsible father would allow their child to continue playing in the streets during rush hour? It’s 4:59PM …come home. You belong to a pretty rockin’ body! The Body of Christ. It’s dysfunctional without you! Let God handle your life. Even if you’re under the strong delusion that you are fully capable and do not want or have room for God in your lives, you cannot possibly create a life for yourself as complete and fulfilling as the one the Father intended for you.

You must be so worn, so weary, from trying so hard to be everything for everyone. You can find your rest and peace within Him and Him alone. In the Name of Jesus Christ, if you have read this to the end and know this post applies to you, I pray right now that God would release you from the possession of the demonic spirit of rebellious discord and restore the Holy Spirit within you. I pray you will begin today, to grow a deep, personal relationship with our Creator, and that you will find your function within the Body of Christ, the true Holy Church.

May God richly bless you this day and always and may His comfort and countenance be for you in times of pain, loss and sorrow.



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