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Served Fresh Every Day

November 11, 2015


New life.  When you receive this NEW LIFE through Christ, you see, everyday is a New Day in Christ.  His mercies are new every morning.  His Grace is new every morning.  Your garments and armor, NEW EVERY morning!

I think sometimes we forget that or take it for granted.  Our faith may be old, by a generational standpoint, but it is made Brand New every morning, and we should try to live through the freshness that only such Newness offers.

Every day, a new conversation with God, a new facet of His limitless praise-worthy character can be revealed.  And due to how multi-faceted He IS, we can never know Him enough OR completely!  Fantastic! Exciting!! Amazing!!!

Now, think of construction.  What buildings seem to remain standing after a storm tears through a town?  All of the newest cracker-jack, quickly constructed buildings receive some of the most serious damage.  You often see that some of those homes are ripped completely from their foundations.

What remains are the oldest buildings, built with higher quality materials, by master craftsmen, sometimes, over an incredibly long period of time.

This all came to me when I pondered the dilemma Christians are facing, and the very fact that we dare utter these realizations in a very secular world, and praise the Lord, that instead of getting rattled, I receive this as a reminder, from the Holy Spirit, the medium between us and the Most Holy One.

Our foundation is solid, our faith built from the Finest Rock.  Every attempt to silence us has failed, our faith has weathered every storm.  Whatever happens in the coming battle against our faith, it will eventually fail. Our faith will be like the ancient buildings, still standing, having withstood every attack, every blow, every attempt to shatter us. Our God will be so present within us, giving us endless supplies of strength to hold on, stand firm, and stay strong through the constant ramrodding storms.


But, just like a teapot of boiling water, when removed from the fire, it goes cold, it stops singing…we too can abandon our fever for the Lord, we can be found not singing His praises, when we stray from His Word  His Standards and distance ourselves from His Grace. To be on fire for Jesus, we must constantly persue Him, place ourselves on His path of righteousness, endure the fires of His refinement, and trust that what He does with our lives will not only magnify Him and bring Him glory, but that His breath in our lives will profit us, mind, body and soul.

The great falling away is happening right now. Hearts are growing cold as they choose worldliness over godliness. As they jump on the endless supply of bandwagons, as they choose to embrace sin instead of clinging to the Promises of God.

We will be called bigots and prejudice, by people who do not believe in the ways of the Lord. But do not be dismayed. What may be misinterpreted as prejudice is actually the conviction of standards set before us by a loving God. He wants His people to flourish and be safe, so He set these precidents before us as a guide for healthy living. He blazed His guide on stone to forever remind us of what is pleasing in His eyes and what is not acceptable.


Just like passing up a donut when you are on a restricted diet, it is sometimes very difficult to go against the flow. But God is within you, and He whispers His desires for you through such convictions. He sings over you. He blankets you in His righteousness. He will be glorified, so let us continue to play for the team that brings Him glory!

Let us embrace this Newness of Life that is offered to us, daily. Let not the iniquity of sin settle in your bones and find you groaning. Do not tune out the Lord’s beneficial instruction in trade for some temporary pleasure that leads to death! Choose life! New life, a renewed spirit, embracing the new mercies and grace every morning! Be washed in the shower of God’s reign!

Go forth and Be Love!

Vaya con Dios (Go with God)

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