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On Breaking Down

August 29, 2015

My ’98 Chevy Blazer broke down today, and once I got home, I broke down on facebook, because I can be pathetic like that…

Once I calmed down and accepted reality, I reflected on all that had just happened.

The lady who gave me a ride home today is new to Texas and this area of the Brazos Valley. She said she fully expected to be bombarded by smiles and warm welcomes, once she arrived here in Texas, or at least to have her smiles returned, but “Nothing!”

She said that the people around here seem rigid and all business. Initially, I popped off with, “Well, Texas is a land of many regions, so if you want happy, you will find that in Austin.”

As I said it, my mind split in two directions, one was the smart-alecky bit about liberals being the only happy folks these days, but I skipped over that ridiculous musing for this.

With lay-offs and shootings happening every day, as the the cost of living further and further increases and the rate of pay continues to stagnate…with divorces being at an all-time high, suicide rates climbing higher everyday, a volitile stock market and cancer-rates also sky-rocketting, as well as multiple addiction rates soaring, some completely unchecked, and mental illness is rampant and shooting through the roof, there is not a single soul left unaffected, here in the friendship state, or anywhere else on earth.

It is no wonder people aren’t smiling, even in Texas!

But look what God did today! Even though my car is still dead and not with me, I met a lady who lives a few miles from me, who is into herbs and essential oils and even conspiracies! She said that even though she has been here a few months now, I am the first person to really talk with them. Because we had to go to the auto shop, I was able to show them a few side streets and short cuts, as well as let them know there was a doctor in town and about our festival and fair, and more.

Even in our troubles, God’s hand is at work. It was nice to meet someone I have things in common with. To be able to be a bright spot in someone’s day who is actually a bright spot in your day, is such a perk!

Hopefully, that won’t be the last time I get to visit with Collette, and hopefully next time, it will not be due to an emergency…is a broke down car an emergency? I know there are far worse emergencies…even if mine involved three gallons of milk at high noon.

Well at Hot’o’clock, Texas time, the panic started to creep in, when my car wouldn’t turn over, …but instead of freaking out,  all I did was ask the first person I saw, if they had any jumper cables.

Did I know her son was a mechanic who worked at O’Reilly’s, like my brother in law? No! But God did!  So as he tinkered with various things, we ladies talked.  It was quite lovely, actually.

So my facebook post was a little grumpy, venting steam is never pretty! But I have to give mad props to my Savior and King for making my troubles light. It seems like every time something like this happens, I catch a break of some sort.

Incidentally, once upon a time, I actually broke down right next to an O’Reilly’s (auto parts store)…seriously! All I needed was a hose, and the man next door, where I broke down (because blind ol’ me didn’t even notice the O’Reilly’s!!), offered to fix it for me, and it was quick and easy!

Another time, same truck (that is now being sold for parts), caught on fire while I was sitting at my eldest’s baseball practice…it was an electrical fire… Anyhow, the concession stand, which was never opened for practices, happened to be opened…and the star baseball player just happened to know where the fire exstinguisher was, as well as how to use it. He put out that fire fast, and I only lost use of the radio…my monkey that hung from the rear view mirror, only had a singed toe. The firemen arrived and fixed the wiring (not sure that is in their job description…so that was a plus and pleasant surprise!) and the truck drove 5 more years, until the engine blew, this summer. Any other day, any other practice, I would have lost the truck, that day!

When you break down and need a tow truck, there is only the cab of the truck to ride in. One day, on a spur of the moment fishing trip with my four guys, our truck just went and died…I actually hated driving that thing. It was a test of faith, every time, to get in with plans of arriving at a specific destination, at a specific time.

This was the reason why. But again, God sent us the sweetest tow truck driver. He risked losing his license, as well as amassing incredible fines, to give us five a ride from Dog Ridge to Copperas Cove…I prayed God’s cloak of invisibility around us, and prayed blessings over that man…I remember his name was Sam. Like clowns in a sardine can, we chatted with Sam, the whole way home.

Before the flat last month, on my new old car, it rained, cooling off the earth significantly. Jake takes full credit for the rain, because he was chanting our time-honored rain dance chant (out of the blue) a little earlier that day. I say, that God put it on Jake’s heart to chant, and God blesed his call to strengthen Jake’s understanding of his special gift. Jake fully accepts that answer and totally gives God what credit he doesn’t claim for himself…he is young yet…God and I, both, understand his capacity for understanding still has much room for expansion. Whose doesn’t?

While we waited well into the night for a service man to come to our small town and fix my flat, we rejoiced that it was much cooler than the 108°F I had captured earlier in the day.  (See previous post for more on that story.)

Some people may think I always look for the silver lining…and while that may be their way of defining it, I want them to know that I am always looking for God. I am seeking out God’s presence in every situation, for I know He is with me.

The more you look for Him, the more you see His handywork. The more you see His handywork, the more grateful and aware you become.

But the more you deny Him in your life, the further away He will be.

These are the kinds of physics I understand.

One more thing. If you are blessed to see God in the details, and you know God put someone in your path to help you along, be ever so bold as to let them know…because most people are unaware of the spiritual forces at work around them…perhaps they never knew God could use them…let them know and be gracious and loving, always. His ways make life’s stumbling blocks more bearable!

Vaya con Dios

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