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Well, I Declare!

August 12, 2015

We all have THOSE days.  The kind of days where you wake up and stub your toe before you even make it to the bathroom.  Once on the latrine, you notice the toilet paper has not been replaced. When you head for the kitchen, you step on a lego before finding out the milk is sour…okay, that last one…never happens here!

You finally head out to take on the day, when you realize you forgot the package you wanted to mail out, and then the ATM machine tries to tell you that your card has expired…which of course, it hadn’t, and you step in fresh gum while in your favorite flip-flops!

So before you even get to lunch, you declare it to be one of THOSE days…

I did this yesterday…first, out loud, and later, through an instagram post…

Declare positive things, or you may feel like this...

Declare positive things, or you may feel like this…

Okay, it was my 2nd grumpy instagram post.  My first one dealt with the inferno, otherwise known as Texas-mid-August.

My friend topped us, at 111°F 🔥🔥🔥

My friend topped us, at 111°F 🔥🔥🔥

That is probably why you can still find so many God-fearin’ folk in this region of the country…we have been to hell and back, once a year, for a full month, for our whole lives  and we don’t dig it!!!  Heaven will surely be a perfect 65-73°F, except on the coasts, where it will be 88° or 92° and partly cloudy.  But I’m getting off track, (what else is new?).

While excited for my boys to see all their school mates, I dread the paperwork, I am so ADHD and I REALLY hated school, so I still get clostrophobic, when I am inside one of those stuffy boxes, erm…school buildings.  So anyways, after filling out the five thousandth form, I felt snarky enough, and made a post about that too. This time, facebook was the victim.

I was spreading my grump all around the internet, not intentionally, mind you…and next thing you know, we head off for my brother’s house, and I have a wicked blow-out.  Can this pony ride stop already!

Not just flat, but shredded wheat-flat!

Not just flat, but shredded wheat-flat!

By the grace of God, I managed to not only keep chill, but keep the peace and calm with my 12, 14, 16, and 18 year old sons!!!  You may or may not appreciate the beauty in that…only moms of multiple boys truly can.  Immediately, I felt the irony of my previous Instagram featuring the picture of my sister’s dog, who looked like she had surrendered…I have a dachshund-corgi mix who hasn’t been fixed yet, and he was her parasite, shadow and wanna-be lover during their recent visit to our farm.  The pic was taken the last day they were here, and yeah, she’d had enough.  I feel this way a lot.  My boys are um…boys…ha!  But we know how to make the best of any situation.

Earlier in the day, pre-posts, pre-flat, while on our way to pick up their oldest brother, my second oldest began a beautiful, timbering Indian chant. It was our rain dance chant, and so I joined in.  We have no radio, so we often sing, but this, was the first time my car was blessed with the throaty gutteral soul sounds of chanting.  So when it began raining, on our way back to the high school, he, of course, took credit for the rain.  He knew God heard his cries!!  We wouldn’t fully appreciate the fact that the rain came until we were found on the side of the road, after all local tire centers were closed, right after sunset.

The rain had brought the miserable temperatures down and there was a nice, light breeze to keep us cool, as we waited.  My Little Miss Sunshine approach to life can sometimes get under my more cynical oldest son’s skin, but he cannot deny certain positives, when I point them out.

After a call to a 24 hour tire service shop, We were praising the Lord that it happened in the evening after that bit of rain, instead of in the middle of the day, when it was blistering hot.  I enjoyed making a spontaneous phone call to chat with a dear friend who also had a freakish incident, while on the road yesterday, and also got to observe the kindness of a young man.

You see, in the two plus hours we were stuck on the side of the road, only one person stopped.  A class of 2015 graduate of the high school we just left.  He restored my faith in youth!  He also was a response from God hearing my thoughts.  Less than a minute after he arrived, I had silently wondered why no one else had stopped and had a few sour thoughts about today’s society.  But God said, look here, there’s still a few good folks in this world.

In conclusion, nothing is that big of a deal, if you trust in The Real Deal.  The One True God, The Holy Trinity that is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He always responds, can you recognize His responses?

I learned that when having a bad day, don’t declare it so, or the universe will respond in kind.  But if you do, God’s still coming to the rescue when you call, because He figured out long ago, that we are a detriment to ourselves at times…that’s why He sent us a Savior, in Jesus Christ!  Has He Saved You, yet?  All you have to do is ask.

Vaya con Dios

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