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She Can’t Be Serious!!! What IS She Talking About??

March 10, 2015

I’ve admitted to having a wild imagination as well as an obscene fascination with the macabre…maybe not in so many words. This obsession with rabbit holes has led me to uncover some insane findings over the years.

Mia Wasikowska plays Alice in Tim Burton's rendition of Alice in Wonderland

Mia Wasikowski plays Alice in Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland

It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I’m bubbling over with odd bits from my different journeys through the earthen tunnels of ether, and figured now’s as good a time as any, to get this strangeness out of my system once and for all. The problem is, this thing webs out in so many different directions, it could wind up being more a book than a blog.

I’ve tried as I could to step away from this muck, but like muck, it’s muddy and I’m stuck spinning my wheels in it. I figure by writing it all out, I can finally be freed of it and move on to different interests, subjects and thoughts, for good!

Now mind you, I don’t know what to believe and what to disregard anymore in this interwoven bit of bunk I’m about to pump out. I’ve always known that truth is stranger than fiction, though and that many conspiracy theories have turned to truths as well. So I’m going to dive in and FINALLY spew this stuff back into the ether where it belongs…you can chew on any portion you’d like, or not…it’s understandable, either way.

It all started about 15 years ago when I first got the internet. As much as I said it was the devil’s tool and I’d never get it, society kind of bent me in a way to see it as beneficial for our home. I loved search engines and many such engines led me to the same website again and again. I found many like-minded individuals there who dared to delve below the curtain to see what the wizard was doing on the other side. I quickly became a part of that club, with a thirst for knowledge and a drive to fix things. (I think the latter is due to being a young wife and mother…I was wanting to fix the world for my boys…and fix my husband, to boot!).


can she fix it? No but God WILL!

Then 9/11 happened. I was completely dissatisfied with the official stories and found all kinds of old government/CIA documents that pointed out different ways such a dreadful day could be caused. It was dark, sickening, disheartening, and in the very least, extremely shocking. I think my innocence died the day I found a specific manifesto.

Anyways, I no longer trusted my government. I no longer saw elections the same nor the politicians that were appointed “by us” to serve us. Politicians are self-serving entities who in many cases could care less about the people whom appointed them. We are ALL peasants in their eyes, and their agenda is not what they are selling us from behind the podiums before election day. They are not working for us, but for the heads of the banks, but for Rome, but for the Royals…this pseudo-elite group of untouchables, and usually unidentifiables (I make up words). They are the wizards behind the curtain and they have set plans to get God angry and get this Armageddon Bowl rolling. They are perhaps unwilling, and yet perfect members of Satan’s Army.

They control the airwaves, the food supply, the World Health Organization, the markets, the oil, the financial institutions, the education systems, they control it all. Their reach spans the globe and all institutions, but also reaches even further. It reaches underground. It works with the alphabet soup of organizations around the world, completely out of sight. These DUMBs, or deep underground military bases, are where my dark research took an even darker turn.

You see, I’d seen things in the sky I couldn’t explain. I’d experienced several other very strange encounters in my life that had no earthly explanation. In my research of ghosts and UFOs, while trying to get answers that would soundly explain my experiences, I only found more rabbit holes. Some theories that I accepted were about aliens being demonic in nature…why else are the stories of those wild encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind always so terrifying? Very rarely can you find a story of someone who enjoyed being probed or being in communications with aliens…and those folks seem verifiably crazy!! What you find even with the most intellectual of abductees is a sense of fear (See Whitley Strieber). God does not give us a spirit of fear…thus, aliens and ghosts are not of God.

I tended to be more drawn to the more human explanations that pointed to secret military operations. (See operations: projects Bluebird, Monarch, Artichoke, MK-Ultra, etc,; cointel psyops). I could see parallels that made swallowing a pill that said CIA experimentation led to such abductions a little easier to do. The CIA have some twisted methods…just think LSD. (

Such rabbit holes led me to learn about programming methods, brainwashing and complete mind control. I was already, by this time, convinced that both Clinton and Bush were puppets, so this was not a real stretch of my imagination by this time in my unique journey. Although it would become more of a stretch with the more of this kind of information I absorbed.

How these things all seem to be connected and always seem to bring me back to our government heads and departments, is rather uncanny, in principle. Pedophilic-Satanic Child Sex Rings, Boys Town, Bohemian Grove, Grand Masonic Lodges…these too, lead you back to Washington and Buckingham Palace and The Vatican in one way or another. How else can you keep a man quiet and compliant other than to have him involved in sick acts of depravity, rape and murder. HOW MANY MEN/WOMEN HAVE FALLEN INTO THIS TRAP??



I recently saw footage of a grandfather and mother interviewing her daughter and son, upon finding out they had been involved with their school’s satanic sex ring. Their father, Papa, was the leader of the group. The two abused children matter-of-factly described Papa holding their hands on the knife as they decapitated babies during the animalistic rituals they were forced to be part of. They both described in harrowing detail, their rape, torture, and the special shoes made of baby’s skin, that all members wore. They named names and described the most private parts of people’s bodies, within their school. Through research, I found that those teachers, nurse and headmaster are still employed at that school named in the video, to this day. The children have been taken away from their mother, and most likely were forced to say they were lying. There’s no way on God’s green earth, that they could’ve made up the things they shared. These children and countless millions like them, need our prayers and our attention. This stuff is real and is an uncontrolled epidemic that MUST be stopped!


What you find in such secretive rings of filth and oozing power are the crust of civilization. These groups pull in city leaders, officials and intelligence from their communities to gain power through corruption. Nothing like eating a baby’s heart or raping a defenseless child to corrupt the soul and bind a person to their witnesses…and there are plenty of witnesses. From police officers to clergy members, from city managers to school administration members, their reach is far and purposeful. They are driven by the darkest of forces, Satan, and his hunger for power, money and control. (Look into allegations against Nicole Kidman’s now deceased father, look up elite hunting parties, or the history of the Mothers of Darkness castle.)

In combination with the high strangeness and sick animalistic desires of the world’s leaders, I’ve found even more bizarre things nobody really wants to believe or talk about. Just last night while watching a rather horrible movie, I was reminded again, of the possibility. There’s this actress named Mia Wasikowska. She is the SPITTING or SPLITTING image of Gwenyth Paltrow. I’ve been amused in the past by stories I’d read of cloning. Okay, amused and sometimes a little disturbed, and that’s where the DUMB’s come back into the tale.



Recently, I’ve discovered the claims of Donald Marshall (a proper youtube search will yield quick results). Now, in order to accept even a portion of what he’s shared (not sold, mind you, but freely shared), you have to stretch what you accept as the realm of possibilities. According to his telling, the “they” of our world have long been cloning people to use for multiple purposes, from pleasure, to torture, as well as for programming to carry out specific acts of violence, terrorism, and other nefarious tasks that fool the public. This would be a great time to point to Fritz Springmeier’s endless and thankless works in defining these dark areas of control. He’s felt a calling to go where few will go, in hopes of saving lives and exposing dark crimes. I understand all too well what it’s like to be called into a life serving the King instead of the World. I recognize his work to be as difficult as it is unaccepted by the majority.

The majority would rather watch horror movies than recognize the true horrors occurring in their own communities. Just as with any parasite, if let go unchecked, unnoticed, or ignored, it will only fester and cause a deeper, more difficult infection to find a cure for.

From Hollywood to Bollywood, from Greece to Spain to Holland to England to the good ol’ USofA, according to a few either brave or completely insane souls, all of these things are linked and growing stronger, day by day. From cloning to slave trading, the elites have long since grown bored of the typical vacation to the beach or the snow-capped mountains. The way they recreate makes criminals of them all. From rampant drug and sexual abuses to abuses of God’s very structure. They make Sodom and Gomorrah look more like Disneyland.


There is a dark purpose for all of this lasciviousness and secrecy. To bind men and women into doing the bidding of their puppeteers. From Hollywood, the animals have been let loose to parade around so scantily clad that they might as well be fully naked…it would seem less insulting. Their songs teach baby ears how to be rebels, sexual animals and predators, hungry for sex, money and fame. From the political centers of the world, their policies allow for abuses to natural God given rights, and re-writes law to conform to their warped ideals.

I don't know about you, but I think they're trying to tell us something...

I don’t know about you, but I think they’re trying to tell us something…

From the medical realm, they control how well we are allowed to get, keeping cures away from us peasants, all the while breaking ceilings in medical advancement. On the educational front, they re-write history and encourage new programming to alter the way the future thinks and operates, and I can promise you that these new programs are spitting right in the face of all that is good and holy and true. From the financial corners, the pillars that hold the roof over this world (so they think), there is constant manipulations in the gold and oil markets, for starters…and I haven’t even gotten to the high-tech, top-notch fakery that leads so many people into a stupor, which is the media/crisis actors/false flag events.

I’ve mentioned it in a past post, that I don’t find the following phrases amusing, but instead very revealing.

“All the world’s a stage.” “War games”, “political theater”…why use these phrases and lines if not to point to the air of trickery involved?? Thus leading me back to clones. If a portion of what Springmeier has shared concerning organic robotoids and clones are true, not to mention the possible experiences of one Donald Marshall, then my own musings could not be very amusing at all. In the least, thousands of people are being robbed a good night’s sleep to be part of some “elite fight club/champagne room”, and in the worst, well…there’s so many different worst case scenarios and possibilities here. The mental abuse alone, not to mention switch and baits, hedonistic abuses, and the complete and total deception of the human race.

And if you’re still with me on my path of insanity, it is here that I’d like to mention that Paul is dead. Of course, many have long written this off as some piece of insane conjuring of crazy acid trips and Beatle mania, or something like that. Did Paul die in a freak accident? Did the Beatles decide to cover that fact up and try to carry on? Is there really a Faul (or fake Paul) McCartney? Well this little stunning piece of lunacy did amuse one of my sons and me for a couple days. Heather Mills seems to think Paul has something very big to hide and he’s kept the mystery alive through unusual answers through the years in different interviews. George Harrison has even been recorded calling Paul Faul.  Do I believe this stuff? I don’t know. I don’t not believe it…if that makes sense.

And Mia Wasikowska has a name and origin that doesn’t help my brain to see straight…being that she’s from Australia (see Kidmans) and that her name is Me a was a cow-sk (a play on words?)…and cows were the first thing cloned (if I’m not mistaken…back either in the late 60’s or early 80’s…again, I’m too lazy to look it up at the moment {it happens}). Would it be such a stretch if she were a cloned version of Gwyneth Paltrow? HAHA! Who knows, we may never know, but I think there is more going on in this world than meets the eye. And while the higher ups are scrambling to keep things on the down-low and mum, the victims are giving voice to the cause. Are you going to join the millions of doubters or believe the VICTIMS stories and help expose evil no matter what shape or form it’s in? That’s the question.

call me crazy...

call me crazy…

it's rather bizarre, just how many movies and videos depict cloning stations and methods so similarly, it's as if they're trying to tell us something.  But most of us receive this as far-out sci-fi.

it’s rather bizarre, just how many movies and videos depict cloning stations and methods so similarly…as if they’re trying to tell us something. But most of us receive this as far-out sci-fi.


A face only a highly controlled robotoid daughter could love…or the face of a psychotic child rapist posing as a psychologist.


This world is strange. Some things aren’t strange, but many things are. In all these misadventures into the dark tunnels of ether, one thing keeps being highlighted. Evil exists. Just as I know that to be true, I know goodness exists too. It comes from a singular source. All things that are good, just, and profitable to the soul, come from God. The God that is able to protect you from all the darkness that’s out there, in all it’s sick and twisted forms, is the very God that can save us all from the lies and the evil that is closing in around us.

On this note, I want to add, be aware of where your money goes and what platforms you get behind. We’re being lied to, and there are people in this world in a mad scramble to keep these things hidden. Scientists die, bankers jump from their high-rise buildings to their deaths, whistleblowers are muted, countless victims are threatened, secrets held over their head. Do not get caught up in the trappings of this world. Pray your eyes open to the layers of deception so that you will be equipped and know how to face every situation you encounter. May I add that inviting God to lead the way, is the greatest order of protection.

I may have some crazy thoughts, but I’ve got an awesome God!



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  1. I must add that I included many links with this post, including videos and all but one link have disappeared. So I’m sorry, I tried to do some of the work for you…but it looks like you will have to do the research for yourself. NOT SURE WHAT’S GOING ON…

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