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March 20, 2015

I was watching the first episode of the new season of Married at First Sight, and was shocked that out of the six people they chose, not a single one was a professed Christian.  Even the Indian had strayed from her familial ties to their prescribed Hindu faith.  These six people were described as being “open” to faith, but not practitioners.  They, like so many of God’s people, have strayed from tradition for new shiny self-awareness and new age practices. These people chose to profess nothing, but having an open mind. (If you open your mind too wide, your brain tends to fall out).

If you see a red rose, you would not say it’s a colored flower, you would define it as a red rose.  If you saw a flat tire, you would not say the tire is okay, you’d be sure to mention that it’s flat.  So if you know God, you know in His jealousy, that He prefers that you apply the whole truth when discussing Him, not just some theory.  He doesn’t take kindly to lukewarm folk. He’s like, meh…why bother pretending? Do they think by not completely denying Him, they are somehow safe?

The truth is found within the Word.  God is not just “some higher power”  He is THE Higher Power, the Most High God, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He is that we are.  The Creator of All Life.  He warns us through His word of a time when men would come under strong delusion, and I KNOW we are in that time now.

I think about how Elijah had the ultimate faith in God.  One man versus a whole group of pagans, in a challenge of the gods.  (Refer to 1 Kings 18).  This particular group of people worshipped Baal and Asherah, and Elijah challenged them to pray to their gods to start a fire on the alter.  850 pagan priests prayed steady for a few hours, but not even a puff of smoke arose from the alter.  Then Elijah dug a trench around the alter and even poured buckets of water onto the wood, such was his faith in our Lord Almighty.  He then prayed and instantly, God answered with fire!

This is the God I’ve come to know. A God that answers, a Fearsome and Powerful God; He is as the Word says He IS, to this day, the same God of the same character…and His Son, just as forgiving as the day He died and rose again to sit at the right hand of Our Holy Father. Beautiful, isn’t it, how true they’ve remained?

I look for prayer requests on facebook.  I am blessed to have many friends who still adhere to the Word and know that only He can answer calls for healing and help.  I’ve seen so many amazing testimonies after prayers were answered! Yes, there have been a few “no’s” along the way, but even in the no’s, He manages to be magnified and elicits praise from the lips of His faithful followers.

Today you can be a virtual follower of ANYONE!  Through social media, you can “follow” your favorite sport’s star, politician, actor or friend.  With all of this following, it’s no wonder so many people have been led astray and/or have lost their way. There’s only One that we should follow along the narrow Way, and that’s Jesus!

Tradition is being smashed and trashed…but why? Tradition has long been upheld as a familial treat and way to honor our past, our ancestors and in many cases, our God. I’ve been long of the mindset that there is a force that intends to destroy the family, faith, unity, and morality. (Ephesians 6) So is it any wonder that when I look around at all that’s happened on this planet since my arrival 38 years ago, that my heart breaks just a little?


my great-great-great grandparents

I think of my grandparents. They came from farmers and oil field workers, maids and dirt poor conditions of the previous generations. But there was a force stronger than all the grief, trial, and circumstance, that deeply bound those family members to one another and to God. They carried themselves in such a manner that beckoned respect, honor and dignity. When I look at old pictures from my father’s childhood, one can’t help but flashback to “Leave it to Beaver”, and honestly, they certainly were inclined to keep up appearances.


my daddy’s holding the puppy

Women dressed divinely, most often in dresses, very classy and refined, an aura of dignity, their crown. Men looked upright, clean cut, and strived to be a gentleman, even if they didn’t necessarily act as such in private. Divorce was almost unheard of, and the family unit was solid. These were a people who knew their God and honored Him in their manner, their dress, and through their offerings. They were proud and hard-working, after all, they made it through the Great Depression and worked to rebuild lives, as well as creating commerce and industry at an unprecedented rate, making the USA a profitable, honorable country. The United States was a beacon of light and hope in those days, and the presidents prayed before the people to the One True God, thanking Him for His Providence and for richly blessing our country and her people.

What happened??? I know everything really began ramping up in the 60’s…that was when LOVE was redefined! You can bet that was a big power move by our common enemy. He’s all about redefining God’s creations. Free, easy, guilt-free lust and lasciviousness disguised as love. Drunkenness and drug abuse hit an all-time high and society began a long-term nose dive. Divorces began climbing to the epidemic proportions we’ve seen in this last decade. Music was taking a dark trip of it’s own, and the porn industry was taking it’s first breath of life not long after. And look at us now, folks…woul’ja just look at us NOW?!!!

And that brings me back to “Married at First Sight.” The most interesting thing about this new season may just be the gorgeous Indian lady. She made it glaringly obvious that she harbors an abundance of anger, due to being bullied about her race and faith as a child. So does anyone else find it interesting that though she has since shirked her religious heritage, she is actually going back to her roots through the acceptance of an arranged marriage? Just a little humorous irony, before I get back on track.

These people, fed up with the natural routes of seeking a partner have put their trust into the hands of relationship and spiritual professionals, because they no longer trust their own judgment. I have to wonder if they ever considered asking God (or Shiva for the beautiful Indian woman) to help them find their mate, but since they are pretty far removed from practicing the faith of their fathers, my guess would be that the thought to include God in this process never crossed their minds. These people suffer in spirit and suffer mentally, as well, and the cure to all that ails them is just a call away.

That’s one of the most awesome things about God, and what separates him from us and our human frailties. He never tires of hearing from us, and NO ONE can touch His multi-tasking abilities. He’s OMNIPRESENT!

And that leads me to the “spiritual experts”. Just what deems you qualified to be a spiritual expert? These “experts” are pushing a Unitarian agenda on society. As each generation passes, less truth is carried with them. Because their parents have not studied God’s Holy Word, and let Jesus into their heart and lived their faith out loud for their children to learn from, their children had no example in which to learn from. Many, many, many Christians are guilty of routinely going to church, but not staying close to God daily through prayer and meditation on His Holy Word or sharing their faith openly with their family and friends.

Within a generation, much can be lost, if not cared for properly. If you leave something on a shelf, it’s liable to rust, or gather dust, or wilt, or die, depending on whether it was a vase, a book or a plant. If you run your car without ever changing it’s fluids, you are asking for trouble. Everything needs maintenance in order to last, but for some reason or other, people seem to think that faith is maintenance free. How do you know what God wants for your life if you do not know God?

Knowing God will take a lifetime. As soon as you think you know Him, He reveals another facet of Himself to you. Through reading the Bible, you stay close to Him. I’ve said this before, but have you ever noticed how you can read the same scripture at different times in your life and it carries a different message to your soul every single time? That’s what is meant when one says that “the Word is alive!” It is one way God ministers to you.

How will you know whether or not someone is telling you the truth or just some twisted version, if you do not know the Truth? Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him. He is the Truth. To know the Truth, first you must accept the Truth…get it yet?

You can’t go with the flow (a rather new flow of poo, really) that says the bible is just a bunch of fairy tales. You can’t sit on the fence and keep mum about how you really feel, just to look cool. You really think this behavior is going to fly with God??? Joe Cool will be judged not so cool…and may end up rather hot…really. I see this wolf-pack behavior so often online and off, it’s disgusting. I look at these people and sin with a cuss…I think they are chicken-spits…(rhymes with spit anyways, God forgive me.) I am not perfect. I do sin. I have awful thoughts about cowards and abusers. I know I’m to pity them, but sometimes I just can’t. I think ignorance is a safe way to live. I think a lot of people are playing it safe and just have to wonder, what are they so afraid of? Chicken spits.

I used to be one of those “love and light” chicas. I used to really believe God was going to let everyone in, whether they accepted Jesus or not. I believed in Jesus, but wasn’t concerned with anyone who said they were pretty sure there was a higher power, but that they didn’t think it necessary to talk to or worship an invisible man in the sky. The number of times I’ve heard this…I digress, I think I’ve chimed in already about the atheist/deist/theists broken record of repetitive phrases, like a record of number one hits…if not, oh well. I’m more concerned about the re-writing of history and the total attack on Christian faith and principles.

I used to think I had God figured out and that in the ending there would be rainbows and butterflies and joy for all. But God was dealing with me. He was opening my eyes to the falsehoods sprinkled in with the truth and then it flipped and He showed me the truth being sprinkled in with the falsehoods. He showed me how they had taken from and added to His Holy Word.

Then God reminded me that we are powerless, and He is all-powerful, and that we are not to make gods of ourselves by taking claim of His power. He showed me that this clever meshing of Christian talk and New Age talk combined is the great and strong delusion that will fool an entire generation.

As I committed my life FULLY to Him, I cannot sit idly by when someone shows sign of being caught in the web of deceit. As Jesus saved, and saves to this day, I wish to help any who professes to following Christ, back onto the right path. The Way is narrow….so it can be easy to step off of it, if not careful (neglecting studying the Word and praying in the Spirit) or if misled. We are all being bombarded with distractions, neat theories, warped beliefs, and the collective are a few the flying arrows of Ephesians 6…

The devil would rather you remain concerned with your own happiness than reflect for a moment on the suffering of others…that’s his trap of self-absorption, self-centeredness, self-focus, self-awareness…it’s either you at the center or Christ…there’s no two ways, only one!


There are two ways…the right Way and the wrong way. When you turn from the Light, you head straight into darkness. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life…all other paths lead to hell. It is real…please don’t fool yourself or others that it’s not. Don’t “cool” your way out of eternal life. Everyone wants to be relevant and cool, hip with the times, but no one seems to care about being cool enough for God. He’s looking for different qualities than the world is focusing on. Do you know what they are?

Let God be enough…the nirvana all the hippies seek to achieve (and only get glimpses of) lives and thrives inside the heart of the believer. There, in the Garden, the Holy Spirit awaits, offering an ever-flowing spring, a thriving, abundant and ever-producing crop of joy, peace, love, healing, hope, and all other fruits of the Spirit, the Holy living waters flow everlasting, unstoppable by time or any other power. This is what He offers us, inside us, this wealth of treasures not to keep stored up, but to replenish us and shouldn’t that be what flows into the lives of others through laboring beside them, helping them, caring for them, and encouraging them in these dark days. In reality millions are being slaughtered in the name of war and religion. The darkness is steadily growing because His Light is growing dim, His people have fallen asleep at the wheel. A light bulb cannot take the place of the sun, false hope and false prophets only counterfeit the hope ONLY found in JESUS.

Know the Truth and Proclaim the Truth, we’re in the business of Kingdom Building and Salvation for All Nations! Time is short!

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12(KJV)

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


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