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What’s in a Word: RECREATION

February 25, 2015

I love “aha” moments. As I was in the throws of a minor rant, I typed the words organizations and recreation, and had a doozy of an “aha” moment, if you will. I am deeply bound to loving Our Creator, Our Father in Heaven, Jehovah Jireh, God Almighty, Yah! Suddenly, the word recreation seemingly rattled my soul. Suddenly, the disdain I have in the hold the sports industry complex has on our men (and some women, God love ya!), made so much more sense than ever before. And suddenly, I knew this profound realization could be blog-worthy. Take it or leave it, here’s my thinking.

In the Bible, there were stadiums (Pagan-run, Pagan-owned) and barbarism ruled those playing fields then, just as it does now. But on a whole, aside from dancing with joy and as a praise and blessing unto the Lord, you really don’t find much coverage in the way of “good ol’ fashioned fun” in the Good Book. The Creator created…and it would seem the devil has recreated, via recreation. Is Satan the head of all distractions? You bet he is. Does he want you to know this? Of course not! So he’s very covert in the ways he causes us to become wayward souls. I believe entertainment to be some form of inner-containment, where we are then prisoners, content in our invisible cells, locked up by lame interests, in an almost hypnotic-like trance.


I am not knocking the talents of the athletic or of the entertainers, for surely they are gifted. But for what true purpose do they serve, but as a distraction from our real lives and what we really could do with all that time. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie now and then, myself.  But we’ve gone from rewarding ourselves occasionally to …well, have you seen the humans in Wall-e?  We’re on the fast train to that existence…

Recreation is a false and delightful, nearly endless world these days. You can run, climb, swim, jump, ski, fly, hang, glide, roll, bounce, alone or with an opponent, and you have the perfect excuse that it’s healthy and fun and yes, yes, yes, it’s good for you. While you are doing all of this stuff for yourself, have you ever considered whether or not your time is balanced between thrilling yourself to bits and helping others (our true purpose on Earth)?


I am guilty of self-absorption, and quite often can spend hours reading junk instead of living life, so please do not assume I am about pointing fingers. I’m just trying to help us recognize these ploys of the enemy so we can possibly find a way to turn this sinking ship around and eradicate that beast, in the name of the Lord God Almighty!

How we have traded the gifts of creation that the great Creator made for our pleasure!! Traded in for a muddled world where you can never get enough to quiet the lust for more, whether it be through sports, television, video gaming, clubbing, social networking, anything that keeps us from fulfilling the will of God, that keeps us from being useful in His Kingdom.   We need to really examine our priorities and set things straight, and work full time, for the Kingdom and not for ourselves.  Then, we can truly enjoy an occasional reward, perhaps…He said this wouldn’t be easy!!

Love yourself enough to know what’s good for ya!

Rainbow Mountains in China

Rainbow Mountains in China

Red Beach, Panjin, China

Red Beach, Panjin, China

A rainbow eucalyptus tree from Kailua, Hawaii

A rainbow eucalyptus tree from Kailua, Hawaii

cliffs of Australia (picture credit: Amanda R. Craig)

cliffs of Australia (picture credit: Amanda R. Craig)

recreation is nothing in comparison to God's creation <3

recreation is nothing in comparison to God’s creation ❤



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