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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

December 17, 2015

I was looking at my ‘this day in history’ for today and saw a sweet message from one of my dear sisters in Christ that I do not often connect with but know, just as I could not love her more, she could not love me more.

I wished for a little more time, for a split second, to be able to connect more often, and let her know I love her and appreciate her presence, though invisble, very much there through prayer, in my life…

And I reflected on the many, many that I feel the same way for; like this radiating, actual shaking amount of love for these…there is almost an ache to it, but there is nothing whatsoever carnal, about it. This is just an amazingly intense love…agape, perhaps?!
And it dawned on me that we, as members of one body, naturally wish to be together, close, and bound, because bodies are usually full, in tact. And right now we are scattered to the four corners.

And I thought about Heaven and the infinite amount of time that we will finally be together, finally as it should be, and think, wow…that really is Heaven.

Because up there, I won’t ever be grumpy or moody or paralized by pain, and all my insecurities will be but a forgotten memory, in the glory of the Lord and with my new body. We will be like children at His feet, all of us, together, as it was meant to be. We are called the body of Christ. We sit at His right hand, collectively. That is truly powerful. This trembling will be sated by the fact that every single sister and brother I hold so dear in my heart, and countless more we have yet to be blessed to know, will be there, and we will have eternity to fellowship IN THE LIGHT OF THE LORD!!! I don’t know about you, but I dream of all of my friends meeting each other, I just know they will love each other too…because webare fingers and toes, hands and feet…we belong together!!

Oh these marvelous things to look forward to, as we look up, awaiting our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

I know many Christians must feel the way I do about these very special friendships, here on Earth. How we wish we had more time to grow each friendship, reach out to each person you love.

I have friendships with many folks from all points of the path of life, but the ones on the narrow way, they know how I feel, the best…because our hearts house the very same Spirit…the Holy Spirit. We have this gift we like to share, it is a gift that was first given to us by Jesus Christ, when we chose to give our lives to Him. It is the gift that keeps on giving, by ways of discernment, warning, and the launching pad of much compassion. We are spurned into action by the Holy Spirit…so when the world is telling us to shut up, THE LION ROARS IN RETURN!!

The Holy Spirit equips us with courage, wisdom, love, compassion, understanding, and as I mentioned above, the very important gift of discernment.

This does not mean we will always display one or more of these attributes, gifts, abilities, whatever you want to call them, because we Christians are humans just like the rest, and we all make mistakes in judgement, mistakes in relationships, mistakes in business, mistakes in every realm of life, like every one else…

However, there is this other gift, the gift of forgiveness. He gives this to those who ask for it when repenting of their sins. He also calls on us to be forgiving, just as He is. That is what grace is. Forgiveness. Mercy and Grace are the ultimate gifts, and as Christians, we are called upon to show mercy and grace, just as our Father in Heaven shows us continually through out our short lives.

We can’t do anything to earn any of these gifts…they are all freely given to us when we give our lives in trust of the Lord. When you put your life into the hands of Jesus Christ, you are trusting Him to lead you into the ways of righteousness. But protection and eternal life and so much more comes in response to your trust. He responds so that your trust and faith will grow until it is unbreakable, unshakable faith…

There is one thing you have to do though…and that is communicate. Along with earnest study of God’s Word, so you know exactly who you are talking to, communication is a MUST!

I know this all seems way off course from my original topic, but that is just it. These sisters and brothers of mine, they ALL took that leap of faith and they all have come to know a better Way, the narrow way. They have found peace within their hearts, and joy within their soul…but they, we…we all suffer the same struggles as everyone else. We experience loss, poverty, bankruptcy, house fires, accidents, broken bones, the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, the effects of infidelity, the effects of every rotten and painful sin out there, every illness, every type of slap in the face there is. And we have times where there are no answers or no answers that our ears can handle and there are times we can barely get up, from the blows of life…and yes, there are times of doubt. For me it was a doubt that God could ever love me after the quickly amassed sins of my youth. But ah, that is the thinking of a youth…I grew to learn the only thing that could separate me from the love of God was ME. And though time and distance separates me from my nearest and dearest friends, that is only temporary. We read the book, we are seeing the signs now, and we know how fast time flies. We know the end, which will truly only be the beginning. Oh Glorious Day!!

It is more than painful to see everything that is taking place because there are still so many who have yet to know the power of Christ or the Love of Christ. (actually, the number is growing instead of shrinking) It kills me to see so many debaucherous scenes flashing day after day on any number of channels, be it sports, reality, movies, news, the internet… Humans are resembling animals more than ever before; only further proof that evolution and Darwinism is absolute HOG WASH!
It is horrifying to see the stories of the slain Christians over seas, knowing it is quickly creeping onto our land, and yet so many people brainwashed into being politically correct pacifists still can’t hear the train a’coming, because they have mind numbing “music” blowing their ear drums to smitherines! I can hear the grim reaper’s maniacal laughter and it is absolutely sickening!

But that is where the gift of fellowship comes into play. We comfort each other, laugh together, gather to eat together, uplift, encourage and inspire one another. We are there at just the right times for one another…we PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER.

And yet these very principles, this very group of people, harmless, well-meaning, hope-filled people and their belief system is coming under attack. There is no other explanation except that the Beast is here. And when I say attack, they are constant blows coming in many different packages…

However, if you are on the side of the Beast, you need to understand that your thrill ride is going to be a short one. It may be fun to bash a Christian online or poke fun at your Christian co-worker, but cheap thrills do not last, and somewhere, deep down in your soul YOU KNOW you are not right to be so hateful. You know you are batting for the wrong team, but the adrenaline kicks in and blinds you to the truth in exchange for a momentary high.

There is this enormous lake of fire, bigger than your mind can conceive, and those who do not turn away from their wickedness will burn there for eternity while those who have repented and truly put their life in the hands of Christ will be in Heaven. There has been so much desensitization that many people are practically incapable of remorse. This is a big problem. Can you feel your heart break over really bad choices anymore…that is the question.

Hell is real…there is a saying, “Give’em hell!” Hell is not a good thing, right? There is a true good and bad, and Hell is where the truly evil souls, those who take joy in persecution of any kind, those who take the lives of others without remorse, will go. There will be no turning back then. There will be no repenting at that point. Who wants to hang out with evil ones such as those? For eternity??? Not an ounce of sweetness, but instead relentless torture and darkness, is this appealling at all? I cannot imagine ANYONE who would actually chose to go to hell. But by denying Christ, that is what you are chosimg, whether you believe it or not!

Why wait any longer? Quit fighting against your own soul’s screams. Your soul is meant for one thing, to house the Holy Spirit and time truly is short. Jesus died for your sins. The ultimate gift, and offers an endless bounty of more gifts, as tose mentioned above. Why keep starving your hungry soul, when HE IS RIGHT HERE?

If you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart strings, then pray this prayer, right now. Fall to your knees and pray:

“Dear Lord Jesus,
I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.
In Your Name.

Nobody is looking, you don’t have to be cool, it is just you and God.

If you would like rewarding friendships, the ultimate in protection, love and guidance, then it is time for you to ask Jesus into your life. You should find a local pastor to talk with and a church you are comfortable in, to attend. You should purchase a Bible and begin reading in the new testament. There, you will read the very words of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will find it speaks to you and breathes new life into you.

I wish you well on your new path, the Way, and welcome you to the family of Love. May you meet many blessed sisters and brothers in which to grow with.

Much Love

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