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A Prayer for the Oath Keepers

May 14, 2015

For a few months now, I have mulled over what to say and how to address the very real concerns surrounding Jade Helm.  I have been unnaturally cautious in my public thoughts and musings concerning the unusually large-scale, multi-faction military operation, because the town we live on the outskirts of, is one of the listed participants.

In doing the “Will I, Won’t I” dance, and reading more ex-military members’ commentary and concerns, every new day, I have managed, by the Grace of God, to experience relative peace.  He has always been with me and will remain with me, no matter where I wind up.  And this ol’ life, as difficult as it is beautiful, is but a fleeting temporary doorway into the richness and lightness of eternity.

Over the centuries, so many men and women have stood in the gap, taking the fury through bullet or blade, for an ideal, for a people, for a nation.  The world is rotting in discourse, and “things are strange all over”, and because of the valor and honor that men and women have displayed in the past, I still have some smidgen of hope in humanity.  I hold on to what I believe is the good word of the Oath Keepers.  The men and women who love and honor both God and country, who believe in maintaining our freedoms and rights in accordance to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights we were raised under. These souls are sprinkled within every military branch, as well as within police departments, fire departments, and emergency response units through out our country.  They are willing today down their lives for us if push comes to shove and directions become difficult to obey…

So instead of focusing on all the what if’s, why’s, who’s, when’s, where’s, and what’s…let us come together in unity and agreement in prayer for the Oath Keepers, May they be ever vigilant and true.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come before You today in all humility and with repentant and thankful hearts.  We are greatful for Your Mercy and Grace and sacrifice of life on our behalf through Jesus Christ, and we pray to be more sacrificial in our daily lives, to better reflect the Son.  We are sorry we have become weak, complacent and negligent of our standards and morals and ask your forgiveness as we soberly look towards the future.

We thank You for the strong, assured hearts of the men and women who are willing to stand for what is right, and stand against what is wrong and evil, knowing death is a possibility.  Oh, what splendid heroic hearts and souls you create!  We thank You for these true countrymen and women and ask that you give them discernment and bless them with foresight and wisdom in all matters.  We pray that You would cover them with Your supernatural protection and that they be made ready for and if the day for them to live up to their oaths arrives.  You are our strong tower, our shelter, our power and strength.  Empower us who believe, to be the light, the peace, the truth You speak, to be Your Holy, useful, utilitarian vessels, constantly filled with Your Holy Spirit and constantly shedding Your Holy Light and Your Heavenly Hope.  Let us all magnify and glorify Your goodness, Your power and might, it is in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen


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