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Mental Illness is All the Rage!

June 4, 2015

By the time you finish this first paragraph, at least 85.9% or more of you will have formed a negative opinion of me.  Nevermind that you have been conditioned to do so.  I  only ask that you keep on reading.  My God in Heaven makes no mistakes.  If you are born a female, you were intended to be a female.  If you were born a man

…yeah, yeah, yeah, you get my drift.  Life is hardening me.  I swore I’d never let that happen, but that was when I thought I was in control of things…you know the little things, such as life.  But I am in utter disagreance with the majority and popular opinion.  And I am fine with that.

It no less than pains me to be privy to the horrific details of self loathing and self mutilation of the infamous athelete formally known as Bruce Jenner.  Now he’s Bruce Jenner 2.0, or she…don’t shoot!

I am a closet viewer of the E! tv show that brought the spotlight back onto the chipper, aging athelete and his vapid brood of spoiled vixens (well, two of them only recently went the way of the Rising Sun as well, but the rest of the clan had been there for a while.)

Some will ask, if you are a Christian, how can you talk like that?  All I can say is that some Christian has too.  So many professing Christians are too worried about being cool or politically correct to even touch such subjects, and at worst, they actually see nothing wrong with Bruce’s decision to become Caitlyn. They join the majority and laud this troubled soul with high praise as he’s been awarded with his own Diane Sawyer interview, as well as a two hour special on E!, followed by a complete documentary series to come, also on E!  If that is not enough, he is now being awarded as a “hero” in the ESPY awards (whatever they are). All for being plastered on the cover of Vanity Fair, airbrushed, spanked, and hiding the man hands and tiddly bits! That’s not heroic, it’s faire for the vain!

Would you like to know what is really Brave? How about fighting a flooded raging river to save a child from drowning?  Or laying down your life for your country, or running through a blazing fire on the 55th story to save a lady and her 79 cats.  It is not  getting a boob job and plastic surgery and dressing in drag.  That, my friends, is entertainment.

Really, the whole world has gone mental.  Or is mental illness something else entirely?  First, you need to know what I think about Bruce’s route.  I pitied him as husband to Kris Jenner.  She seemed to be very controlling, and stifled him in many ways.  Maybe if she had let him have the golf course in the back yard and a place to display his helicopters, he’d still be Bruce.  Perhaps she helped to further emasculate him to the point where he felt that if he can’t beat them, then why not join them.  I don’t buy the official story and I don’t care how many hours are devoted to convincing us it’s the genuine truth.  I have trust issues, I guess…he was such a virile man, in his younger years.  But money and power never fail at corruption, and I am sure Bruce has paid dearly for it.

I have mentioned the demonic and Satanic influences that are interwoven in the fabric of Hollywood in some of my other blog posts.  Mental illnesses are also prevalent there, as is divorce, rape, drug addictions, sexual depravity and all other manner of sins, including all 7 deadly ones.

So it is not really a stretch of the imagination to ponder on the fact that Bruce must’ve been mental to make such a decision. Like one of his daughters, I wanted to know if he would still be attracted to girls and would he consider himself a lesbian at that point …and how backasswards is that?! He must be mental!!

But what if he’s actually possessed? He feels that he is a woman trapped inside a woman’s body. Now if people find it so easy to believe that, then is it really a stretch to consider that he has been possessed by a strong spirit or demon, for a considerable chunk of his life? (or so he says.  He claims he used to sneak around in his mom and sister’s clothing as a young boy.)

What if, what if, just what if he were to have sought help in the Christian community about his feelings.  As Christians, are we even equipped to deal with the possibility of demons and demonic possession?  I’d say that the majority of Christians are definitely not and that half of those do not see demons as being real or effecting people in the world today.  However, we are equipped, as God gave us plenty of information about demons and possession. Start with Ephesians chapter 6..

I am of the belief that many mental illnesses are misdiagnosed.  And I believe that just like Mary Magdalene had several demons attached to her, millions of people today live with the legion of demons torturing their souls.  These dark forces of evil  are the thoughts that won’t die down, the things that make your soul writhe, those noisome voices in your head.  And what other than twisted thoughts and mental fracturing can cause a man to desire to be a woman so much, he can no longer face the day as a man?

Am I positive that possession is a factor in the athelete formally known as Bruce’s decisions? No. Mind Control experimentation also came to mind. He is definitely a prime candidate on many levels and since I’ve been pondering the hows and whys, and questioning the official lines we are CONSTANTLY being fed, I keep coming back to D.I.D. (disassociative identity disorder) and M.P.D., or multiple personality disorder which are side effects of being a mind control victim.  I have no proof of any of this and the majority will continue to cling to B/C’s every word, because that’s the supposed safe choice.  Y’all do know he’s making big money doing this, right?!…That fact’s just another thing that sets him apart from real heroes.  Gotta earn the big dough to pay for the big change, right?

Yes, as I age, I am becoming more cynical.  But I am also raising boys and when I think about them dating, I wonder now, will a man in a dress try to fool them?  This was not something I ever considered before this century…and in this decade all kinds of high strangeness is ramping up. High profile Bruce Jenner is just another cog in this machine to destroy American values and ideals.  When you are endorsed by a twittering president, you must be doing a job well done.

I am very worried about our country.  As the whole of us marches joyously away from righteousness, God’s hammer gets ever closer.

I pray you Know the Rock and Cling to the Word, Pray daily for discernment and understanding and ARE found Hidden Beneath His Wings!

Until next time, Vaya con Dios!


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  1. It is amazing how the human ego attempts to find it’s flaws in others. You are a sick, mentally-ill individual that needs to seek professional help. Please seek out a psychologist so they can help you deal with the disease in your brain. No one should have to suffer like you, being filled with hate and disgust each day. I pray for you and I hope you overcome this illness of hate, bigotry and ignorance.

    • Just the same, my prayer is that God opens your eyes to the travesties that have caused your vision to be so skewed as to insult my mentality. May we all experience continual healing and not be so quick to lash out at perfect strangers.

      You see, a difference of opinions does not mean mental illness is involved, dear commenter. Peace be with you this day. May you recognise the difference between hate and concern, disgust happens…especially in this day and age of all things atrocious!

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